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Hello, new people I have friended lately!


 I'm having a lot of thoughts about the future. Serious thoughts about serious stuff.

Some of it is sad. Some of it is exciting. Some of it seems like a dream. I simultaneously want to keep it all to myself and tell everyone. Strange times.


I don't watch Supernatural. But from the look of my flist, something major went down, and now I'm all curious. Anyone?


I had dinner with some friends last night that are unreal. M and B are marvellous precisely because they are kinda toff-y, and Cambridge-y and wonderful, the kinda of person that is stereotypically Cambridge, very Brideshead. If they were fictional characters, I'd be all annoyed because most people here are not at all like that. But they are. And they are such nice people and so so delightful. M loves three piece suits and pocket squares. So lovely.


Tomorrow I'm going to see Flight of the Conchords! I'm excited you guys. I am slightly worried about the possible return of the volcanic ash cloud, just when my friend N is due to return to the country. Come on volcano gods, hold off just a couple more days, please?


Food now, Doctor Who later.

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are occuring now and soon.

RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT am watching the new series of Flight of the Conchords, LOVE IT SO MUCH. The boys of course, and Mel, and Murray! Joy.

Also. TORCHWOOD is coming back, very probably on the 15th of June! Granted, that would mean that its running in the evenings of the hardest week in my exam period. But, at least I'm in the country.

Moreover. I'm trying to figure out whether I can get to see Carol Ann Duffy and Sarah Rees Brennan in the coming weeks. I really really want to, and I might just be able to sort it. Hopefully anyway.


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