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 My Young Enterprise company, Kaleido, just won the Oxfordshire county final!!!

WOOHOO!!! So so so happy!!! 

We go forward to the South East Regional Final on 18th June!
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The other day I was writing to someone and to explain what Young Enterprise was, I said "the Young Enterprise scheme allows sixth form students to run a business in their spare time." Then I stared at this phrase for a while.

We're running a business. In our free time.

No wonder it seems to take so much time and effort. Normal people run businesses, even small ones, as their job. They get to legitimately spend hours doing stuff and get paid to, and then their free time isn't spent running another business. [Well, usually.]

I don't know why this suddenly hit me so hard, that what we are doing is really rather awesome and efficient, but it did. 

I had to gently mention to someone that we couldn't really do any meetings at lunchtimes because, as sixth formers, we had to go to school five days a week, and the earliest we could make it on a weekday was about 4.30. Yesterday when we were talking to this person [who is very nice btw] and C and I were both carrying loads of stuff [especially me- I had two lever arch files, one normal file and three folders full of all my notes to revise from] he kinda looked at us slightly differently at one point, when we were explaining that we would have to pretty much go on hold in May because we had exams, and he went, "So, were you at school today?" And we kinda laughed and said yes. And I was kinda thinking, "Well, yes. Of course. Duh. I'm studying for 5 AS levels, and C is doing 6." But it made me realise-- that can't possibly be normal.

Yesterday I was signing contracts in a high street store, and worrying about my Chemistry plan. 

Today I'm going to Stratford Trade Fair. Must go get ready- we want to be there at about 8am, so I'm getting picked up b S at 6:30. Which is a bit early, even though I've been up since 4.


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