Jun. 22nd, 2007 06:45 pm
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So, I'm trying to figure out clothes for London and Shropshire. Obviously, Shropshire is much more relaxed than London, but the styles people, the styles! London, they prefer me to not wear jeans, although they wouldn't mind that much if I did, so I'm gonna try not to, but I had no idea how often I wear jeans until I try to cope without them. I live in them. Or in trousers that aren't jeans but are les smart than jeans, so I can't really wear them either. But my point is: why do I not have any clothes??? For Shropshire, I'm thinking I'll just live in jeans and T-Shirts, nice and comortable and casual, and not an issue if they become covered in mud or something. Which will be good, because I can pack easily, and therefore, less.

Also with the whole, going away for practically two weeks thing, I have to figure out a mass of taping, becaue I am neurotic and CANNOT miss the first two episodes of the sixth season of Scrubs. I'd die. And Naomi woud laugh. I'm just immensely glad that there is no fear of missing any Doctor Who... which, aside from proving my complete dependence on TV and makes me worry [what the hell am I going to do without it?! Argh!], greatly relieves me. 

Speaking of TV, Louise totally pushed Claire. It was such an impulsive and female attack. Darn you [profile] dawn_e_h, I can't stop...

I really really to finish of this poetry collection before Shropshire, just so my mind is clean and not cluttered, but obviously, I can stare at the flashing cursor for as long as I want, but if I can't write, then I cant write. Which is very frustrating, not the least because I should know better.

Also, they've annouced that there's going to be an open audition for Lavender Brown on July 1st. I'm really really tempted to go. Ack.


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