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 Devon is lovely this time of year :) Apparently it's about to get colder in the UK this week, but for now it is mostly dry, crisp and cool and autumnal. I love it here. Right this moment I am in Cafe Nero with wifi and coffee and happiness :D

I made my pilgrimage to the only independent bookshop I ever visit, and took time to find a book not only that I hadn't heard of by someone I hadn't heard of, which is one of my independent bookshop rules, but also to find one with a female protagonist (And happily, also by a female author, though I don't mind so much about that). This was slightly trickier than I would have hoped, but hey, it's a small bookshop so the sci-fi/fantasy area I tend to inhabit doesn't exactly have the widest selection. Anyway, I found a few eventually to choose between, so, triumph and victory! So far it seems good, but I've hardly started.


This morning, I got my creative writing over the 20,000 word mark! Yay! This is very exciting to me. I am hoping to go into Nano with about 30k under my belt, and am feeling happy and positive about this as totally possible. 

Unfortunately, this means I am vaguely uninterested in writing fic right now. I really wanted to finish the bandom AU this holiday, I got about 2000 words in. But. Well, it's unlikely. It's all there in my head, but the urge to pass it on has rather... passed. Maybe I'll come back to it when I'm blocked on original.


Next week is my birthday! I am a bit more excited than usual, I don't know why. For the record, if anyone here wants to give me something without spending money (this is the internet after all) I would LOVE a fanmix. I never have enough music. So, please feel free *flutters eyelashes* Just putting that out there...

May Day!

May. 1st, 2011 08:34 pm
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 *staggers in*

Happy May Day everyone! 

I had a lovely holiday in Devon - the weather was incredible, so hot and sunny and glorious! There were many picnics and lots of lazing around in the sun on grass or on various beaches, and a fair amount of ice cream and cream teas and books and horse riding and surfing and Easter Eggs thrown in for good measure. Oh, and a Royal Wedding, which was absolutely perfect and wonderful.

Got home yesterday, in time to watch Doctor Who - goodness, I am so freaking happy that Doctor Who is back. My life is better. And it's just brilliant. Yesterday was scary and funny and touching and shocking. Everything it ought to be. Awww, Rory, and also, last night I really got River Song in a way I haven't before. I've never disliked her - and boy, some people apparently really do -  but I think in the past I've seen her more as an interesting puzzle, and now I feel like I've connected to her emotionally. So that's cool.

After Doctor Who, I went straight out to stay overnight with a friend who has a particularly nice room in a very convenient place to get up early from to join in the traditional May Morning celebrations. Here, early in the morning, choristers sing hymns from atop the Great Tower. Then generally some people (try to) jump off the bridge into the river, and more sensible people like me spend an hour watching morris dancing and chatting to random friends you haven't seen for yonks but bump into because the whole town is there.

I was home by 11am, but it felt like I'd had an entire day, and on very little sleep besides - 5 hours without a pillow and with gaps is not good enough, esp not when you've just had the luxury of as much sleep as you want on holiday. And I didn't even nap, I got on with today, and now I'm knackered.


I have two very persistent (and now, well developed/planned) ideas for TSN fics. I haven't written fic in so long, but. Well. I kinda really really want to. So I think I just might. Not sure whether to start with the ridiculous romantic comedy or the absolute angst fest though. Anyone have a preference?
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 So I am now totally and utterly obsessed by TSN fandom, specifically Mark/Eduardo, and have been reading reams and reams of fic with almost an air of determination like I can burn it onto my retinas or something and then I will be happy. The whole fictional characters/rpf/actors rpf/actors shipping their characters thing is slightly mind bending when I stop to think about it, but generally there has been little pause over the last, IDK, week. I don't want to stop, why would I want to stop.

I blame Lal.

It really is Lal's fault, because she linked me to it and then I became addicted, and then like the wonderful enabler she is I went to her house and we watched the movie and she gave me recs and basically she is the best and I am highly indebted to her.

Haven't had a new fandom in a while. It feels good. Really good.

Also, it occurs to me that I spent YEARS reading HP fic and I don't think I ever read one where someone got turned into a plant. Whereas, like, the fifth fic about non-magical geeks in love covers that. And very beautifully. What even.


Oh yeah, so I went to The North )

Anyway, I had a very fun time for which I am very appreciative :D Thanks guys!


My Hay tickets arrived, and so did my Much Ado tickets. Excitement!

Tomorrow I'm going to Devon for two weeks, where internet access can be negotiated but is generally intermittent. Doctor Who will start again! Freaking finally. Also, Easter and the Royal Wedding will happen, fun. Books! Clotted cream! Countryside!

Off again

Sep. 8th, 2009 10:25 am
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Today I am going to Devon for two weeks. It is beautiful and lovely (although I'm think the weather doesn't look great right now, but meh). I might get online occasionally, but at slow dial up speeds and not everyday. So I might pop up but mostly I won't, and I definitely won't be in chat fishies! I hope I will get some writing done, and also learn Hebrew, and I've got a couple of classics to read to see whether I might wnat to read such famous authors more. I hope they are as good as has been suggested.

Yesterday I went to the fair, which was fun and excellent, despite initial difficulties finding the friends I was meant to be meeting. I don't do serious scary rides but had a wonderful and hilarious time on the pimped out tea cups, riding a chicken, on a weirdly personalised ghost train and being slammed into my friends as we were spun around and around and around... Then we got noodles and finished up in the pub, which is a decent way to end any day out and help balance out the candyfloss. Mmmm.

Thinking about a trip to the Globe - I've never been! And apparently there is a good As You Like It complete with an ex-History Boy, so may have to check that out if possible. Much flailing occured over realising we wouldn't all see awesome movies together, and planning long trips to end up together for a weekend and thus able to. Or something.

But yes. That was yesterday, And now, I must pack, or I will never leave.


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