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 So it turns out that looking for work is really dull and boring.

Writing cover letters is cringeworthy at the best of times, but I've done it so many times in the last couple of days that I'm starting to become less phased. Meanwhile, I've pretty much decided my CV is about as streamlined as it is going to get. As much I don't like that as an application process, it's definitely better than application forms, which usually have a very dispiriting ratio of space allocated for experience and qualification. Qualifications, I have, let me show you them! Don't give me three tiny boxes, I can't fit all my GCSEs in there... Clearly, my school lied to me about priorities.

All I really want though is to get one of the cool internships I've applied for. But those are unpaid. *sigh*

And I need monies, because I have none, and I need to finance my ticket habit - I impulse bought a ticket to go see Celebrity Autobiography tonight, in London. I couldn't help myself - it was reduced to £9, and IT HAS DAVID TENNANT AND MICHAEL URIE. I can take it out of the food money (ie, all the money) since I haven't been spending much of it... oops. Must eat more.

So, I am totally excited about that this evening, which will keep me going as I spend today going through applications looking for work and paying off my credit card debt. David Cameron would be pleased I'm sure.

ps. Glee was horrible this week.
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