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 So I've seen The Avengers twice now - once in 3D with J, once in 2D with branquignole. It's great! I thought I ought to write something about it before it comes out in America tomorrow lol. It's been really nice having something first for once! 

Basically, it gave me crazy feels that it was hard to make coherent, and I really really liked it (hence going to see it twice in 4 days!) which is good because can you imagine how much it was would sucked if it, well, sucked? It's only been like 4 years of build up god.

First things first - Mark Ruffalo is delicious and I would very much like to get with him. Mmmm hmmmm. I can't quite decide whether I'm more attracted to Mark Ruffalo or to Bruce Banner - usually I go for characer over actor, but Mark is so lovely and also doesn't become the Hulk, so it's a bit more of a toss up. Anyway, basically I didn't care about the Hulk at all before I saw this movie - except in gingerhaze's cute sketches I suppose - and now he is my favourite oh my god. Well. I don't know, typing that makes me feel really guilty like I'm betraying my deep and abiding love for Tony Stark and also for Thor and Loki. So... maybe he's my favourite right at the moment but I expect that will settle down soon...

Anyway, so, I adore Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner, and actually have quite a lot of "huh, cool" feelings about the Hulk too. I ship him with Tony SO MUCH and I was really not expecting this and I hope other people agree with me when they have seen the movie because I NEED FIC OH MY GOD SO BADLY fic where they live together and Tony pokes and teases Bruce but also works to help him and where Bruce supports Tony through some of his issues and alcohol troubles and insecurities and stuff but mainly MAINLY where they drive off together in that amazing car with Tony wearing that amazing suit at the end and fuck each other senseless oh my god. Seriously. I need Tony mostly topping Bruce, but being scared of the Hulk, but not wanting to show his concern. Maybe the first time he has sex he's really cautious and Bruce pins him down and screws Tony like a boss. UNF. And like, a million other scenarios where they are together.


I went in there expecting loads of Tony/Steve feels, and I have nothing against Tony/Steve, but now I have this burning need for Tony/Bruce and meh to Steve. Sorry Steve. You are a sweetheart.

I was also rather enjoying the Bruce/Natasha stuff, it was so lovely and sweet. Nice chemistry. But... well, I feel a bit like the whole Natasha running and cowering from the Hulk bit might leave a shadow over a relationship? And like, they have pretty different jobs/lifestyles/priorities so. Yeah ok, secondary Bruce ship.

I loved Natasha. I should have had more faith in Joss Whedon - obviously he has lots of experience writing awesome ass kicking women. But I was scared that Natasha would get a tough treatment by the film, the way women in comic books seem to quite regularly, and it was wonderful to see her be quite so excellent. I mean, she was totally perfect, and she carried loads of the film and plot, and she was actually 3 dimensional as a character and just, I love her. And her outfit wasn't weirdly overly sexy, just regular sexy! THANK YOU WORLD.

Now we really need individual movies for Mark Ruffalo's Bruce and for Natasha. Are there petitions anywhere? Natasha and Clint could share. We could see whatever went down in Budapest! Of course, all I really want from a Mark Ruffalo Hulk movie is to see him bang Tony Stark, but there could be like, plot as well I suppose. I'd like it to go forward instead of being yet another origins story. I mean. 3 Hulk origin movies is really pushing it.

I was not prepared to be so DEEPLY AND COMPLETELY CONSUMED BY MY THOR AND LOKI FEELS AGAIN OH MY GOD. I need to go reread loads of epic Thor&Loki and Thor/Loki fic stat. I knew that I had epic and endless feelings about Loki and Thor but it was something else entirely to actually be feeling those feels again. So raw and deep and pure. Gah gah gah I love them so much it hurts me. Honestly, I am now REALLY FREAKING EXCITED about whatever the hell will happen in Thor 2. Like, super excited. I'm assuming three films with Loki as the villain will be enough of a villainous arc, and they'll reconcile them at some point? But maybe it will be stretched out a bit more, get even worse before it gets better. AMAZING. Anyway, Chris Hemsworth was looking good with his hair and his biceps and his face and his voice and his freaking awesome hammer which, I do not know why I don't think it is ridiculous, WHATEVER and obviously he-who-must-not-be-fangirled was being gorgeous and acted everyone else off the screen and it was most excellent.

I feel bad that I don't have all that much to say about Steve. I like Steve. He's adorable! But I don't know. I just wasn't massively struck by him. He didn't do anything wrong. Just I mostly paid more attention to the others.

The stuff with Clint being compromised was actually really cool, I didn't see that coming at all... which is odd, because it was mentioned by one of the promos wasn't it? I think my brain imagined it meant injured or incapacitated or something LOL because I was genuinely so surprised. The relationship between Clint and Natasha was most excellent, I was happy that they weren't romantic toward each other - and also, that when it came down to it, Natasha won in her versus Clint. That was awesome. I really enjoyed them running through the different ways The Avengers could fight each other and who would win each time - like a really cool version of rock paper scissors!! My favourite combination was probably Thor vs Hulk since they are both so surprised and the hammer and the jet and yeah. Awesomeness. And Hulk punching Thor later on was priceless. 

Hulk beating on Loki was freaking hilarious. I'm sorry but it was. Everyone wants to se Loki get knocked around and cry a bit, right? 

ARGH I'm just thinking of all the bits and combinations I loved which was like, the entire movie! Loki and Thor, Loki and Tony, Tony and Bruce, Thor vs Tony and Steve, I JUST LOVED THE WHOLE THING OMG.

It was really funny. I adored how funny it was. And - is this a weird thing to say? - but I just felt like it was really well made. It made sense - even more sense the second time around lol - and it transitioned really well and they totally smashed up every single setting in that movie didn't they? Like, every single scene. I loved it.

Oh man, I still have more to say - about how cool Agent Hill was, and oh god, Coulson so many cries, I hope fandom mostly decides to make him be in a coma and then get better oh my god Coulson please I need you, I need one more miracle, don't be dead; and about Fury and like IDEK so much.

But most of it boils down to screaming and crying and shipping.

What did you guys think?
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