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This always happens to me.

Moaning about my #middleclassproblems )

God. I just want this all to be sorted. And I haven't even got to clutches and fascinators yet...


The awesome weather has become steady, rubbish rain. Apparently it might become torrential later. Great, thanks.


Today my friend N is going back to Montreal. I'll see her when I go over to visit in August but that seems such a long time away now. We and two Js had lunch together yesterday, and it's just been so so great to see her these few times recently.

After lunch yesterday, had dinner at a small but lovely Gavin and Stacey get together at C's house. Much fun, and far too much Indian food, was had by all.


MARMFISH: There was at some point discussion of some people meeting up in London on Sunday 4th July for sightseeing and good times. Was that just an idea or is it definitely happening? Is there any wiggle room on the date if it is still a "maybe, could be fun" thing? Only, I really wanted to, it sounded awesome - but I may now be going to Wireless festival that day... 


Small amount of angst over G not replying to my request to sleep on her floor. I'd feel slightly rejected if she said no, but even that, and the irritation of having to ask someone else/consider a B&B maybe, would be better than not knowing what I'm doing just a couple of days from now.


There's going to be another series of Torchwood, with Captain Jack and Gwen, written by RTD, set "internationally" ie probably in the USA, jointly produced by a company called Starz which very much isn't Fox. I'm surprised by how I'm actually kinda optimistic about this, considering everything. Thoughts?


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