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to get all excited and :D :D :D over.

aka I have calmed down enough over Doctor Who to write about it, still before I get joss'd to hell this weekend :P and also, just FINALLY caught up with season 2 of White Collar in time for season 3 to start... um, soon? I think? Who knows. Soon.

If you don't watch White Collar - well, why not? You are missing out. A lot. It's a really charming show. It has Matt Bomer's implausibly beautiful face. Conmen and FBI agents! Playful banter and fighting crime and suits and handcuffs oh my. Go watch it, it is lovely.

The other reason I am currently a very happy flaily fangirl is, of course Doctor Who.


God, I  just typed a massive great thing about Doctor Who and Dreamwidth ate it. I'll rewrite it in a bit I  guess. But I  am annoyed at you, Dreamwidth >:o

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 I'm home! I spent Friday in the office, and now so far I'm spending Saturday in bed glorying in the internet.

My friends were on University Challenge again. Watch it before the iPlayer deletes them!

And now, some thoughts on what went down in Glee 2x14 Blame It On The Alcohol.

There were no thoughts written about 2x13 because it was shit and confirmed for me that I don't care for Sam and that was about the extent of my reaction. But. 2x14.

There are spoilers for the ep in this post )

Anyway, so. The whole Kurt, Blaine and Rachel storyline. 

I'll start with Blaine )

Well, I can't be mad at Blaine for long, he's too lovely.

It's all about Rachel )

Poor Kurt )

So, to sum up - this storyline was strange, ultimately a bit pointless and involved everyone acting in a hurtful and ignorant manner, and no one really grew as a character, except possibly Blaine but actually not really.

The acting was awesome though.

Kurt's dad attitude to his son's as yet hypothetical sex life )

Other things that I remember thinking about during this episode:

Lol I recognise this song from Johnny Weir fandom.

I don't really like Sam anymore, but thought his hair looked good ruffled after kissing Brittany. I choose to believe that Santana wanted him off Brittany as much as she wanted Brittany off Sam. Need more Brittana! Or Santtany, as she said on that lolarious five way phone convo.

I just don't like Artie, he's a tool.


Lol crushed Oreos.

You people really need to understand that being single doesn't mean your life is empty and meaningless and you must be miserable.

Seriously, what are wine coolers?

All the songs were boring.

Darren Criss is basically perfection.
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 I have a job. Thank god.

It's part time, two afternoons a week, so I'm still going to keep looking for another one at the weekend. But. I'm just so so relieved. There will be some monies!

I think this means I have even less chance of getting an internship, but so far that's just been dreaming and rejections, so. This is very good.


Also, Glee is back. Yay! I've missed it like, a lot.

Thoughts on Glee 2x11 Thriller )


Other TV stuff - Skins is back with a third generation. I'm intrigued but not sold yet. (My dad loves it. O_O )

Skins so far... )

Is anyone watching Episodes, the comedy with Matt LeBlanc playing himself? I like it. 

Oh, and Being Human is pretty awesome! Though, um, last nights ep made squeamish me turn away in horror a good few times. Just... ew.


Nov. 22nd, 2010 06:56 pm
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It's weird not being alone anymore. Meals regularly happen, and without me going shopping. Sometimes the bathroom isn't free. I have to worry about playing music too loud. It's nice though. Conversation is good.


I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One. In fact, I've seen it twice now, once on Friday and once on Saturday. I am itching to go see it again, it is so so good.

I was particularly amazed by Emma Watson, who usually annoys me and suddenly seemed to be doing a really really good job acting Hermione brilliantly! She easily carried several scenes, and was poised and just, did a great job.  I don't know what happened to bring on this change, but - Hurrah! 

Probably going to do a post about the things I really really loved, but for now, just know that I loved it.

Keen to find a chance to see it in IMAX with laliandra and hanelissar (do other marm fish wanna come too?) sometime, hopefully this side of Christmas.


I feel like I'm getting skinnier, but I don't seem to be losing weight. I'm not sure how that works. I mean, even if I'm losing muscle mass I'd have to be getting fatter for my weight to remain the same. And I'm certainly not replacing fat with muscle at the moment, haven't been to the gym in ages. I'm not trying to lose weight btw, though not to gain it either. Clothes are looser, and sometimes I find myself touching my arms curiously, thinking I'm skinnier in places. But then I feel like my torso is exactly the same.

Perhaps this is some psychological desire/expectation to put on weight for winter, and by not doing so my mind is confused or trying to convince me to?


Nano is not going well, at all, but I just can't feel upset or anxious about it. I've written little, but having written at all just makes me feel all happy and proud. I'm not complaining.


Last night's Garrow's Law was beautiful and heartbreaking. If you don't know, Garrow's Law is a courtroom drama, but set in Georgian London so it is also a period drama and full of social injustice themes. Last night, Garrow was defending a man accused of sodomy, and non consensual sodomy at that, that was facing the death penalty. His accuser was his partner, and that partner's wife, and were the partner to suggest the sex was consensual he too would be facing the death penalty. The whole thing was just fraught.

The accused gay man was played by Andrew Scott, who was Jim Moriarty in Sherlock, and he gave such a beautiful, subtle and heartbreaking performance as a man that can't tell the truth to his own lawyer and despite the situation is still so in love with the man that accuses him. The end was so heartbreaking, there was a real tear in my eye. 

If you missed it and can get the iPlayer do watch it, such a good episode. Gorgeous.


Also on TV - tonight, two friends of mine will be on University Challenge. So if you can, watch it!

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specifically, 1x15, The Power Of Madonna. Because it was really, really good, and I loved it.

Here there be spoilers )


Finn )

I love Santana ) 

Though, once again, Brittany had one of the best lines ever, asking about Jesse in Glee club: "Mr Schue, is he your son?!" I've watched this ep quite a few times now, and every single time this cracks me up, as do Jesse and Mr Schue's respective looks at each other :P

Jesse St James - strange name, intriguing character )

My thoughts on the approach to virginity and sex in this ep - Rachel and Jesse, Finn and Santana, Emma and Will )

Artie and Tina )

OK, I think I'm (finally!) done talking about the sex and virginity stuff in this ep. The only other thing I was a bit unsure about was what they did with Puck - we know Puck can be sensitive, so I'd prefer it if they didn't just pigeon hole him because they needed a dissenting voice. But whatever. Back to regularly scheduled squeeing.

I think I may have mentioned character development? So, (and I've kept the best til last!) let me talk of Sue, and of Kurt, and of Mercedes. Who all ROCK. Rather a lot.

Sue is just brilliant in this episode, which is good because there's a lot of her. And, I think one of the most hilarious things is that this episode both gives us more insight and development into Sue's character, yet also at the end of the episode she is unashamedly exactly the same character as she was at the beginning of the episode: the one and only Sue Sylvester. Priceless. And the acknowledgement and pushing of the hair jokes! So, so funny. 

Sue as Madonna in Vogue was just awesome though. Totally, totally perfect. 

And ok, now I can FINALLY talk about the pure excellence that is Kurt and Mercedes. 

I seriously love Kurt and Mercedes )

Wow, I had a lot to say... :P Can't wait for the next ep!


Sep. 21st, 2008 04:05 pm
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Meme shamelessly stolen from [ profile] vowel_in_thug 

Pick six TV shows you love before seeing the questions.

  1. Doctor Who
  2. Firefly
  3. Heroes
  4. Merlin
  5. Skins
  6. Life On Mars
Questions and Answers )


Jun. 22nd, 2007 06:45 pm
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So, I'm trying to figure out clothes for London and Shropshire. Obviously, Shropshire is much more relaxed than London, but the styles people, the styles! London, they prefer me to not wear jeans, although they wouldn't mind that much if I did, so I'm gonna try not to, but I had no idea how often I wear jeans until I try to cope without them. I live in them. Or in trousers that aren't jeans but are les smart than jeans, so I can't really wear them either. But my point is: why do I not have any clothes??? For Shropshire, I'm thinking I'll just live in jeans and T-Shirts, nice and comortable and casual, and not an issue if they become covered in mud or something. Which will be good, because I can pack easily, and therefore, less.

Also with the whole, going away for practically two weeks thing, I have to figure out a mass of taping, becaue I am neurotic and CANNOT miss the first two episodes of the sixth season of Scrubs. I'd die. And Naomi woud laugh. I'm just immensely glad that there is no fear of missing any Doctor Who... which, aside from proving my complete dependence on TV and makes me worry [what the hell am I going to do without it?! Argh!], greatly relieves me. 

Speaking of TV, Louise totally pushed Claire. It was such an impulsive and female attack. Darn you [profile] dawn_e_h, I can't stop...

I really really to finish of this poetry collection before Shropshire, just so my mind is clean and not cluttered, but obviously, I can stare at the flashing cursor for as long as I want, but if I can't write, then I cant write. Which is very frustrating, not the least because I should know better.

Also, they've annouced that there's going to be an open audition for Lavender Brown on July 1st. I'm really really tempted to go. Ack.


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