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This always happens to me.

Moaning about my #middleclassproblems )

God. I just want this all to be sorted. And I haven't even got to clutches and fascinators yet...


The awesome weather has become steady, rubbish rain. Apparently it might become torrential later. Great, thanks.


Today my friend N is going back to Montreal. I'll see her when I go over to visit in August but that seems such a long time away now. We and two Js had lunch together yesterday, and it's just been so so great to see her these few times recently.

After lunch yesterday, had dinner at a small but lovely Gavin and Stacey get together at C's house. Much fun, and far too much Indian food, was had by all.


MARMFISH: There was at some point discussion of some people meeting up in London on Sunday 4th July for sightseeing and good times. Was that just an idea or is it definitely happening? Is there any wiggle room on the date if it is still a "maybe, could be fun" thing? Only, I really wanted to, it sounded awesome - but I may now be going to Wireless festival that day... 


Small amount of angst over G not replying to my request to sleep on her floor. I'd feel slightly rejected if she said no, but even that, and the irritation of having to ask someone else/consider a B&B maybe, would be better than not knowing what I'm doing just a couple of days from now.


There's going to be another series of Torchwood, with Captain Jack and Gwen, written by RTD, set "internationally" ie probably in the USA, jointly produced by a company called Starz which very much isn't Fox. I'm surprised by how I'm actually kinda optimistic about this, considering everything. Thoughts?

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I tried to make another long post about my thoughts on Torchwood Children of Earth Day 5, and about the whole thing over all, but I couldn't really. I have so many fragments of thoughts, on such a variety of subjects and I haven't been able to make it coherent yet. Maybe I'll keep trying. Basically, I liked what they did with Jack but little else. I hated what they did with Ianto, but most other things I didn't hate so much as feel incredibly disappointed and irritated by them. Perhaps, like with a favourite teacher, its a worse reaction for me to be disappointed than really angry. I expect I probably will have to discuss it further here.

But, non Torchwood things!

On Friday night, it was my school leaving Ball. I was a little worried about how it would go, but everything was fine, though it was a little annoying the bar wouldn't sell us spirits ;) We all went clubbing afterward of course, but I didn't stay out too late, got home about 2ish. And then I watched Torchwood. OK, don't judge me, I swear I meant that to be a non Torchwood thing. Basically, last school student event went nicely - everyone looked gorgeous and laughed and danced a lot, including our teachers, the food was good and we had a great time!

Yesterday, I went to a Leonard Cohen concert )
And, this morning, I have been given a couple of Dreamwidth invite codes! If anyone would like one, let me know!

This week has been quite full, especially since it seemed to be filled without me really noticing. Today I think I might do very little, to welcome the beginning of my summer holidays proper, well, properly.
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are occuring now and soon.

RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT am watching the new series of Flight of the Conchords, LOVE IT SO MUCH. The boys of course, and Mel, and Murray! Joy.

Also. TORCHWOOD is coming back, very probably on the 15th of June! Granted, that would mean that its running in the evenings of the hardest week in my exam period. But, at least I'm in the country.

Moreover. I'm trying to figure out whether I can get to see Carol Ann Duffy and Sarah Rees Brennan in the coming weeks. I really really want to, and I might just be able to sort it. Hopefully anyway.
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though if that did occur, I'm sure here of all places it would be incredibly fun.

I'm at the Hub. It's BRILLIANT. Yesterday there was a bit of a rocky start, but today has been better, the panels were all totally hilarious. I was laughing basically for 4 hours straight. And, the photos from the photoshoots actually seem quite nice, which is so great because I was worried that my face would spaz out or something and mess them up.

I'm intending to do a long sum up post when this is over, but a couple of things;

~ Mini encounters in small lifts can be very funny, or incredibly awkward, or rather awesome, or all of the above.
~ I kinda wish I was Welsh, just a little.
~ Gareth likes wearing hats, and also drinking, rugby, smut.
~ Eve Myles is beautiful, and has brilliant hair, perfume and giggle.
~ Kai Owen loves Gordon Ramsay.
~ Americans are mental. In a nice kinda way, but yeah. Still. Mental.
~ Siobhan Hewlett is so cool, I love and want to be her.
~ I can't believe I didn't realise how much Tom Price is awesome and hot.
~ I wish I had the disposable income to spend £900 in an auction.

More soon :D
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Love the new Torchwood trailer for Children of Earth, looks so exciting!

I appreciate you, Ianto...



ETA:  Who exactly at the Beeb decided to put that shot between grizzly beard and burnt corpse btw??? WTF?!

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We might have to wait until JULY to see the next series of Torchwood?!?!?!


Nov. 11th, 2008 06:15 am
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Am going to The Hub 2!!!

*does a happy dance*
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I don't think I'll be able to write a proper post tonight. I'm sure when I do it wil be long, but I don't think I can right now.

In slightly better news, David Tennant and Catherine Tate are on Jonathan Ross soon. I hope its good, and not too spoilery- I managed to avoid spoilers on Paul O'Grady with strategic muting, but I thought John Barrowman was really very funny and amazingly he wasn't wearing a striped shirt, but a gorgeous purple one. And I like Mariah Carey a bit more now I think.
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That was. Intense.


Feb. 27th, 2008 10:38 pm
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That was so not what I was expecting. 

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Just, whoa. 

And the trailer for next week!!! Oh my god...!

That was... I kept double guessing everything, and after however many posts and however much speculation, just, man... In the last week, I have thought about and obsessed over and changed my mind so many times, but that was just so awesome and I am so impressed. RTD et al have really raised their game this series, its so good and also, don't they pack a hell of a lot into each episode, so so so many things happened, I can hardly believe that after a week of waiting I get one hour of "answers"- constantly contradicting themselves and confusing me and be generally gripping and cool-- and now I have to wait another bloody week!!!! ARGH!!!!

That was so so... whoa. I think I'll leave spoilers for tomorrow maybe, see if I can get some clearer, more distinct ideas than these. And I can also decide whether I should lock the spoilers, because I hate spoiling people, but to be honet I probably won't bother. Cos that was such good writing, such a good episode, I mean, dude. Awesome.
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 I'm calm. I'm ok. I'm coping.

Here we go.


Feb. 20th, 2008 09:42 pm
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Here it comes... don't disappoint me now...
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The name of 7 strengthens my belief that all is not as it seems.

I can't believe I'm actually thinking like this. 
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So, its been a week, and my opinion about the end of Reset has ebbed and flowed and completely changed direction several times, but now, just before the next episode, I wanna talk about the rest of the episode, not just the end of it.

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Oh. My. God.

I am so shocked, I just can't believe it. I can barely type. I don't think I can bear to talk about it in depth enough to use spoilers. Just, bloody hell. I mean... bloody hell.

This series is so much better than the last one- much better writing. Adam was a really good episode, and Reset--- jeez. Up until about ten, even five minutes ago, I would have said somethng about the snappiness of the dialogue, about how much I love Martha, about Ianto's comments on Jack and his sex life, but now? 

Oh. My. God.

Thought maybe something, but that? I was denying it even as it happened. Its just-- what the hell, what the fuck. I thought maybe something, there was space for another little bit, just to finish it up, but Christ. Christ. I mean.


I guess now I have something [along with everybody else] to ask John Barrowman about. I'll tr to be more coherent tomorrow. To think, earlier I was like, should I post about three and four before five? And I was going to, but then I didn't get round to it and now, I'll try to be accurate, but I can't promise I won't have to keep adding in new reactions and reinterpretations of everthing. Man. Fuck.

I just can't believe it.

Bloody hell.


Feb. 13th, 2008 08:39 pm
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I just found out that as well as tonight's Torchwood being the highly anticipated 'Adam', the are showing the next episode 'Reset', which is the one with Martha in it, straight afterwards on BBC3!! I am very very excited. I know I shouldn't watch it because I won't appreciated Adam properly and I'll be tired and grumpy, but I probably will anyway, just for the squeeee factor.


Jan. 23rd, 2008 10:12 pm
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Torchwood was great, though not as good as the first episode, especially on the slashiness factor. But there wasn't realy any pairings, a couple of slashy lines, and Ianto had some lovely snappy ones, adored the one about the phone, and thee is a nod to slash, Ianto mentions sleeping with Jack, but there was no het or Jack/Gwen, so that was good.

Quite tired and have too much to do. 


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