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Non-spoilery thoughts about The Magician King. Contains information that might be considered generally spoilery for plot twists in the previous book, The Magicians.

The Magician King by Lev Grossman )

NOTE: I would have been happier if I hadn't read the blurb on the back of the book before I read it; the UK edition at least contains a major plot spoiler for Book 1. I understand that once you have read the entire book this doesn't feel like a plot spoiler at all, it's just "what happens in the book" and some people might think I am over reacting but whatever - I personally would have very much preferred the surprise, and to not have read the beginning knowing what was about to happen, so if you are going to read it and can avoid the blurb until you have at least reached Book 2 then I'd suggest you consider keeping at much surprise as possible :)
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 My dad is coming home. Within the next half hour I expect. 

I think it's been an ok month. I haven't starved to death! Or completely run out of money. #winning I wrote a bit, though not a huge amount. I saw friends a good few times. I drank a lot of coffee. I've been mainly happy.
In many ways, I do like having space to myself - as much as I usually attempt to avoid any form of chores or work :P I actually find doing them soothing and satisfying. 
But I have been a little lonely at points. It'll be nice to have someone else around again.
I went to see Thor, which turned out to be pretty great - very fun, and with surprisingly good acting, lol. It left me with a slightly awkward, almost unacceptable, crush though. Oops. It was lovely to see malanachronism again though :)


I want to make a SCREAM DOCTOR WHO SCREAM post, because, um, SCREAM. You guys, since Saturday I have rewatched The Impossible Astronaut so. many. times.


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