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~ Let's Kill Hitler finally went out (longest 12 days ever?!) so I can actually talk about it now without fear I'll accidentally say something spoilery. WHAT DID YOU GUYS THINK?? As I said before, my actual favourite moments were a) flashback Amy/Rory, the terror in Rory's eyes, oh bless, that is a feeling I know very well and b) the Doctor's talking to the voice interface inside the TARDIS, both how he reacts to images of Rose and Donna and particularly lovely, wonderful and much maligned Martha, and the hologram of Amelia insisting he will be dead in 32 minutes. Plus, I am really loving the evolution of Rory, the badassery not removing the adorableness. Actually, I am shipping Amy/Rory way harder than ever before now - the way they said "I love you" when they thought they would die awwwwwwww AMAZING.

I wonder if/when the BFI will post the Q&A session.

~ I GOT MY POTTERMORE EMAIL. It is cool in there you guys. I am in absolutely no rush to get through it or anything, so I have mainly been hanging out making potions thus far and adoring the extra bits of insight and backstory that I've got to so far. I was so freaking relieved to be sorted into Slytherin you have no idea - I worried at one point that I might come across as a Ravenclaw (uh, no offence Ravenclaws) and was like, if I don't get into Slytherin I shall cry all the tears. But I did. THANK YOU POTTERMORE.

~ I drank lots of cocktails with various people. That was nice :)

~ I fell into really liking My Chemical Romance. There I was, watching their set at Reading and appreciating Gerard's red hair, which is either pretty much or exactly the same bright red as Benjamin Cook's btw, getting Play to telling me who these people are (despite me actually having read fic featuring them in the past) and then IDEK I noticed that Mikey Way is very hot and now I am listening to albums and reading fic and looking for interviews? It's pretty fun :D

~ Most of the books I am taking on holiday turned up. (Did I mention I am about to go on holiday?) I am just about managing not to read them yet, but I have not managed to resist opening the packaging and stroking them a little bit. Still waiting on two.

~ A VERY POTTER THREEQUEL IS CONFIRMED AND HAPPENING with Darren onboard and everything!!! YOU GUYS, WE'RE GOING BACK. This is totally why he said he was growing his hair out again. I am very happy and excited.

How is everyone? 


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