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I just had a major scare, where I think virus fake anti-virus thing installed itself, told me I had loads of crap, tried to force me to give it credit card details, then I couldn't turn it off, I couldn't delete it, it took over the background of my desktop, it was trying to intimidate me... ARGH.

I restored the system and I think its ok now. But I was seriously panicking. My beautiful baby in trouble! It seriously freaked me out.

In other news...

I bought my Hebrew textbook, and have started to learn the alphabet. Alphabets should not be complicated. But this alphabet-- well. There are no vowels. I don't even know how to begin to learn to pronounce a language which HAS NO VOWELS. Perhaps I can think about it like txtspk, maybe that will help. There are three different s s s. And some of the letter look pretty similar. Oh, and I know they have this in Greek as well, but when people do this ' and expect me to know what that sounds like... well, I'm sorry, but I don't.

I mean, I know I'll get it if I just focus and then when I get to Cambridge I'll probably wish to be learning something as ridculously simple. But still. I already know the Greek alphabet. And absolutely everyone else in the appropriate facebook group is taking Greek. And I dunno, I kinda wonder why I picked Hebrew in the first place, am I just making life more difficult for no particular reason? Originally, I had my heart set on learning Arabic and reading the Koran and wouldn't that be awesome? But then I was concerned that Arabic doesn't seem to have any supervisions, plus no Qu'ranic study modules until next year, whereas I am taking both the OT and NT modules available this year. But again, why exactly have I turned away from Greek? I mean, I think I thought Greek was boring. But now, I'm starting to think, well, maybe I'd rather read the NT than the OT anyway. Hebrew??? Sounds really cool, but honestly - why???

*sigh* Maybe all this will come to nothing. Clearly I like double guessing myself.

I got another big pack of stuff from Pembroke, but as of yet nothing fun - it was serious stuff outlining bills and rules and stuff. But at least I now know my room number and my rent etc, so I then spent a while making an accounts spreadsheet trying to figure out budgets and estimate how much I might need for food etc, try to see how much I'll have at the end of the year.

Oh and also, Sarah Rees Brennan wrote another part of her Big Idea stories, which give back story for characters from her debut The Demon's Lexicon. This one is about Marie, Daniel and Olivia, who I particularly adore. Some people in the fandom expressed less than love for Olivia, but to me I find her extraodrinary, amazing; I adore her as a character and kinda would love to have a chat with her as a person. I mean, I have much love for Daniel and Marie as well, of course. I mean, clearly I adore every single character Sarah writes. (OMG I love Seb McFarlane SO MUCH he is utterly wonderful and excellent). I really can't help this. They are so beautiful, and I don't mean physically. Beautiful and rounded and whole. And so I adore them.

Anyway. There are no spoilers for The Demon's Lexicon, and this stands alone. So anyone that has maybe seen me raving about it should read it, get a feel for sarah's writing and beautiful character crafting, and then if they like it they should definitely read The Demon's Lexicon. It is The Arundel Tomb and everyone should read it.

So yes. Everybody read that. Because it rocks, Olivia rocks (Seb McFarlane rocks), Sarah rocks.
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I was intending to make a general post about my life, but there has been so much SRB stuff recently I thought I'd just give it a whole post of its own :D

I said this fandom was gonna rock! )
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I was intending to make a general post about my life, but there has been so much SRB stuff recently I thought Id just give it a whole post of its own :D

I said this fandom was going to rock! )

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Believe me, there will be many.

This is the incoherent, and thus spoiler free one. I imagine there will be at least one that is more coherent without spoilers and at least one with muchly spoilers, when we are allowed to do such things. Fellow fish, is there actually a date people agreed that we are allowed? Have I imagined that we aren't meant to? Whatever, that isn't this post. This post is the one where I say





Literally. I am amazed. I am stunned. I am dazzled. I am enchanted. I am addicted.

When I say all I've done since Monday is read it, and then read it again, and then read it some more, I am not kidding. You guys, just


Words are, quite literally, failing me. But, Sarah so so so did not fail. At alll. In any sense.

It is VERY HIGH QUALITY WIN. Brilliant, marvelous, gorgeous.

I've said for a while now that I wanted to marry the Finnish cover of this book, and I do, but now I can say that, not judging the book by its cover guys, I really love this book frantically, desperately, deeply. I don't think there was one single thing I didn't like. I read ever single word in the correct order, and I adored each and every one and the simply superb whole they formed. Genuinely, I can't think of anything, any character, any plot point, that I didn't like. Seriously good.

Fish, our fandom is gonna to rock so so much.

And, just for the record, I would like to say that I did see the big twist everyone has talked about coming. I don't think it reduced its sheer emotional impact any, though I suppose technically I couldn't know that. It was like knowing it was coming, I could feel it coming, and I kept wanting not to be right, but I was and just oh. The pain and the beauty.

God, I love Sarah so much.

I carry it around the house with me. I sleep with it next to me. I CAN'T STOP READING IT.

I keep saying I'm meant to be revising, but seriously, since I bought this book on Monday, I've done maybe two hours of revision. Which is ridiculous, and foolish; I'm going to fail all my exams and never make anything of myself and I'm going to spend the rest of my life (and any benefits money) on books, Sarah's books, this book in particular, and I DON'T CARE, its a totally valid lifestyle choice you guys, ok?!

Ack, I'm meant to be going to see Star Trek again later, but I have no idea which squeefest will hold my attention. I just.

So, so good.
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For those that do not know, The Demon's Lexicon is YA fantasy, the debut novel of Sarah Rees Brennan, who wrote quite a few HP fics and is generally a wonderful and hilarious person. She got a publishing deal about a year and a half ago I think, and this book has been teased with cookies and giveaways and everyone should get it. I am a big big fan, and in recent months in particular she has become my hero and inspiration. There isn't much more that I want in my life than to rent a castle and have novel writing adventures within it. She is also the reason I looked into going to Hay on Wye festival this year, which I am definitely doing now, and I am going to go to her first boook signing/meet and greet in about two weeks. 

Anyway, it was meant to come out in a week on June 2nd, but yesterday somebody mentioned they had unexpectedly been able to buy it in London, and someone else commented they had been able to buy it from a shop in Oxford. At which, I freaked. This was lateish yesterday, and I was going to go down town like as soon as I woke up but I had to do some revision or today would be lost for study entirely. As it is about to be now.

So, I waited until after lunch, having done a tiny amount of work this morning, then went to town, so so excited. I went straight to the teenager section and-- I couldn't find it. I tried to remain calm. I looked under B for Brennan, I looked under R for Rees. I began to freak, for all the wrong reasons, because it simply wasn't there. I was gearing up to speak to the sales assistant, which wouldn't normally be a big deal but I didn't want them to look te book up and see it wasn't meant to be out yet. And, I was just feeling so rubbish, that I had become so excited for nothing, so disappointed. And I was trying to remain composed, and not start screaming or hyperventilating.

Then, turning away dispirited and losing all hope, my eye is caught by a new cover/edition of The Doomspell by Cliff McNish, which I haven't read for, wow, at least five years, and I smile at it, because I loved those books, and wander to look at that display. And then I start automatically scanning every book on this display. Just. In. Case. And then I walk around to the other side. And then my breath catches.

There it is. Paperback, UK cover, and I've seen it on screen so many times but there's something about it being real. Seriously, I snatched it off the table and then looked around to see whether anyone had noticed or were noticing that I was practically cradling it. Underneath it was a pile of a totally different book. It was the only one there. I couldn't see another one anywhere else. So unless there was an entire pile somewhere else unexpected, and some foolish foolish person had picked it up and then discarded it. Well. There was no way in hell I was putting it down. I actually hugged it to myself, totally happy and excited and nearly squealing but still trying not to make a scene. But, I was so so elated. And no one else around me would have understood why or had any sympathy, but it is their loss.

But even now, with it sitting right next to me, I can hardly believe it. In the shop I had to keep checking it was a right, a real book, reading the blurb, checking there were actual words inside. I reread the first chapter on the bus home, and I got to the end of that first chapter just in time to get off the bus. This is clearly an omen of some sort.

So. I am now going to blow off revision to read it, obviously. I'm not even sorry.


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are occuring now and soon.

RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT am watching the new series of Flight of the Conchords, LOVE IT SO MUCH. The boys of course, and Mel, and Murray! Joy.

Also. TORCHWOOD is coming back, very probably on the 15th of June! Granted, that would mean that its running in the evenings of the hardest week in my exam period. But, at least I'm in the country.

Moreover. I'm trying to figure out whether I can get to see Carol Ann Duffy and Sarah Rees Brennan in the coming weeks. I really really want to, and I might just be able to sort it. Hopefully anyway.


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