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 It is so wonderfully sunny at the moment! Monday and Tuesday were a bit grey and damp here, while some parts of the country had proper gales. But Wednesday, and yesterday, and now today are just beautiful - sunny and warm and gorgeous. Wondering where my sunglasses are!

The niceness of outside meant there was is fact to emerge, blinking, into while LJ fought off those bloody DDoS attacks. So annoying. 

I managed a tiny bit of writing while in the park the other day, and by tiny I mean tiny. I think I use a different gear when I write by hand and when I write by typing - do other people find that? And I get trapped in the ridic situation that I don't want to write by hand without checking the typed and saved plan, but I don't want to write by typing until I've copied up some of the bits and bobs in various notebooks. And then nothing gets done. Silly me. I hope when I'm in Devon in a couple of weeks, where the internet is intermittent, I will make some proper progress again.
This week I bought tickets for Hay Festival. I hate camping, but Hay is so awesome, so it will just have to be done. Hay is supposedly a literary festival, but to me it seems more like an interesting-people-discussing-interesting-things festival. OK, so I guess most of them have written books. Whatever, it's awesome. Simultaneously there is a second (smaller I believe) philosophy festival (read: modern thought thinking, not like classical philosophy) which I also wanna go to some of the things happening. So many things. I went to Hay two years ago, but this will be the first year I've gone without a parent and to camp! Exciting! 4492 is going and we shall share a tent and good times :)

I went to see Source Code. I thought it was good, very enjoyable, and better than I was really expecting it to be.
Otherwise though, yeah, I really enjoyed it. And I enjoyed particularly that it didn't seem to be up itself, didn't pretend it was hugely intellectual or something. It was fun, and very good at being what it was. And Jake Gyllenhaal was great - he carried the movie really, in a good way, and I dunno, I've never really appreciated him as much as other people before (except when he was on Jonathan Ross, gave a hilarious interview including the destruction on an iPad. Lulz) but I was really getting it in this film. The cuteness. The action guy. The crazy eyes. The face crumple. I loved it all.
There were also some cool trailers before hand. Man, I love trailers. I even felt thrilled watching the one for X Men: First Class, even after the last X Men film let me down so incredibly (and lets not say anything about the god awful Wolverine.) Hope over experience and all that.
School friends are coming back for Easter holiday now. = pub times. Lovely.
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 So it turns out that looking for work is really dull and boring.

Writing cover letters is cringeworthy at the best of times, but I've done it so many times in the last couple of days that I'm starting to become less phased. Meanwhile, I've pretty much decided my CV is about as streamlined as it is going to get. As much I don't like that as an application process, it's definitely better than application forms, which usually have a very dispiriting ratio of space allocated for experience and qualification. Qualifications, I have, let me show you them! Don't give me three tiny boxes, I can't fit all my GCSEs in there... Clearly, my school lied to me about priorities.

All I really want though is to get one of the cool internships I've applied for. But those are unpaid. *sigh*

And I need monies, because I have none, and I need to finance my ticket habit - I impulse bought a ticket to go see Celebrity Autobiography tonight, in London. I couldn't help myself - it was reduced to £9, and IT HAS DAVID TENNANT AND MICHAEL URIE. I can take it out of the food money (ie, all the money) since I haven't been spending much of it... oops. Must eat more.

So, I am totally excited about that this evening, which will keep me going as I spend today going through applications looking for work and paying off my credit card debt. David Cameron would be pleased I'm sure.

ps. Glee was horrible this week.
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So. I'm taking a gap year.

I miss my friends from college, but despite that, I think I'm happy, and that I'm gonna be ok.

Now I just really need a job...


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