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 From Canada, to Greece!

I'm sitting in a cafe in Greece now, on the waterfront. I've been drinking this single coffee for an hour now while I use the free wifi. I'd order another, but I don't want to consume too much cafeine. Despite being here, away from it all, I'm watching PMQs from earlier today - playing very slowly over this connection, but playing none the less. On which note, if any one would like to leave idiot proof instructions for how to do something to my IP address so that I could use the iPlayer over here, I'd be so grateful. September is a lovely time for a holiday, but it is the month when everything - Parliament, Merlin, Glee, Mock the Week - starts up again.


Speaking of Merlin, I kinda fell out of fandom last year - it was one of the things I lost track of when I hit my downward spiral last year, and at the time I hardly minded, but now I miss it. So, when I can, should I go back and watch the eps I missed from last series, or should I just jump back in with this series and figure it out? I assume nothing major has happened (ie character death, big magic reveal, Arthur and Merlin having magical fireworks sex in front of everyone etc etc). 


I hate my college. Right now, I want to go back this October more than I want to take a gap year, sure, but the difference between these options is dwindling in the face of how much I want to freaking know which it is. FFS, just tell me. God. It is now Sept the freaking 15th. If I'm going back this year, it'll be in a couple of bloody weeks. A bit of notice might be polite, no?


So, for no particular reason, I think everybody should read the entries for this latest round of the anon fanworks fest thing that is the wonderful goblinmarket_sw. I mean, read everything. But particularly the latest round :P Go Team RarePear!  

ETA:  Would anyone like a ticket to see John Barrowman in Oxford on Oct 1st? 


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