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 It's Father's Day, so I should be going to have a picnic or something soonish, so I don't really have time to make the epic post about all the crazy things that have been happening over the last week. I hope I get to it soon though, because I've also been having major computer troubles and am concerned that it might be tricky to be around consistently. Oh well.

Basically, there was a lot of parties and fun times, interspersed with slightly less good times, a bit of misery, disappointment, panic, frustration, flirting and paranoia. And a lot of rushing around, and not at all enough sleep. So, a pretty average week really...

Oh, I should really write something lengthy about Doctor Who. For now I shall say only, last night's was good, I'm pretty happy - keep up the good work Moffat!

ARGH I still haven't written about The Demon's Covenant yet. Well, thats damn cool too, and deserves a proper post about its awesomeness. Which I have no time to write now. My brother is happily reading it next to me at this very moment though, that's kinda cool :) 

Anyway, here is a pleasant, positive meme thing I saw on t'flist:

We as women far too often and far too easily denigrate our own bodies. So for once, why don't we have a little love in? Comment here with wonderful things about your body. Start little and if you have a lot to say fill the comment box with love and joy and celebration.

Then maybe turn around and get your flist to spread the love on your journal. Pass it on. Share your beautiful selves.

Some things I love about my body include:

My eyes – they change colour, but are always awesome.
My legs - are in excellent shape.

My eyebrows – are naturally kinda arched, which rocks.
My skin - is beautiful; I love its natural colour, particularly on my torso.
My hair – is a lovely rich dark brown, with the occasional bronze-y strand, and is finally the perfect length.

Now you guys!


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