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 So I saw the Bloggess saying how boring and Kardashian infested Barbara Walters' most interesting people of 2011 list is, and she was suggesting an alternate list. I thought that would make a cool meme, the dinner party guests with a spin of who has been eye catching and happy making in particular this year.

So, in no particular order, the 11 people from 2011 I would invite to a dinner party are:

Darren Criss
Emma Stone
Jesse Eisenberg
Caitlin Moran
George RR Martin
JK Rowling
Chris Hughes
Victoria Coren
Ryan Gosling
Maureen Johnson
and Rob, from The Great British Bakeoff.

Would you want to come to this party? Who would you invite to yours?

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 Happy Hallowe'en, and Happy Samhain to those that are celebrating! 
These days for me, Hallowe'en is the day I have an excuse to make sure there is chocolate in the house just in case trick or treaters come, and then, when they never do (like never – we’re just not that kind of neighbourhood I guess, I remember someone coming round once my whole life and it was over 10 years ago) I get to eat it myself. Which is a fine holiday IMO. Plus, I’m going to pick up my poppy today.
And Hallowe'en also means tomorrow is the beginning of Nano! Argh oh god. I’m ifonlyella if anyone wants to be writing buddies. I really want to win this year!

So we came back from Devon last Friday, because on the 22nd I was going to London to see two New Yorkers: Maureen Johnson in the morning, and Jay Brannan in the evening.
Morning and Maureen Johnson )
Then it was my birthday! )
A week on, I really need to finish my cake today…


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