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Oops, haven’t updated for a little while. I went to Devon, and it was lovely, and I read a book that made me think many thoughts, so I might post about that at some point. And then I came back and some stuff I don’t think I’ll talk about happened. But. Then. Last Monday I had a very excellent day in London with laliandra, hanelissar, pigrescuer and playwithfyr, which included us going to the premiere screening of the next episode of Doctor Who, Let’s Kill Hitler, so that was BRILLIANT.


Such a good day! No spoilers for LKH. )


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 Oh my goodness, he really, really is.

So I went to see his gig yesterday, and was left a wreck of a human being but insanely happy and completely unable to properly express all the emotions he made me feel omg. This morning... I still feel kinda wrecked actually. But I'm gonna give coherent sentences a shot.

I witnessed perfection )

Christ but he's perfect. 
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 Dear god, this post got really really long. 
What they did - this section contains SPECIFIC PRODUCTION SPOILERS such as Catherine wore this, David had that prop, so if you don't want to know SPECIFIC PRODUCTION SPOILERS because you're going and you want the surprise, y'know, don't read this section. Also, obviously, there are PLOT SPOILERS, but dude, do I really need to warn for for freaking Much Ado? Anyway, I did, I hope everyone is happy.
So. I really enjoyed the play, loved it even, and would certainly recommend it to everyone. Four stars! Maybe four and a half :P
We went to a pub and I just had this crazy grin on my face. And the world was awesome and perfect and nothing hurt. I was just so seriously thrilled. And I kinda still am tbh.
:D :D :D :D :D :D 
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was freaking hysterical.

I was doubling over at points, but without looking away, I was so rapt, and the whole audience was screaming with laughter and clapping. Plus particularly enthusiastic cheers for David Tennant, who was just brilliant. Sexy, as always, but mainly it was great to see him looking so happy and energetic and there and positive. His hair was down and looking a bit blonder than usual, and yeah, he particularly gave off the sense that he was really enjoying himself.

Michael Urie was a riot. Very cool, amazing comic timing and facial expressions. Love him. And, I met him afterwards and he signed a flyer for the show for me! As did James Lance, of Moving Wallpaper and Never Mind the Buzzcocks fame, which was very nice. David didn't come out to sign unfortunately, despite the veritable army hopefully waiting for him. Oh well.

Apparently Kevin Spacey and Justin Timbalake were meant to have been there too, but I didn't see them, so who knows really? They could easily have been one of the many people that looked a bit daunted to walk out through the crowd of patient but steadfast fangirls that would move aside politely but basically didn't care about anyone that was non-David Tennant!

I love London, I being able to just jump on a coach and pop down there for a couple of hours if I want, and this was a great way to spend an evening.


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