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or revising, if I have to be awake. But NOOOOO. Because I utterly fail at revision. But, I totally win at pancakes, so there. There is balance in the world.

I'm in the middle of my mock exams. Yesterday I had two RS papers. Tomorrow I have one scary giant three hour paper. Thursday two English papers, Friday three politics papers, followed by muchos alcohol. [Which, if you were wondering, does NOT improve revision and therefore should be consumed AFTER exams and not on Monday afternoons when one is supposed to be rereading Paradise Lost.] Today was my only entirely free day. I told myself I would do LOADS of Politics revision [MASSIVE SUBJECT] with a bit of Hamlet thrown in to spice it up.

Did. Not. Happen.

Revised about half a unit of Politics [EU- eurgh, more like], didn't touch Hamlet.

Instead, surfed around tinternet, reread an actual book or too, watched four most recent episodes of Heroes, improvised and made beautiful, excellent pancakes, watched Juno.

BTW, new Heroes episodes, besides not really having anything to do with "Villians" volume seem much much better- THANK GOD. I really lost all faith and hope there along the way, but the pacing is better, the actions of the characters fairly reasonable etc. It's really rather looking up, which is terrific. Am soooo shipping Sylar/Luke btw, now that I have actually discovered who Luke is, and also totally rediscovering Nathan/Peter hoyay. So, if this is the good that comes out of Pushing Daisies being cancelled, then thank you crazy people that keep cancelling popular shows.

Randomly, two friends both proclaiming how much they loved Lily Allen's new album simultaneously through the medium of Facebook. I feel strangely possessive of this album; where were they last week when I was all excited and squeeing and nobody cared, hmm? Pssh. [NB; am not actually possessive of album. Share the love!]

Adore the Merlin/Arthur fanvids of Solanyxe, especially "Popular" and "La La". Playing them often- they are seriously good, not only for the slashy goodness [and oh! what hot, gorgeous, slashy goodness exists therein!] but the editing and clip selection is very very good.

Finally, am very glad that Kai Owen is now going to be at the Hub after worries that he had to cancel, now he's back on board. :D Gah, two and a half weeks away!


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