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I tried to make another long post about my thoughts on Torchwood Children of Earth Day 5, and about the whole thing over all, but I couldn't really. I have so many fragments of thoughts, on such a variety of subjects and I haven't been able to make it coherent yet. Maybe I'll keep trying. Basically, I liked what they did with Jack but little else. I hated what they did with Ianto, but most other things I didn't hate so much as feel incredibly disappointed and irritated by them. Perhaps, like with a favourite teacher, its a worse reaction for me to be disappointed than really angry. I expect I probably will have to discuss it further here.

But, non Torchwood things!

On Friday night, it was my school leaving Ball. I was a little worried about how it would go, but everything was fine, though it was a little annoying the bar wouldn't sell us spirits ;) We all went clubbing afterward of course, but I didn't stay out too late, got home about 2ish. And then I watched Torchwood. OK, don't judge me, I swear I meant that to be a non Torchwood thing. Basically, last school student event went nicely - everyone looked gorgeous and laughed and danced a lot, including our teachers, the food was good and we had a great time!

Yesterday, I went to a Leonard Cohen concert )
And, this morning, I have been given a couple of Dreamwidth invite codes! If anyone would like one, let me know!

This week has been quite full, especially since it seemed to be filled without me really noticing. Today I think I might do very little, to welcome the beginning of my summer holidays proper, well, properly.
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Tomorrow is my last day of school.

It's weird, because for so long, basically since mocks, I've been read to leave school. I've felt constricted, like I'm wasting time, like I'm stagnating. Particularly after spending so much time looking at unis, I've been ready to move on. But, it's turning out now that while I'm ready to have left school, I'm not sure I'm read to actually leave school. And I don't know how I feel about just the idea of not seeing some of my classmates again. I'm sure I'll keep in touch with my friends, but some of these people, acquaintances but not really close friends, perhaps I'll see them in five years at the reunion but -- five years? That's much longer than a summer.

Today I had my last English lesson EVER. That's weird. And then went to tea with my English teachers and fellow students.

So, tomorrow is my last day, my muck up day-- I'm going to OHgwartS dressed as a leprecaun-- but it's also my first exam, resitting two Politics AS papers. Argh. In the morning, 9 til 11. I can't go down at least, but I've been revising and revising these last couple of days.

What else has happened recently? Barrowman confirmed in La Cage this autumn. I wasn't sure, but might go if C and I can find a Saturda we can go together. I agree with her that I think its likely he might only be at the Hub 3 on the Sunday now. Neither of us is going, but if he does, and the don't announce anothe headliner, some fans might be a little bit pissed. Anyone on my flist going?

Got my Ball tickets today. Slightly smug to get two tickets, to have a date. But, I am yet to get my dress, so mustn't get complacent.

I can hardly believe the were talking about British politics on the Daily Show -- I was so shocked, and laughed so so much. Especially when Jon didn't think people seemed very angry - I was actually talking to "Jon" ie my TV, saying "Silly, we don't editorialise on TV." I think US news, and politics, would be very diferent if the didn't either. Props to the guy with the moat, btw. That's style.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY FYNN!!! I hope you have a brilliant day, and enjoy this milestone birthday and the freedoms it brings you particularly. The first day of the rest of your life and all that jazz.

Also today, I found out that REZA ASLAN IS GOING TO BE AT HAY ON WYE FESTIVAL!!!! Not on the day I'll be there though, but still. There were about 5 minutes I considered trying to work it, but no. I was so delighted though.

I need to dress up 5 times next week, to fit the themes Cowboys and Indians, Superheroes, Social Stereotypes, School Uniform and Hogwarts. I'm going to be a cowgirl and a goth, because they are easy, and for school uniform, I'll probably try your basic tight white shirt, short pleated skirt, white knee socks maybe. But the others? Confusion, and bafflement. I was toying with the idea of Silk Spectre 2 for the superhero, but I'm not sure and it might be a bit tricky/unknown/too slutty. Any suggestions?

Is it weird that I hate the Da Vinci code SO SO MUCH but think the trailers for Angels&Demons actually look quite good? I'm so ashamed...


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