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 Things that are good

#EGYPT getting rid of their dictator. I am so so impressed and humbled. 18 days of peaceful protests, guys. It's beautiful. I really hope they can build something better now.

THE LATEST EPISODE OF GLEE IS THE BEST ONE EVER. EVER. I loved so so much of it. So much character development. Lauren is epic, I am totally justified in being in love with her. PLUS there was character development for Blaine - perfect, beautiful Blaine - and wow, this ep was wonderful. 

Mini's episode of Skins. Wow. Much more subtle than I was expecting. I was left surprised at how much I was despairing for her. Poor, silly, thing.

Things that are not good

Lady Gaga's new song, "Born This Way". I'm sorry. I love Gaga. I wanted to love this track. I do not. The lyrics are kinda skeevy, but also, they are painfully dull and shallow and basic. And I just don't like the music. Must try harder Gaga, because we all know you can do better. 

My total lack of interest in writing. 

More internships rejecting me.

Things I would like

Music recs.

Fic recs.

Holiday plans.
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 I just voted :)

I had two votes in the elections last year, but this was my first general election and as someone with a genuine interest in politics, and someone that feels so incredibly frustrated by voter apathy, and after two years of Government and Politics A Level it does kinda please me.

Of course, one vote might not make much of a difference, and even if my candidate wins in my constituency who on earth will be running this country in a weeks time seems to be pretty up in the air.

But. I exercised my democratic right to vote today, and it pleases me to have done so :D


Perhaps more interestingly this morning I suddenly looked up Lady Gaga's tour dates. She is coming back to the UK in May/June, and though her London dates are during my exams, I could possibly go in Manchester or Sheffield. Tickets appear to be on sale, and not for insane prices. So... would it be crazy to try to go? I have no idea who, if anyone, from school or from uni, would want to go, and I absolutely can't go on my own. And it would be just after my exams, and on one side of Laura Marling at Hay, and I'd be totally exhausted and should be staying in college and getting drunk with my friends and all that. 

But... its Lady Gaga. And god knows whether she'll do more dates over here for a while afterward.

Decisions *sigh*


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