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You guys, I totally went to the gym today. FINALLY. And I was awesome. I used the cross ramp, the hand pedals thing, the cycling machine and the treadmill, and also managed 50 sit-ups. I was actively exercising for 2 ½ hours, which for me is really excellent. And it felt great! Now I feel pleasantly tired, and reckon I’ll sleep well later. Am proud of myself :D 

Of course, the first thing that happens when I get home is that I am offered chocolate cake. OM NOM NOM. Sooo not in danger of losing weight.

Progress toward uni: I’ve written to tell Cambridge my individual scores for each paper I took, and today I received my options for papers to take this year and am about to look up my eading list! OMG actual studying! I also received a letter detailing my loan payments and when exactly I’ll receive them. Money! Joy! I can start thinking about a tentative budget. I’ll blatantly keep revising it, but whatever. It’s really happening!

AND I ORDERED MY NETBOOK. Order definitely went though this time, and its current status is ‘Dispatched’ so I expect I will receive it soooon. Maybe even tomorrow. YAY!!!

A moan: I don’t want TDL to get a different name… Not that that stopped me making suggestions. But still.

To finish – I have got such a thing for cheekbones. Oh god, Colin Morgan… So gorgeous. I mean, he as a whole is a very beautiful talented human being, but I keep staring at the Merlin series 2 promo pics and dear god, his cheekbones… gah. Also, his collar bone and throat. But yeah. Bradley hardly even distracts a glance in this crop of pics.

Tomorrow I am going to the zoo. I am pretty excited.
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to my bus stop in the morning to get to school, I saw that there had been some kind of accident. I think someone might have been knocked down by a car, maybe a hit and run. What I saw first was the waiting ambulance; there were paramedics bent over the ground, attending someone. I think I might have seen a foot shape. They seemed more cautious than frantic, maybe the person was concious and they were talking, or perhaps the paramedics were concerning about spinal damage, or tearing a lung, or something else that could result or be aggrevated by moving the person. They were at a crossing point, on the far side of the middle of the crossing from my side of the pavement, in the road. Which added to my idea that the person might have been knocked down. The ambulance was off to the left, more into the cross roads, while to the right, back up the road, a police car was making it clear that traffic wasn't going there. A policeman was talking to another person, presumably a witness, and the traffic was being diverted. They had even changed the traffic lights, and I'm not sure, but I think buses were being diverted. So I wonder how long it had ben going on for.

I really wanted to go closer, but there was nothing I could do but hinder the situation, and it wasn't where I was going. I could still see from my bus stop, and before my bus arrived, the paramedics did get the person into the ambulance, which left without its siren, the police car left, and the traffic returned to normal. So, I'm not sure what happened. Maybe someone just collapsed. Perhaps if it was a hit and run it will be mentioned on the local news. Hmmm.

I spent my double free at the end of the day at the gym. I reall need to go to the gym more. I was there for about an hour so I'm feeling a bit tired. I expect tomorrow my legs will be incredibly painful and I will regret it very much.


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