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After all my efforts, I then go and spoil myself or something that happens at the end of season 3 of House. Now, heres the dilema- I stopped scrolling as soon as I realised what had happened and didn't read all if them or even finish the sentence. But now that I know something should I just go ahead ad read some more? Or should I just sit tight and be kinda nervous for the next few months?

My worst problem is this urge to discuss- I'll want to talk to someone and then spread the spoiler around. Although, its a very small spoiler. I think. Unless... well, its hard to tell with House, its such a crazy show. Ack. I guess that's what I get for going on wiki- I was looking for spoilers/information about season 1 and end up wishing I'd just left well enough alone. My point is, when I've ben spoiled in the past [ ie HBP rumours that turned out to be true] I really hated it, and I've mentioned before how annoying and upsetting I find spoilers and trolls. But should I find out what the other half of that sentence is, just to calm down?

At the moment, I'm thinking no. But I'll probably keep thinking about it in the months to come.

How I wish I had been revising instead...



Apr. 19th, 2007 07:08 pm
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Is it very sad of me that I'm excited with the first appearence of Tritter in tonight's episode of House? I've heard the name a lot online and I've tried not to read any major spoilers but everyone seems to think season three is just so great- it kills me to have to stop reading loads of new fiction because they contain a whole bunch of spoilers, and it really annoys me when people casual spoil stuff without even thinking about it, even in their spoiler warning like, "Spoilers until SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER" Cheers, thanks a bunch for that...

Anyway, I'm excited. Trailers look rather awesome.

In other news, today we discovered that there were no more Yoga lesons- this is most wonderful news and meant that I had four free periods in a row aka a completely lesson free morning. It was so great, and I even didn't just fritter away the time but actually wrote a four page essay instead, meeting my Drama deadline even though we were only told about it yesterday and a bunch of people are giving them in tomorrow when we actually have Drama instead. 

And now, I'm actually feeling quite creative, I think I'm gonna try and write some more fic.


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