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aka the only sporting event I bet money on.

I don't know anything about horse racing, but I read some of the newspapers and looked at their colours - I simply can't choose unless I can be drawn to the jersey pattern. I picked two horses I liked, one with quite a good chance and one that's was more of an outsider. I was more strongly drawn to the first one I picked, because as soon as I saw the pattern I was like "That's my horse."

But then the second one kinda attracted me too, and after I'd put money on each of them I started to think a lot more of the second one. I kinda wanted to snuggle it. I felt all fond. I still liked the look of the first, but the second was the one I kept looking for when they were walking around the paddock. 

The first horse I'd picked, straight off, was 10. Ballabriggs; the second one I was drawn to was 7. Dooney's Gate.


Ballabriggs won.

Yayness!! Woohoo! Very happy, very excited, slightly proud, ever so slightly richer. Very smiley :D :D :D This is the second time I've picked a winner. Ohh yeah. I rock. You can't touch this ~! Good horsie. #winning


And then I heard. My other horse, who had fallen quite early. Dooney's Gate. Had died.

I don't know anything about this horse. I hadn't heard of it before today. If it wasn't wearing its number or had the jockey with the distinctive colours I couldn't pick it out of a line up. Without looking it up again I can't remember any of its statistics or anything. But in my purse I have a slip of paper with it's name on it. For whatever reason, I picked it. And I'd wanted to snuggle it. And now it's dead.

I'm a bit upset.


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