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A little summary:

~ I spent a week in a house in Dinard, Brittany, France, Europe, Earth with four friends.

~ It was wonderful.

~ We went on two day trips, to St Malo by boat and to Dinan by bus; we had sun and sand and the sea; we played frisbee and mini golf and articulate; we understood and spoke French (to varying degrees); we made cocktails and invented cocktails and drank cocktails; we read books and wrote books and wrote poetry; we saw cute guys and talked about cute guys and wondered why we kept seeing that one weird ginger guy like every single day… It was all just so much fun!

~ I got sunburnt. Then it got a bit better. Then I got a bit more sunburnt. But its this morning I woke up and my shoulders weren’t red, the were a tiny bit brown. So, win.

~ I now officially like soy sauce, brie and coffee. Mmmm.

~ Somewhere between me adjusting my order because I was in France and, I suspect, they adjusting their cooking because we were English, I managed to eat a steak that was slightly more done than I would have preferred, despite, as previously mentioned, being in France. Weird. The scallops were FREAKING AMAZING though. C’etait parfait.

~ Couple of possible TDL converts, lots of ideas for TDL fanfic, plus once again seriously contemplating picking up LFA again. Tempted. Very tempted. But I also...

~ Started writing a new book. I know, I know. Now totally conflicted on how much time and energy to put into Imlie’s Garden and all its trimmings when I have shiny new characters to think about. Damn. And yet, I am so so excited about them, I just want to tell everyone. And dance and sing and laugh and write and write and write.

I expect I’ll post more about all of these things later on. But now, must go shopping, as all the food that is still in the house should have been thrown away and I currently have only fresh milk on which to subsist. Must get chocolate. And maybe some brie…

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For those that do not know, The Demon's Lexicon is YA fantasy, the debut novel of Sarah Rees Brennan, who wrote quite a few HP fics and is generally a wonderful and hilarious person. She got a publishing deal about a year and a half ago I think, and this book has been teased with cookies and giveaways and everyone should get it. I am a big big fan, and in recent months in particular she has become my hero and inspiration. There isn't much more that I want in my life than to rent a castle and have novel writing adventures within it. She is also the reason I looked into going to Hay on Wye festival this year, which I am definitely doing now, and I am going to go to her first boook signing/meet and greet in about two weeks. 

Anyway, it was meant to come out in a week on June 2nd, but yesterday somebody mentioned they had unexpectedly been able to buy it in London, and someone else commented they had been able to buy it from a shop in Oxford. At which, I freaked. This was lateish yesterday, and I was going to go down town like as soon as I woke up but I had to do some revision or today would be lost for study entirely. As it is about to be now.

So, I waited until after lunch, having done a tiny amount of work this morning, then went to town, so so excited. I went straight to the teenager section and-- I couldn't find it. I tried to remain calm. I looked under B for Brennan, I looked under R for Rees. I began to freak, for all the wrong reasons, because it simply wasn't there. I was gearing up to speak to the sales assistant, which wouldn't normally be a big deal but I didn't want them to look te book up and see it wasn't meant to be out yet. And, I was just feeling so rubbish, that I had become so excited for nothing, so disappointed. And I was trying to remain composed, and not start screaming or hyperventilating.

Then, turning away dispirited and losing all hope, my eye is caught by a new cover/edition of The Doomspell by Cliff McNish, which I haven't read for, wow, at least five years, and I smile at it, because I loved those books, and wander to look at that display. And then I start automatically scanning every book on this display. Just. In. Case. And then I walk around to the other side. And then my breath catches.

There it is. Paperback, UK cover, and I've seen it on screen so many times but there's something about it being real. Seriously, I snatched it off the table and then looked around to see whether anyone had noticed or were noticing that I was practically cradling it. Underneath it was a pile of a totally different book. It was the only one there. I couldn't see another one anywhere else. So unless there was an entire pile somewhere else unexpected, and some foolish foolish person had picked it up and then discarded it. Well. There was no way in hell I was putting it down. I actually hugged it to myself, totally happy and excited and nearly squealing but still trying not to make a scene. But, I was so so elated. And no one else around me would have understood why or had any sympathy, but it is their loss.

But even now, with it sitting right next to me, I can hardly believe it. In the shop I had to keep checking it was a right, a real book, reading the blurb, checking there were actual words inside. I reread the first chapter on the bus home, and I got to the end of that first chapter just in time to get off the bus. This is clearly an omen of some sort.

So. I am now going to blow off revision to read it, obviously. I'm not even sorry.




May. 1st, 2009 09:17 am
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It's May!

The sun is shining, it's Friday and Beltane and May Day weekend and...

I'm setting up my DW account!
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Today I got a late birthday present from my friend A. She made me


Complete with cowl and scythe!

It is so adorable.

And also meant that we could spend much of the day seeing who noticed it and then cheerily shrieking "Witch! You're a witch!!" at them and laughing at their confusion. Priceless.


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