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Oct. 24th, 2011 12:11 pm
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It's my birthday! 

So, today I am 21 years old. Wow. So old and so young, all at once. 

I am twenty-one. It totally sounds so much better than being twenty. And also nineteen, for that matter. Here's hoping! 

I have family with me, and I had mango for breakfast, and I have received cards and books and music, and later there will be cake and friends and alcohol, and I am happy happy happy :D :D :D
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Oops, haven’t updated for a little while. I went to Devon, and it was lovely, and I read a book that made me think many thoughts, so I might post about that at some point. And then I came back and some stuff I don’t think I’ll talk about happened. But. Then. Last Monday I had a very excellent day in London with laliandra, hanelissar, pigrescuer and playwithfyr, which included us going to the premiere screening of the next episode of Doctor Who, Let’s Kill Hitler, so that was BRILLIANT.


Such a good day! No spoilers for LKH. )


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 Something happened yesterday. Something good.

I'm not going to talk about it here, or anywhere online, because that crosses a line I drew a very long time ago. Also, I don't have any - well, possibly one or two, but they are scarce - RL friends to talk to about what happened. Neither of them are around at the moment, neither is my brother. Basically, I am sharing news of what happened with no one.

But I want to make this post to remember that it did. That good things do happen, things you'd almost given up hope for. Wounds can heal, and do. And it's never hopeless, or impossible, because sometimes cracks close and good things happen.

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 Oh my goodness, he really, really is.

So I went to see his gig yesterday, and was left a wreck of a human being but insanely happy and completely unable to properly express all the emotions he made me feel omg. This morning... I still feel kinda wrecked actually. But I'm gonna give coherent sentences a shot.

I witnessed perfection )

Christ but he's perfect. 
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 OK, well, if you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that today I received and read The Demon's Surrender!


No spoilers here - long spoilery post sometime soon probably. But for now, just - YAY! I am happy to have it, and happy with what it contains :D


Other posts I keep meaning to write include
- I went to Hay festival (it was lovely)
- I made this playlist fanmix thing (it is very long)
- I saw X-Men First Class (and have all these feeeeelings)
- Doctor Who was pretty damn good. Oh Moff, such a genius writer.

Oh yeah and.

Totally going to see Darren Criss! \o/
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 So I am now totally and utterly obsessed by TSN fandom, specifically Mark/Eduardo, and have been reading reams and reams of fic with almost an air of determination like I can burn it onto my retinas or something and then I will be happy. The whole fictional characters/rpf/actors rpf/actors shipping their characters thing is slightly mind bending when I stop to think about it, but generally there has been little pause over the last, IDK, week. I don't want to stop, why would I want to stop.

I blame Lal.

It really is Lal's fault, because she linked me to it and then I became addicted, and then like the wonderful enabler she is I went to her house and we watched the movie and she gave me recs and basically she is the best and I am highly indebted to her.

Haven't had a new fandom in a while. It feels good. Really good.

Also, it occurs to me that I spent YEARS reading HP fic and I don't think I ever read one where someone got turned into a plant. Whereas, like, the fifth fic about non-magical geeks in love covers that. And very beautifully. What even.


Oh yeah, so I went to The North )

Anyway, I had a very fun time for which I am very appreciative :D Thanks guys!


My Hay tickets arrived, and so did my Much Ado tickets. Excitement!

Tomorrow I'm going to Devon for two weeks, where internet access can be negotiated but is generally intermittent. Doctor Who will start again! Freaking finally. Also, Easter and the Royal Wedding will happen, fun. Books! Clotted cream! Countryside!
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aka the only sporting event I bet money on.

I don't know anything about horse racing, but I read some of the newspapers and looked at their colours - I simply can't choose unless I can be drawn to the jersey pattern. I picked two horses I liked, one with quite a good chance and one that's was more of an outsider. I was more strongly drawn to the first one I picked, because as soon as I saw the pattern I was like "That's my horse."

But then the second one kinda attracted me too, and after I'd put money on each of them I started to think a lot more of the second one. I kinda wanted to snuggle it. I felt all fond. I still liked the look of the first, but the second was the one I kept looking for when they were walking around the paddock. 

The first horse I'd picked, straight off, was 10. Ballabriggs; the second one I was drawn to was 7. Dooney's Gate.


Ballabriggs won.

Yayness!! Woohoo! Very happy, very excited, slightly proud, ever so slightly richer. Very smiley :D :D :D This is the second time I've picked a winner. Ohh yeah. I rock. You can't touch this ~! Good horsie. #winning


And then I heard. My other horse, who had fallen quite early. Dooney's Gate. Had died.

I don't know anything about this horse. I hadn't heard of it before today. If it wasn't wearing its number or had the jockey with the distinctive colours I couldn't pick it out of a line up. Without looking it up again I can't remember any of its statistics or anything. But in my purse I have a slip of paper with it's name on it. For whatever reason, I picked it. And I'd wanted to snuggle it. And now it's dead.

I'm a bit upset.
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~ This feeling of absolute happiness, serenity, completeness, satisfaction that comes from finishing a (really rather good) book. I can get it from other things too sometimes, but really, it's book feeling. It's perfection. The book I just read is "Dreaming of Amelia" by Jaclyn Moriarty, which is the last in the series of "Feeling Sorry for Celia", "Finding Cassie Crazy" and "Being Bindy Mackenzie". Finding Cassie Crazy is one of my favourite things ever in the world ever ever ever. And this one was pretty damn awesome, though at points it made me rage, and feel sick, and feel heartbroken, as well as thoroughly delight and amuse me.

~ Radio 1's Longest Show Ever With Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave For Comic Relief lasted 52 hours - they started at 6.30am on Wednesday, and didn't stop, didn't sleep, kept broadcasting straight through until 10.30am today, Friday - was amazing, funny, entertaining, compulsive, and raised over £2.4 million pounds for Comic Relief. Today is Red Nose Day, so telethon tonight!

~ That it seems like spring is here. I don't have to wear my coat and scarf everywhere all the time. The tree in our front garden, which spends most of the year kinda purple, is covered in beautiful white blossom. There are daffodils on the lawn.

~ The excellency of the latest episode of Glee, which I expect I will write a separate post on, but first I want to rewatch it because it was really rather awesome and I watched the first time in between blow drying my hair and having breakfast and doing makeup before going into the office on Wednesday because I was not willing to wait until I got home. And I'm glad I didn't, because it put me in such a good mood for the rest of the day.
~ Also, thinking about the very interesting shipping potential in Skins, which is really coming into its own now, as this current series ends. Oh gen 3, you are so much better than gen 2. I love you, Skins. 
~ Making plans. For Easter time, and also, now, I am going to a festival for a weekend in July in France which will be totally fun! 
~ Awesome fic. I saw this on crack_van and I just have to add to it's praise and pass it on, because it's really, really, REALLY good fic. It's The Strange Disappearance of Sally-Anne Perks by Paimpont, and it's very well written Harry Potter gen that takes the name of a character that is sorted in Philosopher's Stone just after Harry and then never heard of again in the series and spins it into a brilliant, beautiful, canon compliant and complimentary story. Seriously, GO READ IT. 
~ And finally, I don't watch Supernatural and don't care much about Misha Collins, but I was browsing Fandom Wank and heard about this rhino puzzle scavenger hunt thing, and I laughed so hard my dad kept asking me what was so funny and THERE WERE NO WORDS that could explain the insanity and bizarreness of Misha trolling his fandom with such careless hilarity.
How is everyone?
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 Happiness is:

Getting out of work early so I could chill in Starbucks.

Finding a very cute pair of heels, that fit me really well, and moreover, that were reduced from £20 to just £4.50!!


Being offered an internship! :D 

Good Times

Jan. 8th, 2011 07:36 pm
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 I have tickets to see David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing! 

On the first night! \o/ 



Now, hmmm, who should I take with me...
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 Marmfish ice skating meetup was a week ago and it was marvellous.

I had a wonderful time with some very lovely people )
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 All the presents bought, all the wrapping done.

All the doors on my advent calender have been opened.

Going to London to see my family now :) I hope there will be plenty of internet there, but just in case there isn't:


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"When writing a novel, that's pretty much entirely what life turns into: 'House burned down. Car stolen. Cat exploded. Did 1500 easy words, so all in all it was a pretty good day."
— Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman speaks the truth.

I had a lot of things to get done today. I did maybe three or four of them - the washing up, for the record, was not one of the lucky chosen few. But one of them was starting NaNoWriMo. I haven't written a lot, and lord knows the words I have written aren't great, but I have begun, and even if the whole rest of the month is downhill from here, today just seems like such a good day. The sun was shining and the world was a pleasant place to be and I've been happy all day. Today was a good day.

See world? Not a complete failure.

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 You guys, today I read The Magicians by Lev Grossman.

Well, I started it yesterday, on my favourite beach, but I read most of it today. I loved it - really really enjoyed reading it.

If you haven't heard of it, it's a book that's kinda like -- what if you were really into (obsessed with, in the fandom of) Narnia, and spent your whole time wishing you could go there, and then unexpectedly get a Hogwarts letter, and go there for college. And have a life and feelings and insecurities and stuff. And then plot occurs too, of course. Awesome, hysterical, heart rending, sarcastic plot. 

I heard about it in a newspaper article, and thought - that sounds like a book I absolutely have to read. And, also, it is the book for September of bookdeyada, so there will be discussion of it soon! Which is why I wanted to write at least a short note now, before I hear anyone's views or opinions on it at all.

It was really great -- no spoilers. )

Anyway. Put it on your "to read" lists people! It rocks.
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 It's Father's Day, so I should be going to have a picnic or something soonish, so I don't really have time to make the epic post about all the crazy things that have been happening over the last week. I hope I get to it soon though, because I've also been having major computer troubles and am concerned that it might be tricky to be around consistently. Oh well.

Basically, there was a lot of parties and fun times, interspersed with slightly less good times, a bit of misery, disappointment, panic, frustration, flirting and paranoia. And a lot of rushing around, and not at all enough sleep. So, a pretty average week really...

Oh, I should really write something lengthy about Doctor Who. For now I shall say only, last night's was good, I'm pretty happy - keep up the good work Moffat!

ARGH I still haven't written about The Demon's Covenant yet. Well, thats damn cool too, and deserves a proper post about its awesomeness. Which I have no time to write now. My brother is happily reading it next to me at this very moment though, that's kinda cool :) 

Anyway, here is a pleasant, positive meme thing I saw on t'flist:

We as women far too often and far too easily denigrate our own bodies. So for once, why don't we have a little love in? Comment here with wonderful things about your body. Start little and if you have a lot to say fill the comment box with love and joy and celebration.

Then maybe turn around and get your flist to spread the love on your journal. Pass it on. Share your beautiful selves.

Some things I love about my body include:

My eyes – they change colour, but are always awesome.
My legs - are in excellent shape.

My eyebrows – are naturally kinda arched, which rocks.
My skin - is beautiful; I love its natural colour, particularly on my torso.
My hair – is a lovely rich dark brown, with the occasional bronze-y strand, and is finally the perfect length.

Now you guys!

Words meme

Jul. 13th, 2009 01:59 pm
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Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

I was given rahmbamarama, omnishipping, maps, Baker St and university by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] laliandra .

What they mean to me... )

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A little summary:

~ I spent a week in a house in Dinard, Brittany, France, Europe, Earth with four friends.

~ It was wonderful.

~ We went on two day trips, to St Malo by boat and to Dinan by bus; we had sun and sand and the sea; we played frisbee and mini golf and articulate; we understood and spoke French (to varying degrees); we made cocktails and invented cocktails and drank cocktails; we read books and wrote books and wrote poetry; we saw cute guys and talked about cute guys and wondered why we kept seeing that one weird ginger guy like every single day… It was all just so much fun!

~ I got sunburnt. Then it got a bit better. Then I got a bit more sunburnt. But its this morning I woke up and my shoulders weren’t red, the were a tiny bit brown. So, win.

~ I now officially like soy sauce, brie and coffee. Mmmm.

~ Somewhere between me adjusting my order because I was in France and, I suspect, they adjusting their cooking because we were English, I managed to eat a steak that was slightly more done than I would have preferred, despite, as previously mentioned, being in France. Weird. The scallops were FREAKING AMAZING though. C’etait parfait.

~ Couple of possible TDL converts, lots of ideas for TDL fanfic, plus once again seriously contemplating picking up LFA again. Tempted. Very tempted. But I also...

~ Started writing a new book. I know, I know. Now totally conflicted on how much time and energy to put into Imlie’s Garden and all its trimmings when I have shiny new characters to think about. Damn. And yet, I am so so excited about them, I just want to tell everyone. And dance and sing and laugh and write and write and write.

I expect I’ll post more about all of these things later on. But now, must go shopping, as all the food that is still in the house should have been thrown away and I currently have only fresh milk on which to subsist. Must get chocolate. And maybe some brie…

I'm home!

Jul. 3rd, 2009 10:04 pm
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I'm back in the UK, back at home, and back at my computer!

I'm a little sunburnt, but pretty happy - I had a wonderful holiday, expect to write about it more tomorrow.

Tis good to be back!


Jun. 26th, 2009 06:57 am
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I'm going in about an hour! 

I spent ages fighting with my luggage yesterday, trying to reduce it under 10kg, and making sure I don't have any liquids over 100ml, and trying to figure out exchange rates. I'm so glad its overcast and might rain a whole lot today - not just because I'm leaving, because I'm not going very far and Brittany basically has the same kinda weather as the UK, but mainly because it means I can wear m jeans and hoodie to the airport without boiling, and therefore do not have to put them in the suitcase. Seriously, I am weirded out by my lack of stuff. I am hardly taking any paper, despite intending to do loads of writing, because its heavy, and I'm only taking two books to read. At least I can buy paper if I need it - I only read French a tiny bit better than I speak it, which is little to none.

Michael Jackson )
But, back to my life, in which I'm excited to be going on holiday! So, mixed times.

I hope everyone is ok, and I'll be back in a week!


Jun. 24th, 2009 09:48 am
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I am so completely finished with all my exams. No more qualifying. Done.

Afterward, I went to a cafe and then a BBQ with my RS teacher and RS class, which was really fun; the weather is excellent, warm and sunny, and the food and banter were both good. It was at B's house, which is nice - she has a swimming pool shaped like a coffin, and M brought a portable BBQ and there was so much food, M's dad was cooking and I swear there was like an infinite number of chicken legs. There was a strange moment when three people jumped up and drove away in search of ketchup and didn't come back for about half an hour.

Today... jus' chillin'.

Gonna start packing for going to France on Friday. Whhheeeeeeeee! I can't believe its just two days away! I and four friends are going to Brittany for a week, its my first just-friends-no-parents holiday!!! I should try to remember some French but, meh.

Later today, cocktails. And tomorrow also, pubbage. Good times.

And, I'm going to ease back into fandom things and writing and writing fic, parrticularly for TDL because I have so many ideas and I've just been trying to wait until after my exams. Which is now!


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