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 Ryan Gosling is insanely hot.

I went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love and among other things I left with a lot of appreciation for him. Jesus CHRIST there should be some kind of warning.

Also, everybody should see this film. It has Emma Stone being awesome. I don't actually care if she's a natural blonde I think she looks amazing as a redhead. It has Julianne Moore being beautiful and delicate and subtle. It has Steve Carell being heartbreaking and also Steve Carell being hilarious. Oh yeah and. It has Ryan Gosling being gorgeous and lovely and touching and beautiful and charming and just so so attractive. 

It is a film that I found at times to be poignant, sexy, romantic, adorable, heartbreaking and hysterical. It has a male makeover scene. Go see it. 


Does anyone have an opinion on tablet computers? I don't know whether to ask for one for my birthday. I can't really tell whether they are awesome or a waste of time. I'm vaguely consider 7" models. I don't know.


Glee has started again. I'm cautiously optimistic, because while this weeks seems to have been a bad episode, ie problematic and kinda stupid, but frankly much better than other bad episodes of Glee. Does that make sense? I'm hoping the general standard has risen. For example, Mercedes has got a plotline! It's not exactly stellar. But I'm still happy she's got one. Mike Chang had lines! And he and Tina are still dating. And the endless glee spoilers over at Tumblr have suggested some interesting things to come. So. Yeah. Here's hoping.
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 *crawls in*

Hi, internet!

I just got back from spending the weekend in France, and in the days preceding that I had Glee, a picnic, punting and Pimms trip... it is a busy time! pretty knackered right now, but DARREN CRISS ON WEDNESDAY OMG OMG.
Yay :D
Lal asked me these questions:
1. How did you discover fandom?
2. What do you want from S3 of Glee?
3. What fictional character do you most identify with?
4. Can you convince me why ~TDS SHIPPING SPOILER~ is endgame?
5. Where in the world would you like to live, if you live anywhere?
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 So if you didn't already know, Lev Grossman, the guy that wrote The Magicians, also writes for Time magazine (apparently wrote the Zuckerberg profile) and is apparently going to be doing a piece on fanfiction. He has set up an LJ comm called lg-interview which he says he intends to use to have a conversation with fanfiction writers. It hasn't really started yet, and remembering SurveyFail I am pretty cautious about such things now, but I'm also curious and remain hopeful that it won't devolve into fail and wank but might lead to IDK, interesting civil discussion.

Or if it does devolve into fail and wank I'd like to be able to watch from the inside anyway.

Man I hope nothing awful happens that would ruin my enjoyment of The Magicians and it's upcoming sequel The Magician King. I adored that book. Please, Lev Grossman, don't crash and burn and ruin my enjoyment of your work. Please.

So yeah. Maybe some of you guys might also like to check it out.

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 The week has been a bit ...meh. It kinda got away from me? I don't have anything much to show for it. Oops.

I am officially over this "having the house to myself" lark. I miss human interaction. And having a parental unit cook and stuff. I fail at looking after myself. But, moving on. Drawing a line under that. Soon, the house will be shared with another humanoid again, and then it's going to be crazy just go go go for a month or so, what with Hay and France bookending interning (did I mention I'm going back to intern some more? I am) so if I had any sense or motivation, I'd be spending as much time as I can appreciating that my tutees have now in fact reached their exams, so that work has come to a close, and I have literally no reason to not be writing writing writing at the moment.

Yeah... as if that is happening. 


My current obsession with TSN fandom continues apace. Also, seriously in love with Jesse Eisenberg right now. Like, a lot. A LOT. I understand that I was previously focussing on Andrew Garfield intellectually, and that initially I appreciated Jesse and thought he was cool but not the main event, but that seems LIKE UTTER MADNESS NOW. Don't get me wrong. I still love Andrew Garfield, borderline hipster, friend of Matt Smith afpihjgiusfv possesser of a very beautiful face and soul and oh so much talent and everything etc etc. But seriously people. JESSE EISENBERG. GAH. He is just utterly exquisite. Like an extremely beautiful masterpiece of dorky, nervous art. So yeah. LOVE.

I'm still technically writing TSN fic, but I got a bit back into the original stuff again, so realistically I'm not gonna produce until summer I expect. *shrugs* 
I also made this ridiculous long Mark and Eduardo ...playlist? Fanmix? I've loved many many pairings, but none have ever forcibly applied themselves to so many songs in my brain. I don't really know what to do with it. Other than listen and think, god boys, why so tragic and fucked up. 


Hey, so, what about that Doctor Who, huh? THIS SERIES IS AWESOME OK. Even the weak pirates episode was fun. Rory is getting so cool and cute and character development-y this year! The first two eps were just EXCELLENT and made me properly feel for River Song for the first time. The Doctor's Wife was lovely, just made my heart explode with EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE at the cute and the love. And last weeks, the Rebel Flesh, was great, because you could really feel the pain and confusion.
Basically, best series evah, y/mfy?!
Other TV stuff: Glee ended. I basically liked the ep, it was cheerful and neat and cute, and overall, I basically liked this season. Klaine! Kurtofsky! Brittana! Very much looking forward to the Glee tour in, like, a month. Just four and a half weeks away! :D
Also, slowly but surely catching up with White Collar. God I love this show. Neal of the inhumanly beautiful face, I love you. And the awesome ladies are here in force, despite (and not at all detracting from) the male-male relationship that is the focal point of the show. Oh show, I love you, I do.
If anyone would like a Dreamwidth invite code, holla, I just got a bunch :)
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 I'm home! I spent Friday in the office, and now so far I'm spending Saturday in bed glorying in the internet.

My friends were on University Challenge again. Watch it before the iPlayer deletes them!

And now, some thoughts on what went down in Glee 2x14 Blame It On The Alcohol.

There were no thoughts written about 2x13 because it was shit and confirmed for me that I don't care for Sam and that was about the extent of my reaction. But. 2x14.

There are spoilers for the ep in this post )

Anyway, so. The whole Kurt, Blaine and Rachel storyline. 

I'll start with Blaine )

Well, I can't be mad at Blaine for long, he's too lovely.

It's all about Rachel )

Poor Kurt )

So, to sum up - this storyline was strange, ultimately a bit pointless and involved everyone acting in a hurtful and ignorant manner, and no one really grew as a character, except possibly Blaine but actually not really.

The acting was awesome though.

Kurt's dad attitude to his son's as yet hypothetical sex life )

Other things that I remember thinking about during this episode:

Lol I recognise this song from Johnny Weir fandom.

I don't really like Sam anymore, but thought his hair looked good ruffled after kissing Brittany. I choose to believe that Santana wanted him off Brittany as much as she wanted Brittany off Sam. Need more Brittana! Or Santtany, as she said on that lolarious five way phone convo.

I just don't like Artie, he's a tool.


Lol crushed Oreos.

You people really need to understand that being single doesn't mean your life is empty and meaningless and you must be miserable.

Seriously, what are wine coolers?

All the songs were boring.

Darren Criss is basically perfection.
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 Things that are good

#EGYPT getting rid of their dictator. I am so so impressed and humbled. 18 days of peaceful protests, guys. It's beautiful. I really hope they can build something better now.

THE LATEST EPISODE OF GLEE IS THE BEST ONE EVER. EVER. I loved so so much of it. So much character development. Lauren is epic, I am totally justified in being in love with her. PLUS there was character development for Blaine - perfect, beautiful Blaine - and wow, this ep was wonderful. 

Mini's episode of Skins. Wow. Much more subtle than I was expecting. I was left surprised at how much I was despairing for her. Poor, silly, thing.

Things that are not good

Lady Gaga's new song, "Born This Way". I'm sorry. I love Gaga. I wanted to love this track. I do not. The lyrics are kinda skeevy, but also, they are painfully dull and shallow and basic. And I just don't like the music. Must try harder Gaga, because we all know you can do better. 

My total lack of interest in writing. 

More internships rejecting me.

Things I would like

Music recs.

Fic recs.

Holiday plans.
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 I have a job. Thank god.

It's part time, two afternoons a week, so I'm still going to keep looking for another one at the weekend. But. I'm just so so relieved. There will be some monies!

I think this means I have even less chance of getting an internship, but so far that's just been dreaming and rejections, so. This is very good.


Also, Glee is back. Yay! I've missed it like, a lot.

Thoughts on Glee 2x11 Thriller )


Other TV stuff - Skins is back with a third generation. I'm intrigued but not sold yet. (My dad loves it. O_O )

Skins so far... )

Is anyone watching Episodes, the comedy with Matt LeBlanc playing himself? I like it. 

Oh, and Being Human is pretty awesome! Though, um, last nights ep made squeamish me turn away in horror a good few times. Just... ew.
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 Politics is back. That means more flooding my twitter feed with sarcastic and inappropriate comments about UK politics and politicians (um... sorry? XD) and also, more trying my darndest for an internship. Still no luck/not good enough. *sigh* But I remain hopeful. There was one day I came home and I had two invitations to interview by email and another by phone. Clearly it had been the first day back after the holidays for going through the non urgent emails.


The march of time also means that most of my friends have either already gone, or are about to go back to uni. Sad. Saw three, H, A and C for coffee on Wednesday - which turned into a bit less than two hours of coffee with three of them, followed by another two and a half hours of walking around streets in the dark and sitting at bus stops having very deep conversations. At one point, my friend A and I tried to go to our favourite pub, but it wasn't there. It was just, gone. The outside was still there, but I dunno, they must be refurbishing? All the interior just wasn't there. It was the weirdest thing. I took it as a sign not to drink.

There will probably be drinking of cocktails tonight though, seeing H, L, S and C, and possibly some of their friends too later. Mmmm, cocktails.


I have hurt my right index finger, and possibly my right hand generally. Not badly, but I think it's strained, because some motions hurt, but other functions are totally fine - typing this with two hands is fine, for example. It might be RSI, I'm really not sure. What I am sure about is that that is my go to finger for all my point, click, and scrolling needs, and I want it to be better. The scrolling suddenly hurting was a big alarm bell though. You guys, I scroll so much. I cannot have this hurt me. So I'm trying to rest it and use my left hand, or my right ring finger which seems the most cool. It's not too bad - I am left handed, my left hand is more than adequate. It's just slightly weird realising exactly how instinctive some of the motions I make regarding this computer really are. It's trickier than not biting my nails.


I really need to get back to the writing - definitely looking at the end of Feb now, because progress has just dropped off. Oops. It's getting trickier. I think I'll put another extract up here, because I never share most of the time, but it does help motivate me somehow.


The Glee tickets are somewhere in the postal system! I think. Hope I'll have them soon. And then, that I don't lose them sometime in the next 5 and a half months.


There are actually loads of castles in the UK and Ireland. Way more than I thought. Hope I get to see one up close sometime...
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I applied for JSA on Tuesday, which I suppose is why I now have two possible interviews and an offer of a "trial shift" for work. Hopefully any of these sources will decide to give me some money soon, Christmas is coming!


Can I just say, OMG KURT. In the latest episode of Glee, "Furt". My heart is breaking. Chris Colfer needs to win some kind of award for his acting, an Emmy? Is that what Emmys are for? Seriously, so so good. As usual, the rest of the storylines in that ep are kinda shitty, and I'm not appreciating vaguely nice Sam messing with awesome Quinn, but whatevs. KURT. OH MY GOD. SO GOOD. This confirms and continues the pattern of "good ep, bad ep, good ep, bad ep". Which is really irritating. Come on Glee, why not "good ep, good ep, even better ep"?

Also, there was no singing in this ep for at least the first 15 minutes. It was not missed particularly, because I only would have wanted Kurt to sing and it might have messed with the tension in his acting scenes, so. I don't really care for Ceelo, but it was nice to see the Glee club finally stick up for Kurt, and to tell the gay character on no uncertain terms that he's perfect "just the way you are."

I've said it before, I'll say it again - Burt Hummel looks so completely surprisingly different without his hat. He's a pretty great father though.


Anyway. Since I'm wasting my life, here is some meme-age, ganked from bearodactyl. Because I'm contrary I'm not doing it properly, just picking out the bits I want, the beginning and the end. But in case anyone wants the complete set of 10, it's meant to be

10 things you want to say to 10 people right now
9 things about yourself
8 ways to win your heart
7 things that cross your mind a lot
6 things you wish you'd never done
5 people who mean a lot to you (in no order whatsoever)
4 things that turn you off
3 things that turn you on
2 smileys that describe your life right now

1 confession )

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 Of course, I already loved Darren Criss, because AVPM and AVPS are fabulous and hilarious and amazing, and if there is anyone in the world that hasn't watched them go watch them now. NOW. 

But having just watched "Never Been Kissed" ep of Glee, I apparently now love him so much more. Lovely lovely lovely. He looks great, obviously, and sounds awesome, but mainly it was so great to see him acting, he's so smooth and nice and normal, and acting so normal on a show full of over the top wackyness. He's gonna be a big star. I guess it helps that I really like the song he sings, Katy Perry's Teenage Dream, already. His version is excellent, just the right balance of romantic and sexy and fun. I am very happy with this, and for the advancement and development for Kurt, and am very much looking forward to watching this continue to develop. 

Great episode for Artie and Puck too, and I also totally liked both the mash up songs from this ep as well, so while the Bieste sub plot was a bit weird overall a great Glee ep! God I hope they stay good for a little while, this season so far seems to be zig zagging a bit between hit and miss. But when it's good, it's totally good. So keep that up, Glee!


A few busy days in a row, and the Nano gets ignored. Oops. Must get back on the bandwagon, even if I only manage a couple of paragraphs each day. 


Yesterday, SRB posted a new extract from the third Demon's Lexicon book, The Demon's Surrender. This Cookie of ~Sexy~ Revelation, as it is now to be referred to, is awesome. And contains a rather sexy revelation. God, I really need this book. Is it coming out in May again? May seems like a long way away right now. CAN WE SIN YET? Pretty please?

If you've read The Demon's Lexicon and The Demon's Covenant do check out this cookie, it is very excellent, and SuperMegaFoxyAwesomeHot. But don't read it if you haven't read the first two books, because for them it is spoilerific. 

If you haven't read The Demon's Lexicon and The Demon's Covenant, seriously, go buy them and read them. They really are rather excellent.


Now I'm going to probably miss watching PMQs live because I'm going to go and teach/tutor/help a guy write a decent personal statement. That's how much I need a job right now...
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 So it turns out that looking for work is really dull and boring.

Writing cover letters is cringeworthy at the best of times, but I've done it so many times in the last couple of days that I'm starting to become less phased. Meanwhile, I've pretty much decided my CV is about as streamlined as it is going to get. As much I don't like that as an application process, it's definitely better than application forms, which usually have a very dispiriting ratio of space allocated for experience and qualification. Qualifications, I have, let me show you them! Don't give me three tiny boxes, I can't fit all my GCSEs in there... Clearly, my school lied to me about priorities.

All I really want though is to get one of the cool internships I've applied for. But those are unpaid. *sigh*

And I need monies, because I have none, and I need to finance my ticket habit - I impulse bought a ticket to go see Celebrity Autobiography tonight, in London. I couldn't help myself - it was reduced to £9, and IT HAS DAVID TENNANT AND MICHAEL URIE. I can take it out of the food money (ie, all the money) since I haven't been spending much of it... oops. Must eat more.

So, I am totally excited about that this evening, which will keep me going as I spend today going through applications looking for work and paying off my credit card debt. David Cameron would be pleased I'm sure.

ps. Glee was horrible this week.


Sep. 29th, 2010 02:40 pm
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 Oh Glee, I have missed you.

I watched Audition yesterday and Britney/Brittany this morning, and essentially neither were Glee at it's finest, but both had some really awesome moments, and just generally they totally hitting the spot for Glee withdrawals. I just hope they do get to the good stuff - like, y'know, plot and character development that we know they can do so well - a little faster this season than last.

Thoughts - spoilers for Audition )

Thoughts - spoilers for Britney/Brittany ) 

But whatever. It was Glee, and it made me smile, so I'm happy.

Now, can we please have less Rachel and Finn, and less Will and Emma, and instead more Quinn, Mercedes, Kurt, Santana, Brittany and Tina? K, thnx.
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specifically, 1x15, The Power Of Madonna. Because it was really, really good, and I loved it.

Here there be spoilers )


Finn )

I love Santana ) 

Though, once again, Brittany had one of the best lines ever, asking about Jesse in Glee club: "Mr Schue, is he your son?!" I've watched this ep quite a few times now, and every single time this cracks me up, as do Jesse and Mr Schue's respective looks at each other :P

Jesse St James - strange name, intriguing character )

My thoughts on the approach to virginity and sex in this ep - Rachel and Jesse, Finn and Santana, Emma and Will )

Artie and Tina )

OK, I think I'm (finally!) done talking about the sex and virginity stuff in this ep. The only other thing I was a bit unsure about was what they did with Puck - we know Puck can be sensitive, so I'd prefer it if they didn't just pigeon hole him because they needed a dissenting voice. But whatever. Back to regularly scheduled squeeing.

I think I may have mentioned character development? So, (and I've kept the best til last!) let me talk of Sue, and of Kurt, and of Mercedes. Who all ROCK. Rather a lot.

Sue is just brilliant in this episode, which is good because there's a lot of her. And, I think one of the most hilarious things is that this episode both gives us more insight and development into Sue's character, yet also at the end of the episode she is unashamedly exactly the same character as she was at the beginning of the episode: the one and only Sue Sylvester. Priceless. And the acknowledgement and pushing of the hair jokes! So, so funny. 

Sue as Madonna in Vogue was just awesome though. Totally, totally perfect. 

And ok, now I can FINALLY talk about the pure excellence that is Kurt and Mercedes. 

I seriously love Kurt and Mercedes )

Wow, I had a lot to say... :P Can't wait for the next ep!


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