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~ This feeling of absolute happiness, serenity, completeness, satisfaction that comes from finishing a (really rather good) book. I can get it from other things too sometimes, but really, it's book feeling. It's perfection. The book I just read is "Dreaming of Amelia" by Jaclyn Moriarty, which is the last in the series of "Feeling Sorry for Celia", "Finding Cassie Crazy" and "Being Bindy Mackenzie". Finding Cassie Crazy is one of my favourite things ever in the world ever ever ever. And this one was pretty damn awesome, though at points it made me rage, and feel sick, and feel heartbroken, as well as thoroughly delight and amuse me.

~ Radio 1's Longest Show Ever With Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave For Comic Relief lasted 52 hours - they started at 6.30am on Wednesday, and didn't stop, didn't sleep, kept broadcasting straight through until 10.30am today, Friday - was amazing, funny, entertaining, compulsive, and raised over £2.4 million pounds for Comic Relief. Today is Red Nose Day, so telethon tonight!

~ That it seems like spring is here. I don't have to wear my coat and scarf everywhere all the time. The tree in our front garden, which spends most of the year kinda purple, is covered in beautiful white blossom. There are daffodils on the lawn.

~ The excellency of the latest episode of Glee, which I expect I will write a separate post on, but first I want to rewatch it because it was really rather awesome and I watched the first time in between blow drying my hair and having breakfast and doing makeup before going into the office on Wednesday because I was not willing to wait until I got home. And I'm glad I didn't, because it put me in such a good mood for the rest of the day.
~ Also, thinking about the very interesting shipping potential in Skins, which is really coming into its own now, as this current series ends. Oh gen 3, you are so much better than gen 2. I love you, Skins. 
~ Making plans. For Easter time, and also, now, I am going to a festival for a weekend in July in France which will be totally fun! 
~ Awesome fic. I saw this on crack_van and I just have to add to it's praise and pass it on, because it's really, really, REALLY good fic. It's The Strange Disappearance of Sally-Anne Perks by Paimpont, and it's very well written Harry Potter gen that takes the name of a character that is sorted in Philosopher's Stone just after Harry and then never heard of again in the series and spins it into a brilliant, beautiful, canon compliant and complimentary story. Seriously, GO READ IT. 
~ And finally, I don't watch Supernatural and don't care much about Misha Collins, but I was browsing Fandom Wank and heard about this rhino puzzle scavenger hunt thing, and I laughed so hard my dad kept asking me what was so funny and THERE WERE NO WORDS that could explain the insanity and bizarreness of Misha trolling his fandom with such careless hilarity.
How is everyone?


Sep. 29th, 2010 02:40 pm
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 Oh Glee, I have missed you.

I watched Audition yesterday and Britney/Brittany this morning, and essentially neither were Glee at it's finest, but both had some really awesome moments, and just generally they totally hitting the spot for Glee withdrawals. I just hope they do get to the good stuff - like, y'know, plot and character development that we know they can do so well - a little faster this season than last.

Thoughts - spoilers for Audition )

Thoughts - spoilers for Britney/Brittany ) 

But whatever. It was Glee, and it made me smile, so I'm happy.

Now, can we please have less Rachel and Finn, and less Will and Emma, and instead more Quinn, Mercedes, Kurt, Santana, Brittany and Tina? K, thnx.
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specifically, 1x15, The Power Of Madonna. Because it was really, really good, and I loved it.

Here there be spoilers )


Finn )

I love Santana ) 

Though, once again, Brittany had one of the best lines ever, asking about Jesse in Glee club: "Mr Schue, is he your son?!" I've watched this ep quite a few times now, and every single time this cracks me up, as do Jesse and Mr Schue's respective looks at each other :P

Jesse St James - strange name, intriguing character )

My thoughts on the approach to virginity and sex in this ep - Rachel and Jesse, Finn and Santana, Emma and Will )

Artie and Tina )

OK, I think I'm (finally!) done talking about the sex and virginity stuff in this ep. The only other thing I was a bit unsure about was what they did with Puck - we know Puck can be sensitive, so I'd prefer it if they didn't just pigeon hole him because they needed a dissenting voice. But whatever. Back to regularly scheduled squeeing.

I think I may have mentioned character development? So, (and I've kept the best til last!) let me talk of Sue, and of Kurt, and of Mercedes. Who all ROCK. Rather a lot.

Sue is just brilliant in this episode, which is good because there's a lot of her. And, I think one of the most hilarious things is that this episode both gives us more insight and development into Sue's character, yet also at the end of the episode she is unashamedly exactly the same character as she was at the beginning of the episode: the one and only Sue Sylvester. Priceless. And the acknowledgement and pushing of the hair jokes! So, so funny. 

Sue as Madonna in Vogue was just awesome though. Totally, totally perfect. 

And ok, now I can FINALLY talk about the pure excellence that is Kurt and Mercedes. 

I seriously love Kurt and Mercedes )

Wow, I had a lot to say... :P Can't wait for the next ep!
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~ My new debit card FINALLY arrived! I went straight to Amazon and bought a couple of YA fantasy type books to celebrate, and am thinking of enjoying the freedom to get a couple of other things as well maybe. Any recs?

~ Tomorrow I am going to London to see John Barrowman in La Cage Aux Folles. Excited! 

~ The day after is Waters of Mars! EXCITED!!!

~ I watched Glee 1x09 Wheels this morning, and it was definitely the best episode yet. Plus, the last ep of Heroes continued to be decent. Whereas with House, I was left whimpering. Because I loved it that is. Oh Chase.

~ But, hats off to FlashForward, which I swear was just. So. Good. That episode not only effected my emotional balance for the entire day, but looking back now it still is. For something so simple, so obvious, be so devastating and so incredibly uplifting simultaneously, is real beauty right there. Absolutely superb, and I need to tell everyone, EVERYONE should be watching this show. It's not complicated, its just oh so compelling and powerful. And oh my god, I love that so much. It is all I want from a show, and its crafted slowly with love. Also, how many British people are in it? Like, crazy. Dude. WATCH FLASHFORWARD YOU GUYS.

~ I have had another idea for a book. Yes, another one. And yesterday, I hestitantly wrote a page or so of the idea I said I definitely wouldn't be writing until I had either finished a proper draft of Imlie's Garden or gave up on it, so that's... huh. And, I had a horrible moment where I went "oh God, is Shades too much like Merlin?" Because, um, it has a magical boy, and a royal court, and I dunno, now I type that it seems really stupid because actually, unless Merlin develops very strangely they really aren't much alike at all. Beyond both involving a magical boy in a quite undefined fantasy past and a royal court... and ok, the boy has a mentor and there's a king and a princess and her maid as other main characters BUT I PROMISE ACTUALLY THEY AREN'T AT ALL SIMILAR. God. Has anyone else ever had that kinda insecurity, where you, the person writing, or with the idea, know it really isn't like something else, but its hard to get across how they are different when some things are on paper at least seem similar backdrop? The new idea I had a moment ago was the first time I've ever wanted to write about vampires. And yes, a teenage girl. BUT NO, IT ISN'T BLOODY TWILIGHT, geeez.

And now, I must get some dinner.


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