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 So yesterday I saw Untouchable, and it was really good. There hasn't been all that much publicity for it over here that I've noticed, but I hope some buzz builds up for it because I thought it was really charming.

It's a French film, based on a true story, about the friendship that develops between a young black guy who is an unemployed working class ex con, and the very rich, cultured, older white guy who is paralysed from the neck down that hires him as his care giver. It sounds kinda madcap doesn't it? But while a lot of it was funny, it definitely took its premise seriously, and that helped - the culture clashes could be funny for what they were, not because one side was mocking or cruel toward the other. But yeah, I found it very charming. There were many laugh out loud moments, and a few that were very touching. And a couple of "oh my god!" gaspy moments. On reflection, I think it was nice that neither character tried to change each other really, they just brought out the best in each other. And even when they each thought the other was weird, there was still an underlying respect there. The subplots of their respective family troubles and stuttering attempts at romance were sweet and well balanced, adding other dimensions to the main characters without distracting from the point of the film; that both these people were real, and whole, and had problems and made jokes and made each others' lives better.

It didn't pass the Bechdel test, but obvs it won very high in intersectional stakes; hello, entire movie. And the women that were featured I think were done well. I was happy with it. A couple of the characters said a couple of problematic things, but that was part of them as real, flawed characters and didn't reflect on the actual story the film was telling.

Overall, it was enjoyable and touching, funny and sad and insightful. Go see it!


Untouchable had trailers for two films I hadn't heard of and tbh I am outraged that the internet had some how failed to tell me of their existence because they both a) feature awesome ladies I am a fan of and b) actually look like they are going to be good films. Yes I realise not knowing your darling had made entire films suggests I am not that good a fan but SHUT UP I trust the internet to tell me these things and it didn't so now my faith is shaken, SHAKEN I TELL YOU.

Anyway, what nobody deigned to tell me was that a) awesome Kristen Stewart is in an adaptation of On The Road, which I keep meaning to read, oops, which also has Kirsten Dunst, another of my faves, god I bet people getting Kristen and Kirsten mixed up was terrible on this film, and it looked good, and also b) that JENNIFER LAWRENCE who I really trusted my dash would have told me about but nooooo has made a film called Silver Linings Playbook, which seems a stupid name but whatever, who cares, because it is a film about two not-entirely-well-adjusted-mentally people who IDK meet and help each other grow and maybe date or something. The trailer didn't make it clear whether they were depressed or something else but these are people who happily discussing their medication history with each other aka OMG MY INTEREST IS PIQUED.

Sure, OK, they are both still middle class white people but ssssh because Hollywood is trying you guys it has made a film where the heroes are not mentally normative that I fully expect will have a happy ending (and if it doesn't I'mma cry) and did I mention JENNIFER LAWRENCE so yay.
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 So I've seen The Avengers twice now - once in 3D with J, once in 2D with branquignole. It's great! I thought I ought to write something about it before it comes out in America tomorrow lol. It's been really nice having something first for once! 

Basically, it gave me crazy feels that it was hard to make coherent, and I really really liked it (hence going to see it twice in 4 days!) which is good because can you imagine how much it was would sucked if it, well, sucked? It's only been like 4 years of build up god.

Spoilers for The Avengers! )

What did you guys think?
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 is exactly what I am doing right now. By making this post, instead of writing for Nano.

Nano and writing blurble ) 


I finished the second ASOIAF book, A Clash of Kings - not sure yet whether I'll do a full review write up yet. Basically, I really enjoyed it, and was properly shocked at one death in particular. Favourite characters have shuffled slightly, so top three is now Arya, Tyrion and Sansa, but still much much love for, well, practically everyone except Joffrey basically, who I really want to stab. And I went through so many emotions with Theon, oh my gosh, his story this book was composed so well, I swung from disdain through disapproval and hate and pity and hope and bleak misery and sadness. I actually like Jaime and Cersai more now, I think because they weren't sneaking around anymore. I was losing interest in Dany a bit though, beyond laughing so much at the other characters talking about magic and the existence of dragons a lot. I hope something more interesting happens with her next book.

Next book, which I am going to get soon. Um, once I've hit 20K in my Nano. Yep.


I went to see The Help. I thought it was a good film, funny and fraught and a bit harrowing and breath taking at times.

I was a bit uncomfortable though because I didn't feel it was made clear which bits were fiction (ie, the vast majority) and what was real (ie, the backdrop and scenario) and also because I felt the white protag was using the black characters more to help herself than to help their situation. Which is obvious a very sensitive area, what you can do to help, what a single female individual could really do. What they were doing was presented as being so dangerously transgressive anyway. I can't really tell whether I'm frustrated that the film didn't go further as an artistic complaint, or whether what I'm really expressing here is a general frustration with the speed of civil rights progress. IDK.

But, as a film, it was well made, great acting. Apart from the primary story of the black/white racism and segregation, there was also quite a lot of male/female and middle class/working class barriers to examine, though again it was a little artificial and neat I suppose. It was also funnier than I had expected in parts. And, haha, at the beginning some of the Southern US accents were a little tricky to understand until you'd eased into it a bit. I mainly went for Emma Stone though, and on that front, I certainly wasn't disappointed. ILU Emma Stone.  
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 Ryan Gosling is insanely hot.

I went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love and among other things I left with a lot of appreciation for him. Jesus CHRIST there should be some kind of warning.

Also, everybody should see this film. It has Emma Stone being awesome. I don't actually care if she's a natural blonde I think she looks amazing as a redhead. It has Julianne Moore being beautiful and delicate and subtle. It has Steve Carell being heartbreaking and also Steve Carell being hilarious. Oh yeah and. It has Ryan Gosling being gorgeous and lovely and touching and beautiful and charming and just so so attractive. 

It is a film that I found at times to be poignant, sexy, romantic, adorable, heartbreaking and hysterical. It has a male makeover scene. Go see it. 


Does anyone have an opinion on tablet computers? I don't know whether to ask for one for my birthday. I can't really tell whether they are awesome or a waste of time. I'm vaguely consider 7" models. I don't know.


Glee has started again. I'm cautiously optimistic, because while this weeks seems to have been a bad episode, ie problematic and kinda stupid, but frankly much better than other bad episodes of Glee. Does that make sense? I'm hoping the general standard has risen. For example, Mercedes has got a plotline! It's not exactly stellar. But I'm still happy she's got one. Mike Chang had lines! And he and Tina are still dating. And the endless glee spoilers over at Tumblr have suggested some interesting things to come. So. Yeah. Here's hoping.

I'm tired

Aug. 31st, 2011 09:37 pm
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 but I refuse to sleep before 10pm, that seems vaguely pathetic.

I have a bit of a day tomorrow, might need some hugs to get through it. And joy of joys, 7 hours of being on a coach. Without wifi. Awesome. I think I'm going to reread The Magicians, since it's sequel should be waiting for me when I get home. Which I won't be allowing myself to read until I'm in Greece, but is still massively exciting. Yay it's finally on it's way! Bit concerned one book still hasn't got here. It was dispatched from somewhere else in the UK last week. I really want it to get here before I go away, I've wanted to read it since Hay Festival.

Today I went to see The Inbetweeners Movie, which I found very funny indeed. I suppose that probably says more about me and my sense of humour than the movie itself, but yeah, I liked the show and I liked the movie, and I dunno why anyone that liked the show wouldn't like the movie, so yeah. There's more nudity I suppose. I'm glad they didn't leave it how series 3 ended though. Aw, boys. Twats, and yet, sweethearts.

Oh and, going to see Jay Brannan again in October! Yay! 

Really in the mood to go on holiday now. Craving sun and salad and cats and house. Last year feels like a long time ago.
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 OK, well, if you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that today I received and read The Demon's Surrender!


No spoilers here - long spoilery post sometime soon probably. But for now, just - YAY! I am happy to have it, and happy with what it contains :D


Other posts I keep meaning to write include
- I went to Hay festival (it was lovely)
- I made this playlist fanmix thing (it is very long)
- I saw X-Men First Class (and have all these feeeeelings)
- Doctor Who was pretty damn good. Oh Moff, such a genius writer.

Oh yeah and.

Totally going to see Darren Criss! \o/
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 My dad is coming home. Within the next half hour I expect. 

I think it's been an ok month. I haven't starved to death! Or completely run out of money. #winning I wrote a bit, though not a huge amount. I saw friends a good few times. I drank a lot of coffee. I've been mainly happy.
In many ways, I do like having space to myself - as much as I usually attempt to avoid any form of chores or work :P I actually find doing them soothing and satisfying. 
But I have been a little lonely at points. It'll be nice to have someone else around again.
I went to see Thor, which turned out to be pretty great - very fun, and with surprisingly good acting, lol. It left me with a slightly awkward, almost unacceptable, crush though. Oops. It was lovely to see malanachronism again though :)


I want to make a SCREAM DOCTOR WHO SCREAM post, because, um, SCREAM. You guys, since Saturday I have rewatched The Impossible Astronaut so. many. times.
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 It is so wonderfully sunny at the moment! Monday and Tuesday were a bit grey and damp here, while some parts of the country had proper gales. But Wednesday, and yesterday, and now today are just beautiful - sunny and warm and gorgeous. Wondering where my sunglasses are!

The niceness of outside meant there was is fact to emerge, blinking, into while LJ fought off those bloody DDoS attacks. So annoying. 

I managed a tiny bit of writing while in the park the other day, and by tiny I mean tiny. I think I use a different gear when I write by hand and when I write by typing - do other people find that? And I get trapped in the ridic situation that I don't want to write by hand without checking the typed and saved plan, but I don't want to write by typing until I've copied up some of the bits and bobs in various notebooks. And then nothing gets done. Silly me. I hope when I'm in Devon in a couple of weeks, where the internet is intermittent, I will make some proper progress again.
This week I bought tickets for Hay Festival. I hate camping, but Hay is so awesome, so it will just have to be done. Hay is supposedly a literary festival, but to me it seems more like an interesting-people-discussing-interesting-things festival. OK, so I guess most of them have written books. Whatever, it's awesome. Simultaneously there is a second (smaller I believe) philosophy festival (read: modern thought thinking, not like classical philosophy) which I also wanna go to some of the things happening. So many things. I went to Hay two years ago, but this will be the first year I've gone without a parent and to camp! Exciting! 4492 is going and we shall share a tent and good times :)

I went to see Source Code. I thought it was good, very enjoyable, and better than I was really expecting it to be.
Otherwise though, yeah, I really enjoyed it. And I enjoyed particularly that it didn't seem to be up itself, didn't pretend it was hugely intellectual or something. It was fun, and very good at being what it was. And Jake Gyllenhaal was great - he carried the movie really, in a good way, and I dunno, I've never really appreciated him as much as other people before (except when he was on Jonathan Ross, gave a hilarious interview including the destruction on an iPad. Lulz) but I was really getting it in this film. The cuteness. The action guy. The crazy eyes. The face crumple. I loved it all.
There were also some cool trailers before hand. Man, I love trailers. I even felt thrilled watching the one for X Men: First Class, even after the last X Men film let me down so incredibly (and lets not say anything about the god awful Wolverine.) Hope over experience and all that.
School friends are coming back for Easter holiday now. = pub times. Lovely.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY FYNN!!! I hope you have a brilliant day, and enjoy this milestone birthday and the freedoms it brings you particularly. The first day of the rest of your life and all that jazz.

Also today, I found out that REZA ASLAN IS GOING TO BE AT HAY ON WYE FESTIVAL!!!! Not on the day I'll be there though, but still. There were about 5 minutes I considered trying to work it, but no. I was so delighted though.

I need to dress up 5 times next week, to fit the themes Cowboys and Indians, Superheroes, Social Stereotypes, School Uniform and Hogwarts. I'm going to be a cowgirl and a goth, because they are easy, and for school uniform, I'll probably try your basic tight white shirt, short pleated skirt, white knee socks maybe. But the others? Confusion, and bafflement. I was toying with the idea of Silk Spectre 2 for the superhero, but I'm not sure and it might be a bit tricky/unknown/too slutty. Any suggestions?

Is it weird that I hate the Da Vinci code SO SO MUCH but think the trailers for Angels&Demons actually look quite good? I'm so ashamed...
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or did I really just see Wolverine and it was a bizarre crazy fun but totally ridiculous film that was incredibly frustrating and annoying?

This is my attempt to express what happened, that I can remember, though I think I missed some bits and some of it might be in th wrong order. But whatever, I have to get all this stuff out. Just, can be summarised WHAT. WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?

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SUPPOSEDLY if you've seen over 85 films, you have no life. Mark the ones you've seen. There are 239 films on this list. Copy this list, post to your LJ and paste this as a note. Then, put x's next to the films you've seen, add them up, and use your number as the header.

Film meme )

Well, folks, there you have it. While I have seen more than just these films, probably more than 21 more, for the purposes of this meme I now officially must have a life, in ome form or other.

Iron man

May. 9th, 2008 10:38 pm
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Just saw Iron Man.

Freaking amazing.

So much love. 


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