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I got up at 5ish to do my drama notes this morning, but may have being reading fic instead until 6.15.. I signed up to the first annual torchwood and doctor who ficathon and its my first fic exchange. I was thnking a lot about whether to sign up for the riddle fest [or whatever its called, can't really remember...] but I have SO MANY riddle and voldemort fics started already that remain, unfinished [but not unloved] on my hardrive, and I honestly don't think it would do me any good to start another, especially with a deadline. But I do so love Captain Jack, and the more fic there is out there the better. So I am making a resolution right now- that I will not only complete my gift but that I will put a proper amount of thought and effort into it so that I don't let anyone down... Obviously I have exams at the moment, but this ficathon ends on [or begins on...] the 11th of March, so before my revision gets going properly. 

I did make some Drama notes, although nowhere near two sides of A4- less than one, and they only took me 30mins or so.

My english exam was ok, but the essay question I did was a bit weird [extract again] and I'm not sure I answered the question. The second one, Analyse, Comment, Review was really weird and personal which weirded me out, all about what you think the most important things you've ever learnt were and whether they were inside or outside school. I'm not sure mt Persuade one was any good,because I think it was more Explain.... oh well....

I think Drama went ok- having notes not only helped but really calmed me down. I wrote a little more than three sides and I think it was quite good. Again, I'm not sure I actually answered the question properly.

Maths 2 was utterly rubbish. I went through the paper once in 40 mins, and then went back and spent over an hour on ones that I didn't know. Unsurprisingly, most of the ones I could do the first time round I also couldn't do the second, third, fourth, ith or sixth times I looked at them, even if I stared really hard for quite a  long time.

I should really do some Hinduism revision now. I really should...


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