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 I met antistar_e on Saturday! She was, of course, utterly lovely :D I was a tiny bit worried to start with, because neither of us knew what each other looked like which makes picking someone out at a train station a touch daunting - after surreptitiously glancing at a few people, she approached me - of course she was the first person I had considered! We spent the day casually, just walking around town and talking with occasional breaks for cake and alcohol. It was nice :)


This low level but relentless stress is difficult to deal with. I feel like I hardly have any space or time for myself, which makes me tired and grumpy and aggressive. I also have a particular nagging irritation that comes from not writing when I really want to. I need to write. But for that I need time and space and to be basically happy, at least a bit. I can't function long term like this. Every time I can get a couple of hours to myself its feels like a victory I need to guard jealously. But I won't be able to feel like a proper person again until I can breathe, until I can have a few days to myself. 


Still loving the Olympics. It's so inspiring, even events I had no idea about before. People giving their everything to really try to be the best at something, to better their own best. It's brilliant. And yes, it helps that Team GB is doing quite well :D The BBC coverage is seriously brilliant though, I hope they keep the internet streams up after it is all finished so I can watch more things I haven't had time to catch up on yet! 


I finally listened to One Direction's album, which I downloaded ages ago but then was too ashamed to actually listen to. It's OK, probably B+ IMO, better than I was expecting. My favourite songs are Tell Me A Lie, Taken, I Want and Na Na Na I think. Mostly I can only hear three sounds though; I hear a) Harry Styles' voice b) a voice which isn't Harry Styles' which I am guessing is Liam's, but who knows tbh, it could be more than one of the others, allI know is that it isn't Harry and c) general One Direction chorus. So most of the time my brain goes "Harry! Not Harry! Oh there's Harry again!" It's cool though.
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 My dad is coming home. Within the next half hour I expect. 

I think it's been an ok month. I haven't starved to death! Or completely run out of money. #winning I wrote a bit, though not a huge amount. I saw friends a good few times. I drank a lot of coffee. I've been mainly happy.
In many ways, I do like having space to myself - as much as I usually attempt to avoid any form of chores or work :P I actually find doing them soothing and satisfying. 
But I have been a little lonely at points. It'll be nice to have someone else around again.
I went to see Thor, which turned out to be pretty great - very fun, and with surprisingly good acting, lol. It left me with a slightly awkward, almost unacceptable, crush though. Oops. It was lovely to see malanachronism again though :)


I want to make a SCREAM DOCTOR WHO SCREAM post, because, um, SCREAM. You guys, since Saturday I have rewatched The Impossible Astronaut so. many. times.


May. 10th, 2011 08:03 pm
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 I am currently voting my face off for Andrew Garfield to win Best Breakout Star at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. He and/or Jesse and/or Justin and/or The Social Network are also nominated for other things - Best Male Performance, Best Line x 2, Best Movie, but I think Best Breakout Star would be the best to focus on because a) R-Patz isn't an option, so he might have a chance of winning, but mainly because b) the award is being presented by Jesse Eisenberg. So really, Andrew is supposed to win. Jesse giving Andrew an award would be all sorts of adorable. If Jesse stands up and gives that award to someone else while Andrew is sitting in the audience looking sad... well, that would be heartbreaking. Hence, voting my face off. Join me in this endeavour!


Today I had lunch with my mum and an old family friend at her nursing home. I'd never been to a nursing home before ) That part was of the day was lovely :)


Eurovision is the definition of ridiculous. That is all. 
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 All the presents bought, all the wrapping done.

All the doors on my advent calender have been opened.

Going to London to see my family now :) I hope there will be plenty of internet there, but just in case there isn't:


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My cousin just had her baby!

It's a boy, 4lbs and pretty early so in special care, but yay!

There's a new member of my family!


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