Jun. 24th, 2009 09:48 am
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I am so completely finished with all my exams. No more qualifying. Done.

Afterward, I went to a cafe and then a BBQ with my RS teacher and RS class, which was really fun; the weather is excellent, warm and sunny, and the food and banter were both good. It was at B's house, which is nice - she has a swimming pool shaped like a coffin, and M brought a portable BBQ and there was so much food, M's dad was cooking and I swear there was like an infinite number of chicken legs. There was a strange moment when three people jumped up and drove away in search of ketchup and didn't come back for about half an hour.

Today... jus' chillin'.

Gonna start packing for going to France on Friday. Whhheeeeeeeee! I can't believe its just two days away! I and four friends are going to Brittany for a week, its my first just-friends-no-parents holiday!!! I should try to remember some French but, meh.

Later today, cocktails. And tomorrow also, pubbage. Good times.

And, I'm going to ease back into fandom things and writing and writing fic, parrticularly for TDL because I have so many ideas and I've just been trying to wait until after my exams. Which is now!
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Tomorrow is my last day of school.

It's weird, because for so long, basically since mocks, I've been read to leave school. I've felt constricted, like I'm wasting time, like I'm stagnating. Particularly after spending so much time looking at unis, I've been ready to move on. But, it's turning out now that while I'm ready to have left school, I'm not sure I'm read to actually leave school. And I don't know how I feel about just the idea of not seeing some of my classmates again. I'm sure I'll keep in touch with my friends, but some of these people, acquaintances but not really close friends, perhaps I'll see them in five years at the reunion but -- five years? That's much longer than a summer.

Today I had my last English lesson EVER. That's weird. And then went to tea with my English teachers and fellow students.

So, tomorrow is my last day, my muck up day-- I'm going to OHgwartS dressed as a leprecaun-- but it's also my first exam, resitting two Politics AS papers. Argh. In the morning, 9 til 11. I can't go down at least, but I've been revising and revising these last couple of days.

What else has happened recently? Barrowman confirmed in La Cage this autumn. I wasn't sure, but might go if C and I can find a Saturda we can go together. I agree with her that I think its likely he might only be at the Hub 3 on the Sunday now. Neither of us is going, but if he does, and the don't announce anothe headliner, some fans might be a little bit pissed. Anyone on my flist going?

Got my Ball tickets today. Slightly smug to get two tickets, to have a date. But, I am yet to get my dress, so mustn't get complacent.

I can hardly believe the were talking about British politics on the Daily Show -- I was so shocked, and laughed so so much. Especially when Jon didn't think people seemed very angry - I was actually talking to "Jon" ie my TV, saying "Silly, we don't editorialise on TV." I think US news, and politics, would be very diferent if the didn't either. Props to the guy with the moat, btw. That's style.

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or revising, if I have to be awake. But NOOOOO. Because I utterly fail at revision. But, I totally win at pancakes, so there. There is balance in the world.

I'm in the middle of my mock exams. Yesterday I had two RS papers. Tomorrow I have one scary giant three hour paper. Thursday two English papers, Friday three politics papers, followed by muchos alcohol. [Which, if you were wondering, does NOT improve revision and therefore should be consumed AFTER exams and not on Monday afternoons when one is supposed to be rereading Paradise Lost.] Today was my only entirely free day. I told myself I would do LOADS of Politics revision [MASSIVE SUBJECT] with a bit of Hamlet thrown in to spice it up.

Did. Not. Happen.

Revised about half a unit of Politics [EU- eurgh, more like], didn't touch Hamlet.

Instead, surfed around tinternet, reread an actual book or too, watched four most recent episodes of Heroes, improvised and made beautiful, excellent pancakes, watched Juno.

BTW, new Heroes episodes, besides not really having anything to do with "Villians" volume seem much much better- THANK GOD. I really lost all faith and hope there along the way, but the pacing is better, the actions of the characters fairly reasonable etc. It's really rather looking up, which is terrific. Am soooo shipping Sylar/Luke btw, now that I have actually discovered who Luke is, and also totally rediscovering Nathan/Peter hoyay. So, if this is the good that comes out of Pushing Daisies being cancelled, then thank you crazy people that keep cancelling popular shows.

Randomly, two friends both proclaiming how much they loved Lily Allen's new album simultaneously through the medium of Facebook. I feel strangely possessive of this album; where were they last week when I was all excited and squeeing and nobody cared, hmm? Pssh. [NB; am not actually possessive of album. Share the love!]

Adore the Merlin/Arthur fanvids of Solanyxe, especially "Popular" and "La La". Playing them often- they are seriously good, not only for the slashy goodness [and oh! what hot, gorgeous, slashy goodness exists therein!] but the editing and clip selection is very very good.

Finally, am very glad that Kai Owen is now going to be at the Hub after worries that he had to cancel, now he's back on board. :D Gah, two and a half weeks away!


Jun. 4th, 2008 01:30 pm
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Jun. 2nd, 2008 04:06 pm
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Revision-- serious, hard, several hours worth of revision-- is hard and tiring. Which is why I'm online instead right now.

My last two exams are tomorrow afternoon [RS] and Wednesday morning [Chemistry]. It's about this time that I start going "Argh! Need to revise, need to revise!" Weirdly, I have taken to pestering people with random and irrelevant RS facts, but I guess it makes me feel a bit better at least. Also, am trying to mildly plan some kind of trip to London as an end of exams fun day out thing, so that's good for changing the focus of my mind.

Anyway, my hour long break is nearly over, so I guess that I better get back to it. God. Seriously need some kind of snack. Chocolate...
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I think m face is a tin bit sun burnt, but I had fun yesterday on the punt. Later today I have my first written exam, Critical Thinking. I hope it's ok.
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So... after 11 years, my stint in compulsory education is now officially over, and I'm on study leave now after finishing the "term" [other years break up on July 14th or something similar]. I have never been more glad that I gave up Latin as my friends have their first exam this morning. I'm not going to just do nothing all day though- I'm starting revision or Eng Lit at 9.


May. 13th, 2007 01:29 pm
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I feel quite satisfied because I have now got all the key dates of my entire History course on coloured index cards. Next I'll be sorting everytihng down to one side of A4. Gah. I went through my worryingly slim Geography file and figured out all the exams and case studies that I'm missing/in need of, so that was ood, and then did some Maths.
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I got up at 5ish to do my drama notes this morning, but may have being reading fic instead until 6.15.. I signed up to the first annual torchwood and doctor who ficathon and its my first fic exchange. I was thnking a lot about whether to sign up for the riddle fest [or whatever its called, can't really remember...] but I have SO MANY riddle and voldemort fics started already that remain, unfinished [but not unloved] on my hardrive, and I honestly don't think it would do me any good to start another, especially with a deadline. But I do so love Captain Jack, and the more fic there is out there the better. So I am making a resolution right now- that I will not only complete my gift but that I will put a proper amount of thought and effort into it so that I don't let anyone down... Obviously I have exams at the moment, but this ficathon ends on [or begins on...] the 11th of March, so before my revision gets going properly. 

I did make some Drama notes, although nowhere near two sides of A4- less than one, and they only took me 30mins or so.

My english exam was ok, but the essay question I did was a bit weird [extract again] and I'm not sure I answered the question. The second one, Analyse, Comment, Review was really weird and personal which weirded me out, all about what you think the most important things you've ever learnt were and whether they were inside or outside school. I'm not sure mt Persuade one was any good,because I think it was more Explain.... oh well....

I think Drama went ok- having notes not only helped but really calmed me down. I wrote a little more than three sides and I think it was quite good. Again, I'm not sure I actually answered the question properly.

Maths 2 was utterly rubbish. I went through the paper once in 40 mins, and then went back and spent over an hour on ones that I didn't know. Unsurprisingly, most of the ones I could do the first time round I also couldn't do the second, third, fourth, ith or sixth times I looked at them, even if I stared really hard for quite a  long time.

I should really do some Hinduism revision now. I really should...

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Yes, indeed it does.

The Exams )

Brain dead

Jan. 15th, 2007 04:51 pm
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Mock exams

Jan. 9th, 2007 04:09 pm
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Oh how I hate exams. 


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