May. 14th, 2011 11:48 pm
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 Listening to the guy that should have won Eurovision - Eric Saade, from Sweden. Love this song. Stupid Azerbaijan, not even in Europe *grumbles* Blue did well enough, and not embarrassingly well which I think would have actually been than them doing embarrassingly badly, so I guess that's nice for them. And Jedward! Sweet, adorable Jedward! Came 8th I think, which is great. God knows where those two will go from here though - Eurovision really seems like their natural environment. 

Still a crime that Bulgaria didn't get to the final. Their song is great.


Due to someone not being able to come, I now find myself with a spare ticket to see David Tennant and Catherine Tate perform Much Ado About Nothing in London on Monday night. It's opening night, stalls, ~£60ish. Comment or PM to let me know if you want it!


Oh yeah and. DOCTOR WHO WAS BRILLIANT.  Expect I'll post about it properly tomorrow. But yeah. So. Much. Love.


May. 10th, 2011 08:03 pm
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 I am currently voting my face off for Andrew Garfield to win Best Breakout Star at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. He and/or Jesse and/or Justin and/or The Social Network are also nominated for other things - Best Male Performance, Best Line x 2, Best Movie, but I think Best Breakout Star would be the best to focus on because a) R-Patz isn't an option, so he might have a chance of winning, but mainly because b) the award is being presented by Jesse Eisenberg. So really, Andrew is supposed to win. Jesse giving Andrew an award would be all sorts of adorable. If Jesse stands up and gives that award to someone else while Andrew is sitting in the audience looking sad... well, that would be heartbreaking. Hence, voting my face off. Join me in this endeavour!


Today I had lunch with my mum and an old family friend at her nursing home. I'd never been to a nursing home before ) That part was of the day was lovely :)


Eurovision is the definition of ridiculous. That is all. 

In brief

May. 30th, 2010 12:05 pm
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+ The Demon's Covenant is so so good. I cannot stress this enough.

+ I am working my way through reading the entire chat transcript, with vague ~ideas about shipping charts and ficlets. I love this fandom guys.

+ The Eurovision song contest is bizarre, but somehow it has wormed its ridiculous self into my heart.

+ I am sad about David Laws, but yesterday I realised I do not want to fall wailing into Chris Crocker territory, so I am endeavouring to take a step back.

+ I want to to write! SO. Many. Things. This is my general reaction to freedom and sunshine = creativity. Possibly not as useful as actual photosynthesis, but more fun.

+ I need a Ball dress. A simultaneously scary and exciting prospect.
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The Eurovision Song Contest.

[To non Europeans, Eurovision is technically a singing contest, but really its a chance for hundreds of millions of Europeans to humiliate themselves, present a crazed caricature of themselves and their music taste to the rest of us, put themselves forward for scorn, and then vote politically to give Western Europe a good kicking. You can't vote for yourself, but usually everyone votes in blocs, and its one of the rare occasions Moldova's opinion matters as much as France's.

Here in the UK, and in my household, it is generally considered so awful it must be watched, like a car cash that goes on way too long at the end, as not only the 25 countries in the final vote but all the countries that didn't get through also. Also, please note that Eurovision isn't like, just Western Europe, or just EU countries. It's all of them (except, I don't know, maybe Belarus wouldn't, I dunno) and several countries that aren't really in Europe at all. I mean, Turkey and Russia, ok a bit of them is in Europe, but Israel?! Not. Even. A. Little. This is just one of many examples of the weirdness of Eurovision. ]

Anyway, this year I missed most of it [because I was at a John Barrowman concert instead - somehow that seems kinda ironic] but I got home in time to catch the end of the voting, and find out that the favourites, Norway, won, AND the UK came fifth. Which might not sound great, but REALLY REALLY IS. We usually come last or very low down in recent years. And, since the real aim is not to actually win Eurovision [because then you would have to host it the next year] but to do well enough that you feel confident talking about how awful the rest of the acts were, we totally achieved that.

This morning I listened back to all the performances, though not of the voting, and not the video because my computer kept going too slowly to watch it properly, so I also went back and read tweets about it from Wossy [Jonathan Ross], jamesmoran [a Doctor Who writer and funny person] and MissCay [who I believe is a journalist of some description] I have interspersed some funny tweets with my verdicts on the performances, and also a couple of quotes from the UK commentary, this year by Graham Norton since Terry Wogan resigned last year over the scandalous political and bloc voting, so its kinda like in fashion magazines where a panel bitch about what a celeb is wearing.

Eurovision 2009

"We don't see enough women on unicycles - certainly not on prime time television."

Opening act sounds scary, circus and child catcher, possibly gothic, hate her voice (more) when it gets high/loud
Dima Belan, last years winner, runs through walls. Crowds roars, drowning out his boy band voice, song bareable

jamesmoran It's started! And already it's utter nonsense. Oh fuck there's a weird babyadult in balloons.
jamesmoran Dear Americans: you are SO, SO lucky you can't see the Eurovision. And yet, at the same time, unlucky.

Oh yes, there's MORE )

In conclusion:

well done boy wonder from Norway. Well done Jade and ALW. Well done Graham. Well done all of us for sitting through it all !


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