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 I'm sick.

(Apologies to people on twitter, where I have talked about this at length already.)

I believe I have acute laryngitis - my voicebox is swollen and tender and doing anything to do with my throat, breathing, coughing, swallowing, talking or making any sound, laughing - hurts so so much. 

I'm usually very healthy, lucky me! And so I have no experience of being in this kind of sharp, prolonged pain before, which punishes me for reactions I struggle to control. Normally the only sick I get are heavy colds that I can sleep off, but even sleep my dear friend is difficult at the moment; it's difficult to get to sleep, and when I do I can manage little more than an hour before I wake up in agony, having swallowed harshly and panicked that I can't breathe properly. 



Before I got sick though, I had a lovely Christmas! Still not 100% well actually, but these things happen, and by about 5pm when we do presents I was feeling better than I had for days. Among the bits and pieces I got lots of books! :D Yay! I think I'm properly set for original fiction to read until about Easter now. I haven't actually started reading them yet - despite predicting I would fall on Storm of Swords part 2 like a starving tiger - I just keep looking at the and beaming and patting them.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special... wasn't all that, but it had its moments, and I did really like the final scene d'awww.

Other people talking about Steven Moffat's issues with gender and women enough so I'm not going to talk about that, but I think the real problem is that he is repeating tropes more and more blatantly. IDK maybe he'd say they were themes, but they're getting a bit tired. The real problem with Moffat as showrunner is that he has no Moffat figure himself - when RTD was showrunner, Steven Moffat episodes were rare, distinctive and brilliant. And now we're seeing that diluted and stretched, and there's no particular secondary writer IMO that we can look to and shelter in their episodes when the show runner gets a bit overbearing. And that hurts the whole show. Don't get me wrong, I love Eleven and Doctor Who, and I think Moffat is certainly very talented, but to me that's one of the places Doctor Who has lost out on recently.

Or perhaps, all the good stuff is being channeled into Sherlock. I am so excited that it's finally coming back - in just three days! Popping my head around the door of the fandom again to get back in the mood. So to speak XD

THE DOWNTON ABBEY CHRISTMAS SPECIAL WAS FREAKING AWESOME OH MY GOD!!! Screaming my face off is adoration and excitement. 

Meme time

Nov. 12th, 2011 09:11 pm
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 Because I'm still procrastinating, clearly.


Reply with "and while we're at it, SANDIES ISN'T A NUDE BEACH EITHER" and I'll give you four fandoms.
Write about your favourite character from each fandom.

Merlin, The Social Network, The Demon's Lexicon and Doctor Who )


Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back to me). Other people (including me) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

mizzy2k gave me

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~ Let's Kill Hitler finally went out (longest 12 days ever?!) so I can actually talk about it now without fear I'll accidentally say something spoilery. WHAT DID YOU GUYS THINK?? As I said before, my actual favourite moments were a) flashback Amy/Rory, the terror in Rory's eyes, oh bless, that is a feeling I know very well and b) the Doctor's talking to the voice interface inside the TARDIS, both how he reacts to images of Rose and Donna and particularly lovely, wonderful and much maligned Martha, and the hologram of Amelia insisting he will be dead in 32 minutes. Plus, I am really loving the evolution of Rory, the badassery not removing the adorableness. Actually, I am shipping Amy/Rory way harder than ever before now - the way they said "I love you" when they thought they would die awwwwwwww AMAZING.

I wonder if/when the BFI will post the Q&A session.

~ I GOT MY POTTERMORE EMAIL. It is cool in there you guys. I am in absolutely no rush to get through it or anything, so I have mainly been hanging out making potions thus far and adoring the extra bits of insight and backstory that I've got to so far. I was so freaking relieved to be sorted into Slytherin you have no idea - I worried at one point that I might come across as a Ravenclaw (uh, no offence Ravenclaws) and was like, if I don't get into Slytherin I shall cry all the tears. But I did. THANK YOU POTTERMORE.

~ I drank lots of cocktails with various people. That was nice :)

~ I fell into really liking My Chemical Romance. There I was, watching their set at Reading and appreciating Gerard's red hair, which is either pretty much or exactly the same bright red as Benjamin Cook's btw, getting Play to telling me who these people are (despite me actually having read fic featuring them in the past) and then IDEK I noticed that Mikey Way is very hot and now I am listening to albums and reading fic and looking for interviews? It's pretty fun :D

~ Most of the books I am taking on holiday turned up. (Did I mention I am about to go on holiday?) I am just about managing not to read them yet, but I have not managed to resist opening the packaging and stroking them a little bit. Still waiting on two.

~ A VERY POTTER THREEQUEL IS CONFIRMED AND HAPPENING with Darren onboard and everything!!! YOU GUYS, WE'RE GOING BACK. This is totally why he said he was growing his hair out again. I am very happy and excited.

How is everyone? 
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Oops, haven’t updated for a little while. I went to Devon, and it was lovely, and I read a book that made me think many thoughts, so I might post about that at some point. And then I came back and some stuff I don’t think I’ll talk about happened. But. Then. Last Monday I had a very excellent day in London with laliandra, hanelissar, pigrescuer and playwithfyr, which included us going to the premiere screening of the next episode of Doctor Who, Let’s Kill Hitler, so that was BRILLIANT.


Such a good day! No spoilers for LKH. )


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to get all excited and :D :D :D over.

aka I have calmed down enough over Doctor Who to write about it, still before I get joss'd to hell this weekend :P and also, just FINALLY caught up with season 2 of White Collar in time for season 3 to start... um, soon? I think? Who knows. Soon.

If you don't watch White Collar - well, why not? You are missing out. A lot. It's a really charming show. It has Matt Bomer's implausibly beautiful face. Conmen and FBI agents! Playful banter and fighting crime and suits and handcuffs oh my. Go watch it, it is lovely.

The other reason I am currently a very happy flaily fangirl is, of course Doctor Who.


God, I  just typed a massive great thing about Doctor Who and Dreamwidth ate it. I'll rewrite it in a bit I  guess. But I  am annoyed at you, Dreamwidth >:o

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 My dad is coming home. Within the next half hour I expect. 

I think it's been an ok month. I haven't starved to death! Or completely run out of money. #winning I wrote a bit, though not a huge amount. I saw friends a good few times. I drank a lot of coffee. I've been mainly happy.
In many ways, I do like having space to myself - as much as I usually attempt to avoid any form of chores or work :P I actually find doing them soothing and satisfying. 
But I have been a little lonely at points. It'll be nice to have someone else around again.
I went to see Thor, which turned out to be pretty great - very fun, and with surprisingly good acting, lol. It left me with a slightly awkward, almost unacceptable, crush though. Oops. It was lovely to see malanachronism again though :)


I want to make a SCREAM DOCTOR WHO SCREAM post, because, um, SCREAM. You guys, since Saturday I have rewatched The Impossible Astronaut so. many. times.
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 The week has been a bit ...meh. It kinda got away from me? I don't have anything much to show for it. Oops.

I am officially over this "having the house to myself" lark. I miss human interaction. And having a parental unit cook and stuff. I fail at looking after myself. But, moving on. Drawing a line under that. Soon, the house will be shared with another humanoid again, and then it's going to be crazy just go go go for a month or so, what with Hay and France bookending interning (did I mention I'm going back to intern some more? I am) so if I had any sense or motivation, I'd be spending as much time as I can appreciating that my tutees have now in fact reached their exams, so that work has come to a close, and I have literally no reason to not be writing writing writing at the moment.

Yeah... as if that is happening. 


My current obsession with TSN fandom continues apace. Also, seriously in love with Jesse Eisenberg right now. Like, a lot. A LOT. I understand that I was previously focussing on Andrew Garfield intellectually, and that initially I appreciated Jesse and thought he was cool but not the main event, but that seems LIKE UTTER MADNESS NOW. Don't get me wrong. I still love Andrew Garfield, borderline hipster, friend of Matt Smith afpihjgiusfv possesser of a very beautiful face and soul and oh so much talent and everything etc etc. But seriously people. JESSE EISENBERG. GAH. He is just utterly exquisite. Like an extremely beautiful masterpiece of dorky, nervous art. So yeah. LOVE.

I'm still technically writing TSN fic, but I got a bit back into the original stuff again, so realistically I'm not gonna produce until summer I expect. *shrugs* 
I also made this ridiculous long Mark and Eduardo ...playlist? Fanmix? I've loved many many pairings, but none have ever forcibly applied themselves to so many songs in my brain. I don't really know what to do with it. Other than listen and think, god boys, why so tragic and fucked up. 


Hey, so, what about that Doctor Who, huh? THIS SERIES IS AWESOME OK. Even the weak pirates episode was fun. Rory is getting so cool and cute and character development-y this year! The first two eps were just EXCELLENT and made me properly feel for River Song for the first time. The Doctor's Wife was lovely, just made my heart explode with EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE at the cute and the love. And last weeks, the Rebel Flesh, was great, because you could really feel the pain and confusion.
Basically, best series evah, y/mfy?!
Other TV stuff: Glee ended. I basically liked the ep, it was cheerful and neat and cute, and overall, I basically liked this season. Klaine! Kurtofsky! Brittana! Very much looking forward to the Glee tour in, like, a month. Just four and a half weeks away! :D
Also, slowly but surely catching up with White Collar. God I love this show. Neal of the inhumanly beautiful face, I love you. And the awesome ladies are here in force, despite (and not at all detracting from) the male-male relationship that is the focal point of the show. Oh show, I love you, I do.
If anyone would like a Dreamwidth invite code, holla, I just got a bunch :)


May. 14th, 2011 11:48 pm
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 Listening to the guy that should have won Eurovision - Eric Saade, from Sweden. Love this song. Stupid Azerbaijan, not even in Europe *grumbles* Blue did well enough, and not embarrassingly well which I think would have actually been than them doing embarrassingly badly, so I guess that's nice for them. And Jedward! Sweet, adorable Jedward! Came 8th I think, which is great. God knows where those two will go from here though - Eurovision really seems like their natural environment. 

Still a crime that Bulgaria didn't get to the final. Their song is great.


Due to someone not being able to come, I now find myself with a spare ticket to see David Tennant and Catherine Tate perform Much Ado About Nothing in London on Monday night. It's opening night, stalls, ~£60ish. Comment or PM to let me know if you want it!


Oh yeah and. DOCTOR WHO WAS BRILLIANT.  Expect I'll post about it properly tomorrow. But yeah. So. Much. Love.

May Day!

May. 1st, 2011 08:34 pm
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 *staggers in*

Happy May Day everyone! 

I had a lovely holiday in Devon - the weather was incredible, so hot and sunny and glorious! There were many picnics and lots of lazing around in the sun on grass or on various beaches, and a fair amount of ice cream and cream teas and books and horse riding and surfing and Easter Eggs thrown in for good measure. Oh, and a Royal Wedding, which was absolutely perfect and wonderful.

Got home yesterday, in time to watch Doctor Who - goodness, I am so freaking happy that Doctor Who is back. My life is better. And it's just brilliant. Yesterday was scary and funny and touching and shocking. Everything it ought to be. Awww, Rory, and also, last night I really got River Song in a way I haven't before. I've never disliked her - and boy, some people apparently really do -  but I think in the past I've seen her more as an interesting puzzle, and now I feel like I've connected to her emotionally. So that's cool.

After Doctor Who, I went straight out to stay overnight with a friend who has a particularly nice room in a very convenient place to get up early from to join in the traditional May Morning celebrations. Here, early in the morning, choristers sing hymns from atop the Great Tower. Then generally some people (try to) jump off the bridge into the river, and more sensible people like me spend an hour watching morris dancing and chatting to random friends you haven't seen for yonks but bump into because the whole town is there.

I was home by 11am, but it felt like I'd had an entire day, and on very little sleep besides - 5 hours without a pillow and with gaps is not good enough, esp not when you've just had the luxury of as much sleep as you want on holiday. And I didn't even nap, I got on with today, and now I'm knackered.


I have two very persistent (and now, well developed/planned) ideas for TSN fics. I haven't written fic in so long, but. Well. I kinda really really want to. So I think I just might. Not sure whether to start with the ridiculous romantic comedy or the absolute angst fest though. Anyone have a preference?
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 So I am now totally and utterly obsessed by TSN fandom, specifically Mark/Eduardo, and have been reading reams and reams of fic with almost an air of determination like I can burn it onto my retinas or something and then I will be happy. The whole fictional characters/rpf/actors rpf/actors shipping their characters thing is slightly mind bending when I stop to think about it, but generally there has been little pause over the last, IDK, week. I don't want to stop, why would I want to stop.

I blame Lal.

It really is Lal's fault, because she linked me to it and then I became addicted, and then like the wonderful enabler she is I went to her house and we watched the movie and she gave me recs and basically she is the best and I am highly indebted to her.

Haven't had a new fandom in a while. It feels good. Really good.

Also, it occurs to me that I spent YEARS reading HP fic and I don't think I ever read one where someone got turned into a plant. Whereas, like, the fifth fic about non-magical geeks in love covers that. And very beautifully. What even.


Oh yeah, so I went to The North )

Anyway, I had a very fun time for which I am very appreciative :D Thanks guys!


My Hay tickets arrived, and so did my Much Ado tickets. Excitement!

Tomorrow I'm going to Devon for two weeks, where internet access can be negotiated but is generally intermittent. Doctor Who will start again! Freaking finally. Also, Easter and the Royal Wedding will happen, fun. Books! Clotted cream! Countryside!
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 I think I may have forgotten how to write. HALP.

Also, I am so ready for Doctor Who to start again. 
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 It's Father's Day, so I should be going to have a picnic or something soonish, so I don't really have time to make the epic post about all the crazy things that have been happening over the last week. I hope I get to it soon though, because I've also been having major computer troubles and am concerned that it might be tricky to be around consistently. Oh well.

Basically, there was a lot of parties and fun times, interspersed with slightly less good times, a bit of misery, disappointment, panic, frustration, flirting and paranoia. And a lot of rushing around, and not at all enough sleep. So, a pretty average week really...

Oh, I should really write something lengthy about Doctor Who. For now I shall say only, last night's was good, I'm pretty happy - keep up the good work Moffat!

ARGH I still haven't written about The Demon's Covenant yet. Well, thats damn cool too, and deserves a proper post about its awesomeness. Which I have no time to write now. My brother is happily reading it next to me at this very moment though, that's kinda cool :) 

Anyway, here is a pleasant, positive meme thing I saw on t'flist:

We as women far too often and far too easily denigrate our own bodies. So for once, why don't we have a little love in? Comment here with wonderful things about your body. Start little and if you have a lot to say fill the comment box with love and joy and celebration.

Then maybe turn around and get your flist to spread the love on your journal. Pass it on. Share your beautiful selves.

Some things I love about my body include:

My eyes – they change colour, but are always awesome.
My legs - are in excellent shape.

My eyebrows – are naturally kinda arched, which rocks.
My skin - is beautiful; I love its natural colour, particularly on my torso.
My hair – is a lovely rich dark brown, with the occasional bronze-y strand, and is finally the perfect length.

Now you guys!

Oh, hey

Jan. 1st, 2010 05:25 pm
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2009 was pretty good to me all things considered. Here's hoping 2010 is even better, for everyone, all my family and friends, and all my friends reading this particularly, as well as myself. I love you guys!

I should really make an epic holidays - Christmas - marmfish meetup - New Year's Eve  - New Year's resolutions - look back at the past decade kinda post, and I will, but I think I'll put it off a bit longer, and instead of doing it now I'm gonna rewatch David Tennant's penultimate episode of Doctor Who, just before his last goes out. End of time, end of an era, and I'm going to miss him, and this. But still, I'm also very excited to move on and forward and part of me is so so excited to see Matt Smith takeover. So.

Here's to new beginnings.

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~ My new debit card FINALLY arrived! I went straight to Amazon and bought a couple of YA fantasy type books to celebrate, and am thinking of enjoying the freedom to get a couple of other things as well maybe. Any recs?

~ Tomorrow I am going to London to see John Barrowman in La Cage Aux Folles. Excited! 

~ The day after is Waters of Mars! EXCITED!!!

~ I watched Glee 1x09 Wheels this morning, and it was definitely the best episode yet. Plus, the last ep of Heroes continued to be decent. Whereas with House, I was left whimpering. Because I loved it that is. Oh Chase.

~ But, hats off to FlashForward, which I swear was just. So. Good. That episode not only effected my emotional balance for the entire day, but looking back now it still is. For something so simple, so obvious, be so devastating and so incredibly uplifting simultaneously, is real beauty right there. Absolutely superb, and I need to tell everyone, EVERYONE should be watching this show. It's not complicated, its just oh so compelling and powerful. And oh my god, I love that so much. It is all I want from a show, and its crafted slowly with love. Also, how many British people are in it? Like, crazy. Dude. WATCH FLASHFORWARD YOU GUYS.

~ I have had another idea for a book. Yes, another one. And yesterday, I hestitantly wrote a page or so of the idea I said I definitely wouldn't be writing until I had either finished a proper draft of Imlie's Garden or gave up on it, so that's... huh. And, I had a horrible moment where I went "oh God, is Shades too much like Merlin?" Because, um, it has a magical boy, and a royal court, and I dunno, now I type that it seems really stupid because actually, unless Merlin develops very strangely they really aren't much alike at all. Beyond both involving a magical boy in a quite undefined fantasy past and a royal court... and ok, the boy has a mentor and there's a king and a princess and her maid as other main characters BUT I PROMISE ACTUALLY THEY AREN'T AT ALL SIMILAR. God. Has anyone else ever had that kinda insecurity, where you, the person writing, or with the idea, know it really isn't like something else, but its hard to get across how they are different when some things are on paper at least seem similar backdrop? The new idea I had a moment ago was the first time I've ever wanted to write about vampires. And yes, a teenage girl. BUT NO, IT ISN'T BLOODY TWILIGHT, geeez.

And now, I must get some dinner.
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They're announcing the casting for the 11th Doctor tomorrow.

Ack, it's way too soon! I know they said they'd announce in the New Year, but day three? Argh. I'd hoped it would be closer to the specials. And, I can't help feeling like they mainly want to announce early to avoid it being leaked. But still. Especially since RTD was so irritated about Eccelsons leaving being leaked... well.

Thoughts on casting for the Doctor )

*crosses fingers* Please don't disappoint me...
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I think I've figured out a little more how I feel.

Cut for spoilery reaction )


Sep. 21st, 2008 04:05 pm
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Meme shamelessly stolen from [ profile] vowel_in_thug 

Pick six TV shows you love before seeing the questions.

  1. Doctor Who
  2. Firefly
  3. Heroes
  4. Merlin
  5. Skins
  6. Life On Mars
Questions and Answers )

Doctor Who

Jul. 5th, 2008 11:25 pm
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I don't hate Russel T Davies, I love him!

I also love John Barowman and I of course ADORE David Tennant!!!


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