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 Dear god, this post got really really long. 
What they did - this section contains SPECIFIC PRODUCTION SPOILERS such as Catherine wore this, David had that prop, so if you don't want to know SPECIFIC PRODUCTION SPOILERS because you're going and you want the surprise, y'know, don't read this section. Also, obviously, there are PLOT SPOILERS, but dude, do I really need to warn for for freaking Much Ado? Anyway, I did, I hope everyone is happy.
So. I really enjoyed the play, loved it even, and would certainly recommend it to everyone. Four stars! Maybe four and a half :P
We went to a pub and I just had this crazy grin on my face. And the world was awesome and perfect and nothing hurt. I was just so seriously thrilled. And I kinda still am tbh.
:D :D :D :D :D :D 


May. 14th, 2011 11:48 pm
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 Listening to the guy that should have won Eurovision - Eric Saade, from Sweden. Love this song. Stupid Azerbaijan, not even in Europe *grumbles* Blue did well enough, and not embarrassingly well which I think would have actually been than them doing embarrassingly badly, so I guess that's nice for them. And Jedward! Sweet, adorable Jedward! Came 8th I think, which is great. God knows where those two will go from here though - Eurovision really seems like their natural environment. 

Still a crime that Bulgaria didn't get to the final. Their song is great.


Due to someone not being able to come, I now find myself with a spare ticket to see David Tennant and Catherine Tate perform Much Ado About Nothing in London on Monday night. It's opening night, stalls, ~£60ish. Comment or PM to let me know if you want it!


Oh yeah and. DOCTOR WHO WAS BRILLIANT.  Expect I'll post about it properly tomorrow. But yeah. So. Much. Love.
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 So I am now totally and utterly obsessed by TSN fandom, specifically Mark/Eduardo, and have been reading reams and reams of fic with almost an air of determination like I can burn it onto my retinas or something and then I will be happy. The whole fictional characters/rpf/actors rpf/actors shipping their characters thing is slightly mind bending when I stop to think about it, but generally there has been little pause over the last, IDK, week. I don't want to stop, why would I want to stop.

I blame Lal.

It really is Lal's fault, because she linked me to it and then I became addicted, and then like the wonderful enabler she is I went to her house and we watched the movie and she gave me recs and basically she is the best and I am highly indebted to her.

Haven't had a new fandom in a while. It feels good. Really good.

Also, it occurs to me that I spent YEARS reading HP fic and I don't think I ever read one where someone got turned into a plant. Whereas, like, the fifth fic about non-magical geeks in love covers that. And very beautifully. What even.


Oh yeah, so I went to The North )

Anyway, I had a very fun time for which I am very appreciative :D Thanks guys!


My Hay tickets arrived, and so did my Much Ado tickets. Excitement!

Tomorrow I'm going to Devon for two weeks, where internet access can be negotiated but is generally intermittent. Doctor Who will start again! Freaking finally. Also, Easter and the Royal Wedding will happen, fun. Books! Clotted cream! Countryside!

Good Times

Jan. 8th, 2011 07:36 pm
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 I have tickets to see David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing! 

On the first night! \o/ 



Now, hmmm, who should I take with me...
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was freaking hysterical.

I was doubling over at points, but without looking away, I was so rapt, and the whole audience was screaming with laughter and clapping. Plus particularly enthusiastic cheers for David Tennant, who was just brilliant. Sexy, as always, but mainly it was great to see him looking so happy and energetic and there and positive. His hair was down and looking a bit blonder than usual, and yeah, he particularly gave off the sense that he was really enjoying himself.

Michael Urie was a riot. Very cool, amazing comic timing and facial expressions. Love him. And, I met him afterwards and he signed a flyer for the show for me! As did James Lance, of Moving Wallpaper and Never Mind the Buzzcocks fame, which was very nice. David didn't come out to sign unfortunately, despite the veritable army hopefully waiting for him. Oh well.

Apparently Kevin Spacey and Justin Timbalake were meant to have been there too, but I didn't see them, so who knows really? They could easily have been one of the many people that looked a bit daunted to walk out through the crowd of patient but steadfast fangirls that would move aside politely but basically didn't care about anyone that was non-David Tennant!

I love London, I being able to just jump on a coach and pop down there for a couple of hours if I want, and this was a great way to spend an evening.
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 So it turns out that looking for work is really dull and boring.

Writing cover letters is cringeworthy at the best of times, but I've done it so many times in the last couple of days that I'm starting to become less phased. Meanwhile, I've pretty much decided my CV is about as streamlined as it is going to get. As much I don't like that as an application process, it's definitely better than application forms, which usually have a very dispiriting ratio of space allocated for experience and qualification. Qualifications, I have, let me show you them! Don't give me three tiny boxes, I can't fit all my GCSEs in there... Clearly, my school lied to me about priorities.

All I really want though is to get one of the cool internships I've applied for. But those are unpaid. *sigh*

And I need monies, because I have none, and I need to finance my ticket habit - I impulse bought a ticket to go see Celebrity Autobiography tonight, in London. I couldn't help myself - it was reduced to £9, and IT HAS DAVID TENNANT AND MICHAEL URIE. I can take it out of the food money (ie, all the money) since I haven't been spending much of it... oops. Must eat more.

So, I am totally excited about that this evening, which will keep me going as I spend today going through applications looking for work and paying off my credit card debt. David Cameron would be pleased I'm sure.

ps. Glee was horrible this week.

Oh, hey

Jan. 1st, 2010 05:25 pm
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2009 was pretty good to me all things considered. Here's hoping 2010 is even better, for everyone, all my family and friends, and all my friends reading this particularly, as well as myself. I love you guys!

I should really make an epic holidays - Christmas - marmfish meetup - New Year's Eve  - New Year's resolutions - look back at the past decade kinda post, and I will, but I think I'll put it off a bit longer, and instead of doing it now I'm gonna rewatch David Tennant's penultimate episode of Doctor Who, just before his last goes out. End of time, end of an era, and I'm going to miss him, and this. But still, I'm also very excited to move on and forward and part of me is so so excited to see Matt Smith takeover. So.

Here's to new beginnings.

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Love's Labour's Lost was HILARIOUS.

David Tennant came out and did the talkback!!!

I can die happy.
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So, I went to see the Bafta premiere screening of Einstein and Eddington on Tuesday.

While this is in no means a recap of the film, this reveiw does contain some general spoilers for Einstein and Eddington, if you can have spoilers for a film about real people and historical events, including some descriptions of a few moments and scenes in the film, so obviously if you don't want to know anything about it then you shouldn't read this. 

Review of 'Einstein and Eddington' including general spoilers )
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I think I've figured out a little more how I feel.

Cut for spoilery reaction )


Sep. 27th, 2008 08:58 am
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Hamlet was AMAZING.


I MET DAVID TENNANT afterwards!!!!
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I don't think I'll be able to write a proper post tonight. I'm sure when I do it wil be long, but I don't think I can right now.

In slightly better news, David Tennant and Catherine Tate are on Jonathan Ross soon. I hope its good, and not too spoilery- I managed to avoid spoilers on Paul O'Grady with strategic muting, but I thought John Barrowman was really very funny and amazingly he wasn't wearing a striped shirt, but a gorgeous purple one. And I like Mariah Carey a bit more now I think.
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That was the most amazingly funny thing. Just awesome. Totally going to watch the repeat- the longer and uncut version....


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