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 Ryan Gosling is insanely hot.

I went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love and among other things I left with a lot of appreciation for him. Jesus CHRIST there should be some kind of warning.

Also, everybody should see this film. It has Emma Stone being awesome. I don't actually care if she's a natural blonde I think she looks amazing as a redhead. It has Julianne Moore being beautiful and delicate and subtle. It has Steve Carell being heartbreaking and also Steve Carell being hilarious. Oh yeah and. It has Ryan Gosling being gorgeous and lovely and touching and beautiful and charming and just so so attractive. 

It is a film that I found at times to be poignant, sexy, romantic, adorable, heartbreaking and hysterical. It has a male makeover scene. Go see it. 


Does anyone have an opinion on tablet computers? I don't know whether to ask for one for my birthday. I can't really tell whether they are awesome or a waste of time. I'm vaguely consider 7" models. I don't know.


Glee has started again. I'm cautiously optimistic, because while this weeks seems to have been a bad episode, ie problematic and kinda stupid, but frankly much better than other bad episodes of Glee. Does that make sense? I'm hoping the general standard has risen. For example, Mercedes has got a plotline! It's not exactly stellar. But I'm still happy she's got one. Mike Chang had lines! And he and Tina are still dating. And the endless glee spoilers over at Tumblr have suggested some interesting things to come. So. Yeah. Here's hoping.


Sep. 6th, 2009 08:23 am
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I just had a major scare, where I think virus fake anti-virus thing installed itself, told me I had loads of crap, tried to force me to give it credit card details, then I couldn't turn it off, I couldn't delete it, it took over the background of my desktop, it was trying to intimidate me... ARGH.

I restored the system and I think its ok now. But I was seriously panicking. My beautiful baby in trouble! It seriously freaked me out.

In other news...

I bought my Hebrew textbook, and have started to learn the alphabet. Alphabets should not be complicated. But this alphabet-- well. There are no vowels. I don't even know how to begin to learn to pronounce a language which HAS NO VOWELS. Perhaps I can think about it like txtspk, maybe that will help. There are three different s s s. And some of the letter look pretty similar. Oh, and I know they have this in Greek as well, but when people do this ' and expect me to know what that sounds like... well, I'm sorry, but I don't.

I mean, I know I'll get it if I just focus and then when I get to Cambridge I'll probably wish to be learning something as ridculously simple. But still. I already know the Greek alphabet. And absolutely everyone else in the appropriate facebook group is taking Greek. And I dunno, I kinda wonder why I picked Hebrew in the first place, am I just making life more difficult for no particular reason? Originally, I had my heart set on learning Arabic and reading the Koran and wouldn't that be awesome? But then I was concerned that Arabic doesn't seem to have any supervisions, plus no Qu'ranic study modules until next year, whereas I am taking both the OT and NT modules available this year. But again, why exactly have I turned away from Greek? I mean, I think I thought Greek was boring. But now, I'm starting to think, well, maybe I'd rather read the NT than the OT anyway. Hebrew??? Sounds really cool, but honestly - why???

*sigh* Maybe all this will come to nothing. Clearly I like double guessing myself.

I got another big pack of stuff from Pembroke, but as of yet nothing fun - it was serious stuff outlining bills and rules and stuff. But at least I now know my room number and my rent etc, so I then spent a while making an accounts spreadsheet trying to figure out budgets and estimate how much I might need for food etc, try to see how much I'll have at the end of the year.

Oh and also, Sarah Rees Brennan wrote another part of her Big Idea stories, which give back story for characters from her debut The Demon's Lexicon. This one is about Marie, Daniel and Olivia, who I particularly adore. Some people in the fandom expressed less than love for Olivia, but to me I find her extraodrinary, amazing; I adore her as a character and kinda would love to have a chat with her as a person. I mean, I have much love for Daniel and Marie as well, of course. I mean, clearly I adore every single character Sarah writes. (OMG I love Seb McFarlane SO MUCH he is utterly wonderful and excellent). I really can't help this. They are so beautiful, and I don't mean physically. Beautiful and rounded and whole. And so I adore them.

Anyway. There are no spoilers for The Demon's Lexicon, and this stands alone. So anyone that has maybe seen me raving about it should read it, get a feel for sarah's writing and beautiful character crafting, and then if they like it they should definitely read The Demon's Lexicon. It is The Arundel Tomb and everyone should read it.

So yes. Everybody read that. Because it rocks, Olivia rocks (Seb McFarlane rocks), Sarah rocks.
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You guys, I totally went to the gym today. FINALLY. And I was awesome. I used the cross ramp, the hand pedals thing, the cycling machine and the treadmill, and also managed 50 sit-ups. I was actively exercising for 2 ½ hours, which for me is really excellent. And it felt great! Now I feel pleasantly tired, and reckon I’ll sleep well later. Am proud of myself :D 

Of course, the first thing that happens when I get home is that I am offered chocolate cake. OM NOM NOM. Sooo not in danger of losing weight.

Progress toward uni: I’ve written to tell Cambridge my individual scores for each paper I took, and today I received my options for papers to take this year and am about to look up my eading list! OMG actual studying! I also received a letter detailing my loan payments and when exactly I’ll receive them. Money! Joy! I can start thinking about a tentative budget. I’ll blatantly keep revising it, but whatever. It’s really happening!

AND I ORDERED MY NETBOOK. Order definitely went though this time, and its current status is ‘Dispatched’ so I expect I will receive it soooon. Maybe even tomorrow. YAY!!!

A moan: I don’t want TDL to get a different name… Not that that stopped me making suggestions. But still.

To finish – I have got such a thing for cheekbones. Oh god, Colin Morgan… So gorgeous. I mean, he as a whole is a very beautiful talented human being, but I keep staring at the Merlin series 2 promo pics and dear god, his cheekbones… gah. Also, his collar bone and throat. But yeah. Bradley hardly even distracts a glance in this crop of pics.

Tomorrow I am going to the zoo. I am pretty excited.
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The sky is grey. I must be back in the UK.

Actually, I got back late on Thursday, but spent most of Friday sleeping and surfing tinternet while half asleep. Then I spent the weekend in London visiting my gran and two of my cousins, one of which, along with my uncle, her father, were only in the country for a couple more days.

But, here I am again, getting comfortable again in my corner of tinternet.

I have a million things to say about the books I read on holiday. This year, I was REALLY STRICT with myself over rationing the amount I was allowed to read each day, and therefore technically did not run out of books to read! For the first time in living memory! OK, there were quite a few moments/hours when I felt kinda restless, itchy palms urge to read more, but on the most part I controlled myself.

Book thoughts )

Also, I have decided that it is OK and inevitable that I need to be writing more than one thing at a time. So I calmed down and thought about it, and so have currently two novels I actually want to write, two I'd like to plan in the future, and (excitingly) two ideas that have cautiously suggested they be short stories. Hopefully some progress will be made still on Imlie's Garden but at the moment my main focus in still on this more recent idea. Also, I have decided that if I go to Cardiff for uni I will try to pick up some of my credits from outside my department on a creative writing course if possible. Because I love it, and I should take every opportunity I am given, and because it would be great to do something different from normal academic study.

And, I am now stepping up my thinking about buying a laptop to actually, where can I buy a laptop thoughts.

Eee PCs and Linux )
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new fangled technology.

I've been meaning to buy a laptop/netbook/computer of some kind for university, and unless I suddenly discover something all round better, the way the wind is blowing suggests I'm going to buy an Eee. Mainly, because I keep gleefully talking about how much I can't wait to have an Eee. And thinking of names, etc. I mean, I also found my dream (full size) laptop, but that about £800 which I really don't have at the moment. I have this pipe dream that I will magically do really well in m exams and as a reward my mother will buy it for me, allowing me to actually afford both. But then, I look at m revision, and our bank balances, and the state of the economy, and *sigh*. A girl can dream, and I live in hope, I guess.

What I really want to know is a) does anyone have any laptop/netbook buying advice and particularly b) I am also considering taking the plunge and buying Linux, but usually I get scared and confused and reassure myself I'll stick with XP. So if anyone uses Linux, or hatess Linux, or has any Linux advice, that would be brilliant.
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My computer has died. 

I think I'll mourn it some more later, but now I have to go do some Torchwood stuff.


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