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You guys, I totally went to the gym today. FINALLY. And I was awesome. I used the cross ramp, the hand pedals thing, the cycling machine and the treadmill, and also managed 50 sit-ups. I was actively exercising for 2 ½ hours, which for me is really excellent. And it felt great! Now I feel pleasantly tired, and reckon I’ll sleep well later. Am proud of myself :D 

Of course, the first thing that happens when I get home is that I am offered chocolate cake. OM NOM NOM. Sooo not in danger of losing weight.

Progress toward uni: I’ve written to tell Cambridge my individual scores for each paper I took, and today I received my options for papers to take this year and am about to look up my eading list! OMG actual studying! I also received a letter detailing my loan payments and when exactly I’ll receive them. Money! Joy! I can start thinking about a tentative budget. I’ll blatantly keep revising it, but whatever. It’s really happening!

AND I ORDERED MY NETBOOK. Order definitely went though this time, and its current status is ‘Dispatched’ so I expect I will receive it soooon. Maybe even tomorrow. YAY!!!

A moan: I don’t want TDL to get a different name… Not that that stopped me making suggestions. But still.

To finish – I have got such a thing for cheekbones. Oh god, Colin Morgan… So gorgeous. I mean, he as a whole is a very beautiful talented human being, but I keep staring at the Merlin series 2 promo pics and dear god, his cheekbones… gah. Also, his collar bone and throat. But yeah. Bradley hardly even distracts a glance in this crop of pics.

Tomorrow I am going to the zoo. I am pretty excited.


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