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 So the new LJ changes suck and are horrendous. I've been crossposting to LJ from my Dreamwidth of the same name for a while now, so I don't think I'm going to stop doing that, but if anyone on my LJ flist is thinking of coming over to Dreamwidth do friend me on there :) Or if you need an invite code I have a few kicking around that anyone is welcome to.


The marmfish meetup happened and was lovely and deserves a post of it's own, but just in case that gets pushed to side a bit I just want to say, well, that.


Oh god, it's nearly Christmas, and yesterday was completely wasted preparations wise because I was really tired and also somewhat irritable and grumpy and not in the mood to put up decorations or generally to get out of bed and my family are also starting to not be perfect and ohmigosh how dare they STRESS. But today I am feeling a bit better, calmer and more with it, despite ongoing organisational nightmares. Probably because I literally spent the majority of yesterday asleep. I woke up several times, but spent most of that awake time almost crying because I wanted to sleep. Until I woke up at 23.35 feeling refreshed and ready to go, lol oh dear. At least all the presents I ordered from the internet have all turned up with plenty of wrapping time, THANK GOD and the better than expected postal system. 


My mind seems conflicted about whether today is a doing all the things day, or a writing all the words day. So... if the presents end up wrapped in fic, well, that'll be why.
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 Does anyone know anything about Kindles/generic ereaders?

My dad wants one for Christmas, and I have a couple of questions I am looking into before buying, so if anyone has any answers or opinions to contribute I would be very happy to hear them. I am wondering

1. Are Kindles the best? Is there a different brand that is better, or just as good but cheaper?

2. Can Kindles only do ebooks from Amazon? Can ebooks from Amazon only be read on a Kindle?

3. Would a Kindle brought to the UK from America work here? And if so, would it be ok reading ebooks brought from or would it always need them to come from

I'm also feeling a bit confused about how giving someone an ereader effects my intention to also give them physical books.  Hmmm.

In other news, I'm still vaguely unsure about whether to ask for a smart phone or maybe a tablet PC for myself, given that it might be neat to have one but I don't actually really want one, and only want money, but I'm unlikely to get money tbh, so I might as well ask for something shiny.

I'd rather avoid Apple, so Android it is, and I want something properly small, because this actual computer is a 10" eee as is so I want something about half the size of the screen I suppose, that I could actually put in a handbag. So I've been looking at 7" tablets but I don't really know what I'm looking for and it's all a bit meh tbh. 

Any thoughts?
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 All the presents bought, all the wrapping done.

All the doors on my advent calender have been opened.

Going to London to see my family now :) I hope there will be plenty of internet there, but just in case there isn't:


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 The snow is really bloody annoying now. The only good thing remaining about this weather is that there is a massive icicle hanging outside my bedroom window. That's pretty awesome.


Um, Americans? My aunt sent me an Amazon gift card that I redeemed before I realised that they don't let you convert $$$ from the .com store into £££ for the site. I can't pass it on directly because I've already redeemed it, and I'm not sure whether I can use one gift card to buy another one. But would anyone like to swap $30 worth of stuff from for a £20 voucher for the UK site? That would really help me out.


MARMFISH. I have been slow and disorganised, so I shall try to buy ice skating tickets tonight (read: tomorrow, probably). Everyone is easy, and didn't have a preference for skating times either :P So I think we should try to all get tickets for 15.00-16.00 at Somerset House first, and if that is sold out, 16.15-17.15 at Somerset House. Yes? Good. 


I would really love some fic recs. Preferably for something pretty long and with some plot. Anyone got any suggestions?


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