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Yesterday I read Catching Fire.

Spoilery thoughts about Catching Fire )

Mockingjay, in the edition I went out of my way to buy, has my favourite cover. So beautiful. I didn't let myself read the blurb until I'd finished Catching Fire, but I have gazed at it for long time. Longer than I've wanted to read the books. It's so lovely.

And now, to read it.
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 Devon is lovely this time of year :) Apparently it's about to get colder in the UK this week, but for now it is mostly dry, crisp and cool and autumnal. I love it here. Right this moment I am in Cafe Nero with wifi and coffee and happiness :D

I made my pilgrimage to the only independent bookshop I ever visit, and took time to find a book not only that I hadn't heard of by someone I hadn't heard of, which is one of my independent bookshop rules, but also to find one with a female protagonist (And happily, also by a female author, though I don't mind so much about that). This was slightly trickier than I would have hoped, but hey, it's a small bookshop so the sci-fi/fantasy area I tend to inhabit doesn't exactly have the widest selection. Anyway, I found a few eventually to choose between, so, triumph and victory! So far it seems good, but I've hardly started.


This morning, I got my creative writing over the 20,000 word mark! Yay! This is very exciting to me. I am hoping to go into Nano with about 30k under my belt, and am feeling happy and positive about this as totally possible. 

Unfortunately, this means I am vaguely uninterested in writing fic right now. I really wanted to finish the bandom AU this holiday, I got about 2000 words in. But. Well, it's unlikely. It's all there in my head, but the urge to pass it on has rather... passed. Maybe I'll come back to it when I'm blocked on original.


Next week is my birthday! I am a bit more excited than usual, I don't know why. For the record, if anyone here wants to give me something without spending money (this is the internet after all) I would LOVE a fanmix. I never have enough music. So, please feel free *flutters eyelashes* Just putting that out there...
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Non-spoilery thoughts about The Magician King. Contains information that might be considered generally spoilery for plot twists in the previous book, The Magicians.

The Magician King by Lev Grossman )

NOTE: I would have been happier if I hadn't read the blurb on the back of the book before I read it; the UK edition at least contains a major plot spoiler for Book 1. I understand that once you have read the entire book this doesn't feel like a plot spoiler at all, it's just "what happens in the book" and some people might think I am over reacting but whatever - I personally would have very much preferred the surprise, and to not have read the beginning knowing what was about to happen, so if you are going to read it and can avoid the blurb until you have at least reached Book 2 then I'd suggest you consider keeping at much surprise as possible :)
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Here are my thoughts about A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin. No spoilers but with some oblique references to broad plot directions.

A Game of Thrones by George R R Martin )

Overall, very happy, lots of enjoyment, hope I get the next one soon :D
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I read some books. I had some thoughts about them. I wrote those thoughts down. Ta-daa!

I can't be bothered to post them all at once though, that would be exhausting. Here are spoiler free reviews for Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey and The Traitor Game by BR Collins, which were for the record, both further steps along the way toward my rehabillitating te first person narrative :P 

Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey )

The Traitor Game by BR Collins )

I'm tired

Aug. 31st, 2011 09:37 pm
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 but I refuse to sleep before 10pm, that seems vaguely pathetic.

I have a bit of a day tomorrow, might need some hugs to get through it. And joy of joys, 7 hours of being on a coach. Without wifi. Awesome. I think I'm going to reread The Magicians, since it's sequel should be waiting for me when I get home. Which I won't be allowing myself to read until I'm in Greece, but is still massively exciting. Yay it's finally on it's way! Bit concerned one book still hasn't got here. It was dispatched from somewhere else in the UK last week. I really want it to get here before I go away, I've wanted to read it since Hay Festival.

Today I went to see The Inbetweeners Movie, which I found very funny indeed. I suppose that probably says more about me and my sense of humour than the movie itself, but yeah, I liked the show and I liked the movie, and I dunno why anyone that liked the show wouldn't like the movie, so yeah. There's more nudity I suppose. I'm glad they didn't leave it how series 3 ended though. Aw, boys. Twats, and yet, sweethearts.

Oh and, going to see Jay Brannan again in October! Yay! 

Really in the mood to go on holiday now. Craving sun and salad and cats and house. Last year feels like a long time ago.
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~ Let's Kill Hitler finally went out (longest 12 days ever?!) so I can actually talk about it now without fear I'll accidentally say something spoilery. WHAT DID YOU GUYS THINK?? As I said before, my actual favourite moments were a) flashback Amy/Rory, the terror in Rory's eyes, oh bless, that is a feeling I know very well and b) the Doctor's talking to the voice interface inside the TARDIS, both how he reacts to images of Rose and Donna and particularly lovely, wonderful and much maligned Martha, and the hologram of Amelia insisting he will be dead in 32 minutes. Plus, I am really loving the evolution of Rory, the badassery not removing the adorableness. Actually, I am shipping Amy/Rory way harder than ever before now - the way they said "I love you" when they thought they would die awwwwwwww AMAZING.

I wonder if/when the BFI will post the Q&A session.

~ I GOT MY POTTERMORE EMAIL. It is cool in there you guys. I am in absolutely no rush to get through it or anything, so I have mainly been hanging out making potions thus far and adoring the extra bits of insight and backstory that I've got to so far. I was so freaking relieved to be sorted into Slytherin you have no idea - I worried at one point that I might come across as a Ravenclaw (uh, no offence Ravenclaws) and was like, if I don't get into Slytherin I shall cry all the tears. But I did. THANK YOU POTTERMORE.

~ I drank lots of cocktails with various people. That was nice :)

~ I fell into really liking My Chemical Romance. There I was, watching their set at Reading and appreciating Gerard's red hair, which is either pretty much or exactly the same bright red as Benjamin Cook's btw, getting Play to telling me who these people are (despite me actually having read fic featuring them in the past) and then IDEK I noticed that Mikey Way is very hot and now I am listening to albums and reading fic and looking for interviews? It's pretty fun :D

~ Most of the books I am taking on holiday turned up. (Did I mention I am about to go on holiday?) I am just about managing not to read them yet, but I have not managed to resist opening the packaging and stroking them a little bit. Still waiting on two.

~ A VERY POTTER THREEQUEL IS CONFIRMED AND HAPPENING with Darren onboard and everything!!! YOU GUYS, WE'RE GOING BACK. This is totally why he said he was growing his hair out again. I am very happy and excited.

How is everyone? 
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I've tried to write about this book I read like three times now, and it's yet to come out right. But I really want to, because I have ~feelings to express, and also, I've avoided other people's opinions thus far, but I really want to see what other people think, so I should just write something and then I can wander the internet.

It's Spellwright by Blake Charlton - no spoilers )

Mostly, I really liked it. But there were a couple of things that disappointed me. Still no spoilers )

But yeah. Definitely getting the sequel.
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 OK, well, if you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that today I received and read The Demon's Surrender!


No spoilers here - long spoilery post sometime soon probably. But for now, just - YAY! I am happy to have it, and happy with what it contains :D


Other posts I keep meaning to write include
- I went to Hay festival (it was lovely)
- I made this playlist fanmix thing (it is very long)
- I saw X-Men First Class (and have all these feeeeelings)
- Doctor Who was pretty damn good. Oh Moff, such a genius writer.

Oh yeah and.

Totally going to see Darren Criss! \o/
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 It's pathetic how tired doing a few hours of actual work makes me. I am so soft D: And also, easily frustrated in the gaps between stimulation, although luckily only internally. At least, I hope so. Thursday night, I got in and only stayed awake because I was starving and needed food. 

RL goings on )

If you are on my flist, you probably like books and reading, at least a little, and talking to other fandom-y people. These are all excellent things! Perhaps you, then, would like to join bookdeyada_club, which despite having a user account instead of a community one is in fact an LJ based book club for fannish minded people. We read books, and then we talk about them. Fun, right?

If you join there's no pressure to read every book if you are being too busy or if you just don't want to that time, and anyone can nominate a book from any genre (except, I think they do have to be fiction?) which we vote for. If your book doesn't get picked the first time it is nominated, you can always nominate it again. We're all very friendly and discussion topics can be on anything - from feminism to delicious slashiness. We all come from a fandom background, which I think is great because it means we can discuss books using fandom and internet language if we want to, which I at least would so not be comfortable at a book club based at my local library or whatever.

So, if there's a book you've read recently that you think deserves to be read and discussed by more people, or if you would like some more book recs, or even if you like reading but realise you can't remember the last time you read an actual new book. Come meet likewise people at bookdeyada_club!

edited now it actually is a comm! Come join!


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