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 It's pathetic how tired doing a few hours of actual work makes me. I am so soft D: And also, easily frustrated in the gaps between stimulation, although luckily only internally. At least, I hope so. Thursday night, I got in and only stayed awake because I was starving and needed food. 

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If you are on my flist, you probably like books and reading, at least a little, and talking to other fandom-y people. These are all excellent things! Perhaps you, then, would like to join bookdeyada_club, which despite having a user account instead of a community one is in fact an LJ based book club for fannish minded people. We read books, and then we talk about them. Fun, right?

If you join there's no pressure to read every book if you are being too busy or if you just don't want to that time, and anyone can nominate a book from any genre (except, I think they do have to be fiction?) which we vote for. If your book doesn't get picked the first time it is nominated, you can always nominate it again. We're all very friendly and discussion topics can be on anything - from feminism to delicious slashiness. We all come from a fandom background, which I think is great because it means we can discuss books using fandom and internet language if we want to, which I at least would so not be comfortable at a book club based at my local library or whatever.

So, if there's a book you've read recently that you think deserves to be read and discussed by more people, or if you would like some more book recs, or even if you like reading but realise you can't remember the last time you read an actual new book. Come meet likewise people at bookdeyada_club!

edited now it actually is a comm! Come join!
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 You guys, today I read The Magicians by Lev Grossman.

Well, I started it yesterday, on my favourite beach, but I read most of it today. I loved it - really really enjoyed reading it.

If you haven't heard of it, it's a book that's kinda like -- what if you were really into (obsessed with, in the fandom of) Narnia, and spent your whole time wishing you could go there, and then unexpectedly get a Hogwarts letter, and go there for college. And have a life and feelings and insecurities and stuff. And then plot occurs too, of course. Awesome, hysterical, heart rending, sarcastic plot. 

I heard about it in a newspaper article, and thought - that sounds like a book I absolutely have to read. And, also, it is the book for September of bookdeyada, so there will be discussion of it soon! Which is why I wanted to write at least a short note now, before I hear anyone's views or opinions on it at all.

It was really great -- no spoilers. )

Anyway. Put it on your "to read" lists people! It rocks.
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~ My new debit card FINALLY arrived! I went straight to Amazon and bought a couple of YA fantasy type books to celebrate, and am thinking of enjoying the freedom to get a couple of other things as well maybe. Any recs?

~ Tomorrow I am going to London to see John Barrowman in La Cage Aux Folles. Excited! 

~ The day after is Waters of Mars! EXCITED!!!

~ I watched Glee 1x09 Wheels this morning, and it was definitely the best episode yet. Plus, the last ep of Heroes continued to be decent. Whereas with House, I was left whimpering. Because I loved it that is. Oh Chase.

~ But, hats off to FlashForward, which I swear was just. So. Good. That episode not only effected my emotional balance for the entire day, but looking back now it still is. For something so simple, so obvious, be so devastating and so incredibly uplifting simultaneously, is real beauty right there. Absolutely superb, and I need to tell everyone, EVERYONE should be watching this show. It's not complicated, its just oh so compelling and powerful. And oh my god, I love that so much. It is all I want from a show, and its crafted slowly with love. Also, how many British people are in it? Like, crazy. Dude. WATCH FLASHFORWARD YOU GUYS.

~ I have had another idea for a book. Yes, another one. And yesterday, I hestitantly wrote a page or so of the idea I said I definitely wouldn't be writing until I had either finished a proper draft of Imlie's Garden or gave up on it, so that's... huh. And, I had a horrible moment where I went "oh God, is Shades too much like Merlin?" Because, um, it has a magical boy, and a royal court, and I dunno, now I type that it seems really stupid because actually, unless Merlin develops very strangely they really aren't much alike at all. Beyond both involving a magical boy in a quite undefined fantasy past and a royal court... and ok, the boy has a mentor and there's a king and a princess and her maid as other main characters BUT I PROMISE ACTUALLY THEY AREN'T AT ALL SIMILAR. God. Has anyone else ever had that kinda insecurity, where you, the person writing, or with the idea, know it really isn't like something else, but its hard to get across how they are different when some things are on paper at least seem similar backdrop? The new idea I had a moment ago was the first time I've ever wanted to write about vampires. And yes, a teenage girl. BUT NO, IT ISN'T BLOODY TWILIGHT, geeez.

And now, I must get some dinner.
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The sky is grey. I must be back in the UK.

Actually, I got back late on Thursday, but spent most of Friday sleeping and surfing tinternet while half asleep. Then I spent the weekend in London visiting my gran and two of my cousins, one of which, along with my uncle, her father, were only in the country for a couple more days.

But, here I am again, getting comfortable again in my corner of tinternet.

I have a million things to say about the books I read on holiday. This year, I was REALLY STRICT with myself over rationing the amount I was allowed to read each day, and therefore technically did not run out of books to read! For the first time in living memory! OK, there were quite a few moments/hours when I felt kinda restless, itchy palms urge to read more, but on the most part I controlled myself.

Book thoughts )

Also, I have decided that it is OK and inevitable that I need to be writing more than one thing at a time. So I calmed down and thought about it, and so have currently two novels I actually want to write, two I'd like to plan in the future, and (excitingly) two ideas that have cautiously suggested they be short stories. Hopefully some progress will be made still on Imlie's Garden but at the moment my main focus in still on this more recent idea. Also, I have decided that if I go to Cardiff for uni I will try to pick up some of my credits from outside my department on a creative writing course if possible. Because I love it, and I should take every opportunity I am given, and because it would be great to do something different from normal academic study.

And, I am now stepping up my thinking about buying a laptop to actually, where can I buy a laptop thoughts.

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