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~ My new debit card FINALLY arrived! I went straight to Amazon and bought a couple of YA fantasy type books to celebrate, and am thinking of enjoying the freedom to get a couple of other things as well maybe. Any recs?

~ Tomorrow I am going to London to see John Barrowman in La Cage Aux Folles. Excited! 

~ The day after is Waters of Mars! EXCITED!!!

~ I watched Glee 1x09 Wheels this morning, and it was definitely the best episode yet. Plus, the last ep of Heroes continued to be decent. Whereas with House, I was left whimpering. Because I loved it that is. Oh Chase.

~ But, hats off to FlashForward, which I swear was just. So. Good. That episode not only effected my emotional balance for the entire day, but looking back now it still is. For something so simple, so obvious, be so devastating and so incredibly uplifting simultaneously, is real beauty right there. Absolutely superb, and I need to tell everyone, EVERYONE should be watching this show. It's not complicated, its just oh so compelling and powerful. And oh my god, I love that so much. It is all I want from a show, and its crafted slowly with love. Also, how many British people are in it? Like, crazy. Dude. WATCH FLASHFORWARD YOU GUYS.

~ I have had another idea for a book. Yes, another one. And yesterday, I hestitantly wrote a page or so of the idea I said I definitely wouldn't be writing until I had either finished a proper draft of Imlie's Garden or gave up on it, so that's... huh. And, I had a horrible moment where I went "oh God, is Shades too much like Merlin?" Because, um, it has a magical boy, and a royal court, and I dunno, now I type that it seems really stupid because actually, unless Merlin develops very strangely they really aren't much alike at all. Beyond both involving a magical boy in a quite undefined fantasy past and a royal court... and ok, the boy has a mentor and there's a king and a princess and her maid as other main characters BUT I PROMISE ACTUALLY THEY AREN'T AT ALL SIMILAR. God. Has anyone else ever had that kinda insecurity, where you, the person writing, or with the idea, know it really isn't like something else, but its hard to get across how they are different when some things are on paper at least seem similar backdrop? The new idea I had a moment ago was the first time I've ever wanted to write about vampires. And yes, a teenage girl. BUT NO, IT ISN'T BLOODY TWILIGHT, geeez.

And now, I must get some dinner.
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Tomorrow is my last day of school.

It's weird, because for so long, basically since mocks, I've been read to leave school. I've felt constricted, like I'm wasting time, like I'm stagnating. Particularly after spending so much time looking at unis, I've been ready to move on. But, it's turning out now that while I'm ready to have left school, I'm not sure I'm read to actually leave school. And I don't know how I feel about just the idea of not seeing some of my classmates again. I'm sure I'll keep in touch with my friends, but some of these people, acquaintances but not really close friends, perhaps I'll see them in five years at the reunion but -- five years? That's much longer than a summer.

Today I had my last English lesson EVER. That's weird. And then went to tea with my English teachers and fellow students.

So, tomorrow is my last day, my muck up day-- I'm going to OHgwartS dressed as a leprecaun-- but it's also my first exam, resitting two Politics AS papers. Argh. In the morning, 9 til 11. I can't go down at least, but I've been revising and revising these last couple of days.

What else has happened recently? Barrowman confirmed in La Cage this autumn. I wasn't sure, but might go if C and I can find a Saturda we can go together. I agree with her that I think its likely he might only be at the Hub 3 on the Sunday now. Neither of us is going, but if he does, and the don't announce anothe headliner, some fans might be a little bit pissed. Anyone on my flist going?

Got my Ball tickets today. Slightly smug to get two tickets, to have a date. But, I am yet to get my dress, so mustn't get complacent.

I can hardly believe the were talking about British politics on the Daily Show -- I was so shocked, and laughed so so much. Especially when Jon didn't think people seemed very angry - I was actually talking to "Jon" ie my TV, saying "Silly, we don't editorialise on TV." I think US news, and politics, would be very diferent if the didn't either. Props to the guy with the moat, btw. That's style.

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So, last night was Barrowman night, and it WAS BRILLIANT. Just, pure fun. Obviously, he can really sing, and is y'know, totally hot, but also, really? It was just absolute distilled entertainment. I was smiling constantl afterwards, just this simple, incredible happiness.

We got a little bit crushed in the foyer, and it was about 15 mins late starting due to technical difficulties, but we had very very good seats, I had a perfect view, front center, no heads in the way. I didn't get a programme, but I looked at C's and was delighted to discover it was basically just a collection of shiny, glossy pictures of Barrowman. Of course it was. Some even had several Barrowmans. Joy.

I didn't know all the songs but there weren't any I hated, and I sang along quite often when I did. But it was just so much fun. Aw, Barrowman. He's just such a performer, but so happy and relaxed, excited and enthusiastic and so energetic, laughing and bantering and lovely.

And, the man can REALLY move his hips, his bum, his crotch. And does it often. Gleefully.
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...ok, mainly his friends. But whatever.

Friday Night is Staring at a Selection of Hot Men Night )
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John was mentioned briefly on today's Chris Moyles' Show- here's a transcript.

And then the conversation moves on to Doctor Who and other topics. This only takes about two minutes for them to actually say, but took me about an hour to transcribe! But I figured, that it's quite positive and when the were actually speaking live I was a llittle worried that they would say something horrible or negative or dismissive, so I was really pleased.
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I don't think I'll be able to write a proper post tonight. I'm sure when I do it wil be long, but I don't think I can right now.

In slightly better news, David Tennant and Catherine Tate are on Jonathan Ross soon. I hope its good, and not too spoilery- I managed to avoid spoilers on Paul O'Grady with strategic muting, but I thought John Barrowman was really very funny and amazingly he wasn't wearing a striped shirt, but a gorgeous purple one. And I like Mariah Carey a bit more now I think.
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 So, I now have two copies of John Barrowman's book. Does anyone want one?

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Can I bear anymore of that man? Yes, yes I think I can! 
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I met John Barrowman!!! He's nice and hansome and lovely, and he signed two books for me. I had planned something, but I got a bit of brain freeze upon him actually, genuinely being right there in front of me. 

He said, "Hello, how are you?"
I said, "I'm fine thank you. I've brought you some wine gums. Do you want them?" I showed him the wine gums.
He said, "Thank you! If you give them to Anna, I'll have them on the way back to Cardiff."
I said, "Ok, great." I gave the wine gums to Anna, he gave my copy of his book to his sister.
I said, "Thank you very much." to him and moved along to his sister, Carole E Barrowman.

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Oh. My. God.

I was practically screaming with laughter last night- totally amazing show. And I was worried that I'd fall asleep before John was on it, but hell no... that woman was crazy... wonderful, hilarious and crazy. I'm gonna have to tape it tonight and watch it again to get more details, but in particular I loved how she kept saying John and ALW were partners and Jonathan [and I began to chorus with him in between bursts of laughter] "They're not together!"

Obviously, John was wearing stripes AGAIN- striped shirt [ok] and massively sriped suit [not quite so ok...]. You could understand the confusion as to whether he was with ALW, as throughout the interview John would kinda slide up and down the sofa, getting closer and then further away and then closer again to him. The interview itself covered Joseph and Doctor Who and just touched on Torchwood, but also musicals, Eurovision and lots on sex-- I would ADORE to see what they must have cut out, but unfortunately the repeat is not any longer...

There was also a clip of  Utopia at the end- thoughts under the cut.


May. 5th, 2007 07:47 pm
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I can't believe we have to wait two weeks to see the next one!! That trailer was amazing- Mr Saxon AND JACK, both much sooner in the series than I had anticipated. SO SO EXCITED!!!

Edit: Obviously, I have now realised that that was a trailer for the whole rest of the series, not next episode. But I'm still very excited.

In other news, I really am amazed that John Barrowman isn't wearing something hideous this week. Graham Norton on the other hand... urgh...


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