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Jun. 28th, 2013 10:00 am
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I miss LJ/DW and I miss semi-regular blogging (and I think it's good for me, because I keep writing diaryish bits and pieces in the notebook that is supposed to be for writing, ha) so I'm going to try to be around a bit more the second half of this year. And also, just to be a bit more present and involved in my whole actual life. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

I have been super stressed out, mood swingy and miserable lately, highlights including sobbing for like an hour in my bathroom, but now I'm hoping that stuff is over and done with and I can enjoy the rest of 2013 rather a lot more. I am happy and serene and excited about the future. 

I'm home from uni (and also Devon) now. I'm going to America on Tuesday SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM so that's cool. yep. Let me know if you would like a postcard :D

Still very slowly writing. Progress is glacier slow but existent. As per.

How have you been?
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Another set of stairs meet my suitcases, another fight to the death with my fitted sheet, another not very good yet internet connection. I promise the big how-my-life-works-now post is coming. Soon. Probably Monday.


 So there's this girl.

I don't think she can read this, but if I've forgotten something and somehow she can - well, hi. I've been thinking about you.

I've talked about her here before, because we went to school together and were very good friends. We stayed close that first year after school, but then the last year or so we've drifted. I don't think we aren't friends anymore, I just think we haven't had much to say to each other. I'm certain that if we were physically nearer and able to see each other more often than once or twice a year we would remain close. The last time I saw her, months ago, I hadn't seen her for months before that, but we fit together still.

Anyway, I really miss her. And I was thinking, you know, you have to put effort into relationships, any kind of relationship. If it's worth keeping, it's worth tending. And I was thinking, I need some way to reach out to her.

And then, it hit me. I suddenly realised that the last couple of weeks, she's been reaching out to me. And I'm a complete idiot. I thought it was coincedence. But no, now I look at it, I think she has been making an effort toward me. And I don't need to reach out. I just need to reach back.

I feel a little weird about it. 


Nano is approaching, and I think it would be wise of me to give it a miss this year, but I totally don't want to, so I might sign up and cheerfully fail once again anyway. Or maybe I'll try something like Nano, but not Nano, like writing a poem every day for November or something? IDK. I ought to buckle down and make some headway on The Misfit Witch. I keep thinking about the other books I want to write, how it might be nice to have a go at something fresh. What is everyone thinking?


Summer wasn't great this year, but I'm now starting to think about next year. Which currently, cautiously, provisionally, looks a bit like this: LA, CA -> Austin, Texas -> New York City, New York. Yeeeeeah. 

Who has thoughts and advice about either Austin or New York? I. know. nothing.


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