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 So I have been listening to lots of new music lately. Well, some of it is only new to me, but hush. 

After the Mercurys I got Alt-J's album, because I have all their singles and kept meaning to, and also Django Django's album, because a) that ridiculous kept popping up around the place and b) Lal put one of their songs on my birthday present, The Hipster Adjacent Mix, or, Bands Harry Styles Wishes He Were Cool Enough To Be In (I love typing that out). Both are nice, fairly soothing vaguely thoughtful sounding indie records. I like them, but they aren't really inspiring any strong feelings. But that will probably change to be honest. 

I think I mentioned Taylor Swift's new album Red here already? It's definitely growing on me, but I'm at that point where I'm playing a playlist of about half of the tracks a lot more than the full album, which means I'm not giving the songs that haven't grown on me by this point much chance to grow on me. I definitely like it more now than when I first heard it. I wonder whether I will eventually love it to pieces like I do Fearless, which was instant devotion, and Speak Now, which I hated at first but now adore. Absolute favourite tracks atm: Red, Treacherous, 22, Stay Stay Stay, and Girl At Home, but as I say, there's a very strong B list too.

I was scared to listen to Ellie Goulding's new album, Halcyon, because I love Bright Lights so much and I have many feels and I was scared that if it wasn't as good I would cry forever. But it is good, and I'm playing it a lot while writing. Favourite tracks atm: Don't Say A Word, Only You, Ritual, In My City. I shall never tire of ethereal, powerful, mystic sounding ladies that make electronic sounds sound otherworldly.

There's this guy called Tom Odell who is on the brink of blowing up - he's supporting Jake Bugg right now and I heard his song once and then right after that I started feeling like he was being talked about everywhere. His EP is called Songs From Another Love and I like it a lot, particular the first song, Another Love. It builds beautifully and the passion and pain in it feel so real and raw. I really want to see him live.

When I went to see Marina and the Diamonds, she was being supported by Foxes, who is a single individual, another ethereal power girl. She was wearing a long floaty white dress with Doc Martens and a black leather jacket and I think that says almost everything except - her music is really good. Loving her Warrior EP lots and lots.

And that brings me to One Direction! Which was blatantly what I wanted to talk about in the first place. Oh boys. 

So, Take Me Home is here and at first I was kinda disappointed but I've been playing it a lot and it is growing on me. Just, a bit slower than Up All Night did... Also, I keep being jarred by the track order, I feel like this is not the optimum arrangement of these songs. They do seem very closely related to the sound of the first album, and why fix what isn't broken, but I feel like its maybe lacking a really wrenching break up/miserable song. And, is it just me, but I feel like more of these songs rotate solos and harmonies, with less just everyone singing everything? But I may just think that because I'm actually able to distinguish their voices much better now. Favourite tracks atm: Kiss You, Rock Me, I Would, They Don't Know About Us, Summer Love, Truly Madly Deeply.

What are you guys listening to?
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